Man arrested for attacking churches

Police suspect Kumar owes allegiance to a fundamentalist organization.

(File photo: Church attack in Karnataka)


The Bangalore police have arrested a man for his alleged role in vandalizing and attacking churches in the city and Tamil Nadu between 2008 and 2009.

“A special investigating team on September 3 arrested 33-year-old Sajjan Kumar, a resident of Tamil Nadu, for his involvement in church attacks here,” City Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar told reporters.

Police suspect Kumar owes allegiance to a fundamentalist organization.

“We are investigating it,” he added.

Kumar is alleged to have attacked and damaged four churches situated at Yedavanahalli and Huskurgate in city limits, Auradkar said.

Tamil Nadu Police have also filed a case against Kumar for allegedly setting on fire a scooter parked near a hotel where a Christian prayer was held.

“A case was registered in Mathigiri police station limits in Tamil Nadu,” he added.

Source: Zeenews

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Seminary suspends four priests amid rector murder probe

Police say they want clergymen kept apart while being investigated.


By Christopher Joseph

A seminary in southern India has suspended four of its priests as police continue their investigations into the killing of its rector, officials confirmed today.

The St Peter’s Pontifical Seminary in Bangalore has suspended spiritual director Father G Joseph, former rector Father Sebastian Periyannan, Registrar and Church history professor Father Lourd Prasad and procurator Father Patrick Xavier.

“This is to help the investigation, as far as I know,” Father A Rayappan, president of St Peter’s Institute, told today.

Police investigating the April 1 murder of the rector, Father K J Thomas, asked the seminary on August 3 to remove the four staff members from the seminary building “to help their investigation.”

A senior investigator confirmed the request, saying all four were at the seminary on the night of the killing.

“We want them kept separately, as we do not want them talking together,” he said.

All four are being monitored, the official said.

The move comes two weeks after police subjected Father Xavier to a narco-analysis test — a form of questioning where the subject is placed into a chemically induced hypnotic state.

The rector’s body was found lying in a pool of blood in a corridor near his room, which was next to Father Xavier’s.

Following the narco test, police last week said that they believe Father Xavier knows who the killers are, although they do not think he was directly involved in the actual murder.


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Priest ‘knows who killed seminary rector’

Results of narco-test should see breakthrough in murder case, police say.



Police investigating the murder of a seminary rector in southern India say a priest at the center of their investigation knows who the killers are.

Investigators subjected Father Patrick Xavier, procurator of Bangalore’s St Peter’s Pontifical seminary, to a narco-analysis test in July and “are now examining his statements,” a police officer involved in the case told yesterday on condition of anonymity.

A narco-analysis test is a form of questioning where the subject is placed into a chemically induced hypnotic state.

“He [the priest] knows the culprits; at least one or two of them,” the officer said, adding that they do not believe the priest was directly involved in the crime. “But he knows at least some part of the story.”

The priest is a complainant as well as a suspect in the case, in which Father K J Thomas, 62, was found bludgeoned to death at the seminary on April 1, while the seminarians and most of the staff were away on vacation.

Father Xavier, who was sleeping in the room next to the rector’s, discovered the body.

The statements he made in the narco-test hold “vital clues to help crack the case,” the officer said.

The recordings however are not proof in court and therefore police have to follow any leads provided by the narco test to find reliable evidence to make an arrest.

“We are definitely on the right track, and you will see arrests sooner than later,” the officer said about the four-month-old murder case.

Police have made similar statements since the investigation began but could not make any arrests so far amid speculations that some are lobbying to hush up the case.

“We have no hurdles in the investigation and no pressures,” the officer said, adding that Church people are also extending their support as they are also anxious to “see the truth” behind the crime emerge.


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Rector murder: Suspect’s family seeks CBI probe

The petitioners have questioned the narco analysis and other tests such as polygraph and brain mapping on Fr. Patrick Xavier.


The family of Fr. Father Patrick Xavier, a suspect in the murder of a seminary rector in Bangalore, has sought a CBI probe into the investigation into the case.

The Karnataka High Court on Friday ordered issue of notice to the State government in this regard.

Justice A.S. Bopanna passed the order on a petition filed by Maria Das, Susainathan, Sister Francina, and Bernard Raju, who are respectively brothers, sister and father of Fr. Father Patrick Xavier.

The priest is a complainant as well as accused in the murder of Fr. K.J. Thomas (62), rector of the St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary in Bangalore.

The court also permitted Fr. Xavier to be part of the petitions filed by his family.

The petitioners have questioned the narcoanalysis and other tests such as polygraph and brain mapping on Fr. Xavier saying they were conducted in the absence of his voluntary consent as per Supreme Court guidelines.

“The consent affidavits produced before the magistrate was not voluntary. These are drawn and obtained by the Investigating Officer under stressed emotional condition,” the petition said.

Fr. Thomas was found bludgeoned to death in the coffee room in the seminary on the night of April 1 when all the 200 or so students were away on vacation.

It was Fr. Xavier, the procurator at the seminary, who was sleeping in the room next to the rector’s, who called the police.

Source: UCAN News

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Priest to undergo test in hunt for rector’s killer

Seminary procurator suspected of murder.


Fr K.J. Thomas, who was found dead on April 1 (file photo)


A Catholic priest continues to be a suspect in the case of a seminary rector killed in a Bangalore seminary two months ago. He will undergo narco-analysis tests soon, an investigation officer said.
The police have already conducted brain mapping on Father Patrick Xavier, procurator of St Peter’s Pontifical seminary, who first found the body of Rector Father K. J. Thomas on April 1. Brain mapping tests have also been conducted on two workers at the seminary.
“We are verifying all angles” said officer V.S. D’Souza, adding that they could not “rule out any of them” as they search for the motive for the murder of the 62-year old priest. He also added that Father Xavier’s “behavior appeared to be suspicious.”
Narco-analysis entails administering chemicals to render the subject semi-conscious and make it difficult for them to lie.
The rector’s body was found lying in a pool of blood in a corridor near his room. Preliminary investigations indicate that he was attacked after answering a knock on his door.
Officer D’Souza dismissed allegation that police have made no headway two moths after the crime and said “we are moving in the right direction, but I cannot give you details.”
The seminary began its new academic year on June 3 with vice rector Father Savarimuthu Stanislas appointed as acting rector. Fr Stanislas denied suggestions that the seminary and Church people are trying to protect those responsible for the killing.
“We also want to know the truth. We, the students and staff want to know why such a simple man was killed and who did it,” he told
He said the seminary is going through “a traumatic experience” with its rector killed and its procurator suspected. “But we are fully cooperating” and are determined to do everything to help police investigation, he said.
Father A. Rayappan, president of St. Peter’s institute, which oversees the academic activities, said it is too early to say how the students have taken the incidents.
“They are back after summer holidays only a week ago. But certainly there is less joy,” he said.

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