Be professional, shun gossip, Pope tells Vatican staff

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VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis on Saturday told Vaticanadministrators, who were dogged by infighting and allegations of corruption during the papacy of his predecessor, to be humble professionals and “conscientious objectors” to gossip. “When professionalism is lacking, there is a slow drift downwards towards mediocrity,” Francis said in his first Christmas greetings to the members of the Roman Catholic Church’s central administration, known as the Curia.

He told the cardinals, bishops, monsignors and lay people who work in the various Vatican departments that administer the 1.2 billion-member Church that they should always strive for “professionalism and service”. When he was elected in March, Francis inherited a Curia in disarray and still reeling from the ” Vatileaks” scandal, in which documents stolen from former Pope Benedict’s office alleged corruption and petty infighting among monsignors.

Benedict, who became the first pope in 600 years to resign, was also tainted by reports in the Italian media of a so-called “gay lobby” in the Curia that used blackmail against others.

In his address, Francis said he wanted the Curia to turn a page. “Holiness, in the Curia, also means conscientious objection to gossip,” he said, and, departing from his prepared speech, added that there were also “saints” working in the Vatican.

Reuters | Dec 22, 2013, 05.35 AM IST


Pope orders senior clergy to hear confessions in local church

  • Suggestions that the pope himself will take a turn.

Vatican City: 

Further to my blog of Friday 6th December, I note that Pope Francis is still determined to get Vatican officials out from behind their desks. As I wrote then, he has told his papal almoner, “You can sell your desk”. Thus this official, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, now goes out to meet in person some of those who have written to the Pope asking for help.

As the representative of the Holy Father, where he can help with small sums, interventions or other acts of kindness, he does so. The subliminal idea is that charity has a human face; it is not just signing a cheque from behind a certain piece of office furniture.

Now Robert Moynihan reports in his Letter 102 of Sunday 15 December from the Vatican, that Pope Francis has personally directed his closest collaborators, the cardinals and archbishops of the Roman Curia, to take turns to hear daily confession in the church of Santo Spirito in Sassia, which is situated outside the Vatican. It is suggested that the Holy Father will also take his turn in the confessional at 3 pm during the coming weeks.

Significantly the church of Santo Spirito is dedicated to the Divine Mercy devotion revealed to St Faustina, a Polish nun, and promoted by the late John Paul II, who died on the Feast of Divine Mercy. It seems that Archbishop Krajewski already hears confessions at this church daily at 3 pm.

Now he is to be joined by other members of the Curia. When asked why the Pope has asked for this initiative, the parish priest of Santo Spirito, Fr Jozef Bart, replied, “He wishes to emphasise the importance of confession, and of God’s great goodness in forgiving human sin.”

Source: Catholic Herald

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Pope Francis shows his funny side

He greets newlyweds with a comical red nose.


Vatican City:

The Pope showed he has a sense of humour as well as a caring side today when he donned a red nose at the wedding of members of a charity that uses clowns to cheer up children.

Pope Francis appeared at the Vatican to congratulate the newlyweds from the Rainbow Association Marco Iagulli Onlus who were getting married there.

As the pair came down the steps, he took the opportunity to show his support for the charity by donning the universal symbol of comedy.

Francis is fast becoming well known for his informal manner, which has landed him in situations that would have been unthinkable to his predecessors.

He has opened an account on the popular photo-sharing site Instagram, posed for selfies with worshippers after mass and, just seven days ago, barely batted an eyelid when a youngster leapt on stage at the Vatican.

Source: Mail Online

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St. Peter's Basilica at Early Morning

St. Peter’s Basilica at Early Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vatican sends Diwali greetings to India:



The biggest Hindu festival falls on Nov. 3 this year.





The Vatican’s inter-religious dialogue chief has sent greetings for the upcoming Diwali festival stressing the common humanity shared by Christians, Hindus and other religions, ethnicity and cultures.

“In a spirit of friendship, the Pontifical Council for Inter religious Dialogue extends to you best wishes and cordial greetings,” Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran said in a message.

“May God, the source of all light and life, illumine your lives and deepen your happiness and peace,” he said.

Diwali, the Indian festival of lights beginning Sunday, symbolises the victory of good over evil, truth over falsehood, and life over death, the message recalled, adding that its roots lay in ancient mythology.

The message urged Christians and Hindus to foster human relationships based on “friendship and solidarity”.

“Regardless of our ethnic, cultural, religious and ideological differences, all of us belong to the one human family,” it said.

“May we, Hindus and Christians, work individually and collectively, with all religious traditions and people of goodwill, to foster and strengthen the human family through friendship and solidarity,” the message concluded.

Tauran is president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, the Vatican’s inter-faith dialogue body.

Source: IANS


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English: Rangoli, decorations made from colore...

English: Rangoli, decorations made from colored powder, is popular during Diwali. සිංහල: Rangoli, decorations made from colored powder, is popular during Diwali. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Pope Francis Suspends ‘Bishop Of Bling:

Pope Francis means Business….Days of the So called princes’ of the Church seem to be numbered..The Laity will Certainly Stand by you, in this fight against corrupt practices within the Church, Dear HOLY FATHER…..



Why German Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst Vacated Diocese of Limburg

International Business Times

on October 23 2013 9:15 PM

Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst
Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst (L) was expelled by Pope Francis (R) after the “Bishop of Bling” spent millions to reconstruct his official residence. Reuters


Pope Francis has suspended “Bishop of Bling” Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, ABC News reported Wednesday. The free spending bishop, who is also known as Bishop Deluxe, according to the site, was ordered to leave the Diocese of Limburg, though not permanently for now.

For the first time since he was elected, Pope Francis reinforced that people should live a more humble lifestyle. As for himself, the Argentinian pope famous declined to live in the Vatican’s grandiose papal residence.

The Vatican press office released a short statement that said the actions of the bishop had created a situation “where in the present moment he cannot exercise his Episcopal ministry.” The pope’s decision to expel the “Bishop of Bling,” as he’s been called internationally, took effect immediately.

“Pending the results of this examination and the related investigations on the responsibilities in this regard, the Holy See considers it appropriate to authorize Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst a period of stay outside the Diocese,” the statement said, according to the news site.

How long the priest will be suspended depends on a report from the German Bishop Conference in regard to how much the cost of construction for the bishop’s official residence comes to, ABC News wrote. Pope Francis was informed last week that the costs might reach $55 million, which is $13 million over an already outstanding price.

But a lavish revision isn’t the only thing for which Bishop Tebartz-van Elst is under fire. He might have used Church money to fund a trip to India. As he is being investigated, a prosecutor’s office is deciding if he should be charged with perjury.

The family of the “Bishop of Bling” has been criticized since he was expelled, ABC News wrote. “We get daily death threats by phone or in letters,” the brother of the bishop, Johannes, told German newspaper Bunte. Despite being ostracized, the bishop’s 87-year-old mother stands behind him.

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, head of the German bishops’ conference, said he thinks the bishop will take the time to reflect during his expulsion. “I am convinced that the bishop of Limburg … will confront this situation in a spirit of

self-criticism,” he said last week.


DNA 24th October, 2013

Pope gives ‘luxury bishop’ the pink slip


Vatican City: Pope Francis on Wednesday banished a German Roman Catholic prelate known as the “luxury bishop” for spending 31 million euros ($42.70 million) of Church funds on his residence at a time when the pontiff is stressing austerity.

In a highly unusual move, Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limburg was ordered to leave his diocese while an investigation and audit into cost over-runs is held.

A Vatican statement said the bishop, who met the pope on Monday to discuss the scandal in the German Church, “was currently not in a position to carry out his episcopal ministry”. It said he should stay outside his diocese “for a period,” and that it would be administered in his absence by a vicar-general.

The issue has proven a major embarrassment for the pope, who has called for a more austere Church that sides with the poor and has told bishops not to live “like princes”.

Francis has also promised to clean up the murky finances of the Vatican’s own bank and has set up a commission to advise him on whether it should be restructured or even closed.

The German media has dubbed Tebartz-van Elst “the luxury bishop” after an initial audit of his spending, ordered after a Vatican monitor visited Limburg last month, revealed the project cost at least 31 million euros – six times more than planned.

Tebartz-van Elst, whose baroque style has appeared more in line with the conservative model of Roman Catholicism projected by retired German-born Pope Benedict, has also been accused by German magistrates of lying under oath about a first-class flight to visit poverty programmes in India.

German media, citing official documents, said the residence had been fitted with a free-standing bath that cost 15,000 euros, a conference table that cost 25,000 euros and a private chapel for 2.9 million euros. —Reuters


Deutsch: Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst * 20. No...

Deutsch: Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst * 20. November 1959, Bischof von Limburg seit 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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