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St. Blaise Church, Amboli.



Shri. Vincent Monteiro. MA, MBA (EM).

37, Gaothan Lane no.1, Opp. Andheri PO. Mumbai 400 058.

Dated: Oct. 23rd. 2012.


To, ; Fr. Franklyn Mathias,Trustee/Parish Priest, St. Blaise Church, Amboli, Andheri West, Mumbai : 400 058.


Respected Fr. Franklyn,

As per Indian Trust Act of 1882, the undersigned by law is one of the beneficiaries of St. Blaise Church Trust; my family has a permanent grave no. in the said trust property.

Before you decide upon undertaking the so called RENOVATION OF THE GRAVES, would you be kind enough to explain officially

a) The various queries relating to Church Graveyard which has put the beneficiaries/parishioners in distress and inconvenience from the time you have been appointed as the Trustee/Parish Priest of St. Blaise Church Trust. I call upon you u/s 18, 19 and 57 of the Indian Trust Act 1882 to explain the same officially.

b) Details of the intended modification to be carried out to all parishioners by requisitioning a general meeting and getting their consensus and approval prior to undertaking any work in the Church/ Grave yard instead of spending Church monies on the wishful thinking of a few.

It’s my humblest appeal to you to respond officially by November 2nd. 2012, failing which, I will have no alternative then to approach the concerned State Authority and seek my redressal under RTI and make it known to all beneficiaries/ parishioners by the law of the land.

Looking forward to your immediate reply and cooperation,

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Monteiro. Beneficiary/Parishioner: St. Blaise Church Trust.

Cc: HE Cardinal Oswald Gracias. Shri. Greg Pereira-Silent Voice

4st. Nov. 2012

Dear Fr. Franklyn,

“A stitch in time saves NINE” thanks for your response to my letter of Oct. 25th. 2012, received at the 11th hour so that we together could pray to the saints and souls at the 12th. hour. One can’t know for sure where our beloved deceased are, unless they happen to be canonized saints. So when in doubt, we pray, with prayer our acts of kindness can also have great impact on them. If not, this kind act can bring about great impact on us. So let us pray as well as act.

As a beneficiary/parishioner of St. Blaise Trust my letter to the Trustee/Parish Priest are not mere suggestions but directive to the TRUST to follow the norms of the Indian Trust Act 1982. As for the function of the Trustee please refer to section 36A of the BPT Act. 1950.

My letter under reference was for “renovation” and the term “modification” is only stated in Para ‘b’. However technically the words renovation and modification are same: RENOVATION means “the state of being restored to its original condition”. MODIFICATION means “change from its present condition to a new condition”. Hence your clarifications to these terms do not matter much as to the actual issue of the GRAVEYARD.

My query of “disaster” and “inconvenience” to beneficiaries/parishioners is NOT quoted in Para ‘b’ as stated in your letter but the same is quoted in Para‘a’ of my letter, as a responsible trustee please apply your utmost competence when dealing with legalities on a given subject. These as per my letter are to be responded u/s 18, 19, and 56 of the Trust act.

Moreover, as a Trustee/Pastor you bound both by your conscience and law to go to the people to whom inconvenience and distress is caused by the mismanagement of the Trust Benefits to them and not the other way as said by you.

I have on record the past official minutes of a general meeting called upon on the issue of our graveyard and the resolutions adopted by the trust in connection with the graveyard, perhaps your selected few who were a part of this meeting are ignorant about these facts and above all ignorant about the management of graves. Today if the economically weaker beneficiaries/parishioners are under distress and undergoing inconvenienceat the death/burial of their family members who is responsible?

I trust you will look into the truth and facts on the subject issue of graveyard which has become a grave problem to us and respond accordingly.

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Monteiro

From: Vincent Monteiro, MA. MBA (ED).

Dated: Dec. 8th. 2012.

Dear Oswald Cardinal Gracias,

It was a great joy to have received your letter of Dec. 1, 2012 today the 8th. Of Dec, 2012. I am indeed grateful to you to have passed on my letters concerning St. Blaise Church to our Episcopal Vicar Fr. Salvador Rodrigues for further follow-up and necessary action.

However, your presumption (hazakah) might have been true if our Parish Priest – Fr. Franklyn Matthias would have responded to my correspondence or even made some attempt to discuss the said matters for the good of the Church, but by the way of his regimental behavior with me and the faithful it is appears he will not reconcile with facts.

I am sending the copy of this letter to Fr. Salvador Rodrigues with a request for an audience with him to discuss and resolve the issues at hand. With a hope of a positive response from him.

In the meantime,

Praying for peace on peoples of goodwill,

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Monteiro.

Cc. Fr. Salvador Rodrigues: Episcopal Vicar with a request for an audience.

__________________________________________________________________________________ C/o st. Blaise Church, Amboli, Andheri West, Mumbai 400 058. Tel. 26241896


Dear Greg,

I have received yesterday an acknowledgement for my letter dt.Nov. 1 from HE Oswald Cardinal Gracias dt. Dec. 1st. as per this letter my letters to HE has been passed on by him to the Episcopal Vicar, Fr. Salvador Rodrigues, with a presumption by him that the matters of the said correspondence has been discussed with my parish priest, which in fact has not taken any effect.
Hence would it be advisable for me to take up the matter with Fr. Salvador or could you suggest something constructive!


Shri. Vincent Monteiro, MA, MBA (EM).

Date: April 23, 2013.

Dear Oswald Cardinal Gracias,

Sub: Fr. Franklyn Mathias PP, St. Blaise Church.

My heartfelt congratulations to your appointment as an advisor to the Pope and pray to God for your sound health may HE strengthen you in body, mind and Spirit to fulfill this great mission of the Universal Church.

This letter has reference to your esteemed letter of Dec. 1, 2012 in response to my letters of November 1 &15, 2012, on the above cited subject and your directive that the said letters have been passed on to the Episcopal Vicar Rev. Fr. Salvador Rodrigues for further action. Subsequently the undersigned has duly acknowledged your letter on December 8, 2012 and appraised you of Fr. Franklyn’s vendetta against the undersigned in respect to his lay ministry at St. Blaise Church (ref. Letter Jan.5, 2013.), copies of the said letters have been sent to the Episcopal Vicar with a personal request for an Audience, till date about 4 months the undersigned has been calling the Vicar’s office to confirm an Appointment but has been informed that the honourable Vicar is unwell and not in a position to meet me. I have patiently accepted his illness and have been praying for his speedy recovery. On April 16, 2013 I had in person visited his Office to seek an audience with the honourable Vicar but once again told that he was Sick. A year has ran out and the undersigned lay Ministry in the Parish has been on the stand still only because of the lethargic and dominating behavior of Fr. Franklyn Mathias. The Spiritual Director of both the RCIA and the Bible Cell have expressed their inability to do anything in this regard. Hence, by this letter the undersigned humbly requests you to resolve the said impediment to the lay Ministry in Church which is causing much harms to beneficiaries of the Church or could the undersigned with your kind permission seek some other way to deal with the said issues.

Patiently looking forward to your reply,

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Monteiro


Saturday, 8 December 2012 3:13 PM

FROM: ; Vincent Monteiro. ; 37, Gaothan Lane no. 1, opp Andheri PO., Mumbai 400 058. ; Tel: 26241896

Dated: 17th. Dec. 2012.

To, ; The Editor, Examiner Press, Eucharistic Bldg. III, 5, Convent Street, Mumbai 400001.


SUB: Christian Initiation and New Evangelization a Lay Response:

You have rightly stated that Christian initiation is a crucial element in New Evangelization and is means by which the Church, as a Mother brings forth Children and regenerates herself. (Examiner Dec. 15, 2012 – Pg. 12).

But here at our Parish of St. Blaise Amboli, there has been degeneration… the parish priest Fr. Franklyn Mathias has arbitral shut down the Parish RCIA (Rite of Christian initiation of adults) which was evangelizing for the past two decades. All this without any rhyme or reason. HE Oswald Cardinal Gracias and the Bishops of the Archdiocese were informed about these developments and their intervention has yielded no results, these confirm the following (Ref Examiner –Nov 3, 2012 – Page 26):
• “Evangelization has been hurt and continues to be impeded by the arrogance of its messengers. The hierarchy must shun arrogance, hypocrisy and bigotry. The Gospel cannot thrive on pride” (Archbishop Socrates Villegas, Philippines)
• “The Church needs to learn three things from the example of Jesus – humility, respect for others and silence” (Bishop Luis Anthonio Tagle of Manila)
• “Shun dominating and arrogant attitudes” (Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao of Goa, Damman and Diu)

In the beginning there was generation, followed by degeneration and Christ brought about REGENERATION? Will the hierarchy make a note of this and initiate measures to regenerate the Sprit of New Evangelization!

Vincent Monteiro.

New Andheri Station East Bldg. Mumbai.

New Andheri Station East Bldg. Mumbai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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