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It is the utmost desire of  SILENT VOICE, to provide exposure to every word, opinion, observation uttered by our readers. In this context, we have started the practice of putting up readers comments as main post, where it deserves.

This post is special, as you may see; because it is a reaction to one of the comment made by a reader, which is being denied by a high profile authority. Therefore, it needs to be displayed prominently; we perceive.


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Laity Speaks on MEMORANDUM cum MINUTES:Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias meets GREG: Part II



Roney Corriea said,

November 14, 2013 at 11:53 am · Edit

Not a single reply from him is satisfactory. He along with the politician out here made fools of the villagers asking them to withdraw the dumping ground agitation on 3 grounds. 1) it would be shifted within a year 2) cases would be withdrawn 3) monitoring committee would be set up to see that villagers are not troubled by the stink in that year. All his promises have become false and he has left the sheep and run away by seeing the wolves coming.

I met him on Jan 2013 and he said that if your local politician had lied to you all what can I do. I mentioned that you had asked the people from the pulpit to withdraw the agitation and solve it amicably and when the politician has cheated us, please announce from the same pulpit that because the NCP/Congress have betrayed the Christians, no one will vote for them. And he said he cannot do this. Here when I asked him are you working for Congress, he said YES. Matthew 23:5 “They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear and lay them on the shoulders of others; but they themselves are unwilling to lift a finger to move them”
Now I have left everything in the hands of Lord Jesus Christ (Emmanuel) who has come again in flesh. He will judge the world truly and have no partiality. He will separate the goats from the sheep. For he said: Matthew 15:13 “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted”.

In HIM I remain
Roney Corriea


  • Silent Voice said,

    December 11, 2013 at 12:06 pm · Edit

    Response received Via E Mail…..

    Dear Mr Corriea,

    I am writing on behalf of His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias, with regard to your comment dated 14 November 2013, on the so called minutes of the meeting of the Editor, Mr Greg Pereira of Silent Voice with His Eminence on 1 November 2013 which was posted on the same blog. This was followed by your comments.

    Your comments dated 14 November 2013 published on the aforesaid blog, “Here when I asked him are you working for Congress, he said YES,” is a false statement. According to His Eminence, he made no such statement. I therefore request you to be gracious enough to withdraw the said statement by publishing an apology, on the same blog of Silent Voice, at the earliest.

    Fr Emmanuel K.T
    Secretary to the Archbishop

Blessed Vaz’s canonization reaches crucial stage



Archbishop Ferrao expressed the hope that it may happen shortly.





Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao of Goa, Daman and Diu has said that the process for canonization of Blessed Joseph Vaz has reached a crucial stage as one of the miracles submitted for his cause has been accepted as worthy of study by the Vatican.

The archbishop conveyed the good news to the small gathering during the Eucharistic service celebrated outside the Archbishop’s House at Altinho on Monday evening.

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio was present and blessed the statues of Blessed Vaz and Blessed John Paul II that were installed in the compound.

The church in Goa has a reason to believe that the canonization of Blezzed Vaz may not be far and Archbishop Ferrao expressed the hope that it may happen shortly.

Bishop Vianney Fernando of Kandy (Sri Lanka) has communicated to the Goa church regarding the recent development in the canonization process.

Blessed Vaz, a saintly Goan priest who lived over 300 years ago traveled to Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) ministering to the Catholics in that country.

A group has petitioned for the expedition of his canonization as a native saint of India and Sri Lanka.

Archbishop Ferrao urged the faithful to pray for the canonization of Blessed Vaz, referring to him as a stalwart of the Catholic faith.

The process to sainthood has different stages.

“A candidate for sainthood is first declared servant of God, then venerable and then blessed. In the final process, he or she is declared a saint and is numbered as a saint of the universal church,” a church leader said.

Following his beatification in 1995, Blessed Vaz was made the patron of the archdiocese of Goa and Daman.

The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka has also been petitioning the Vatican for Blessed Vaz’s canonization through the national secretariat of the cause for his canonization.

Source: Times of India


Blessed Joseph Vaz , Canonization , Goa 



The Sé de Santa Catarina Cathedral in Old Goa ...

The Sé de Santa Catarina Cathedral in Old Goa (Goa, India). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




MEMORANDUM cum MINUTES:Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias meets GREG: Part II

Dear Readers,

We regret the delay in posting this matter. Due to ill health was unable to compile the Minutes of the meeting with Archbishop on time.

Our discussion revolved around various issues which we have been following with His Eminence. The discussion was fruitful in many cases. It began with the Examiner press Building issue. To understand the history behind this meeting, you may please click on following links.

Your support will strengthen our resolve to approach Archbishop with your problems, and with the popularity of SILENT VOICE, which is now read all over the world, will keep the Clergy and Hierarchy of the Bombay Archdiocese on its toes.

The Memorandum was submitted to Archbishop, on 6th, of September, on the day of the meeting. It has been Combined with Minutes for better understanding to readers.




A Book titled, VOICE OF A SILENT MAJORITY, is symbol of beginning of our Journey.


Constuted UnderPara 29 of Christifideles Laici

(Post Synodal ApostolicExhortation ofH. H.Late Pope John Paul II)

A/7, Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad(W), Mumbai,400095. Contact no. 98707 19628.

E Mail:

1st, November, 2013


EXAMINER PRESS BUILDING:* It is heartening to note that your Eminence has initiated action and stalled the process. Examiner Press Building is a Prime Property in the heart of the city. It must be Protected and preserved. We Expect the Church authorities to come out transparently about its present status.

MINUTES:**        AB:     I am happy that you brought this to my notice. I have asked the estate office to keep it pending for a while. However, keeping such a large property without generating income is a waste. Don’t you think?

ME:                We do not oppose any of such deals, provided they are transparent and in the interest of the Church and Community. Was the offer advertised in renowned News Papers? We did not even see it in the Examiner. Besides, have proper procedures been followed while finalizing the deal?

AB:     I am not sure if advertisements were placed; however, I have sent your letter to Estate office, seeking their clarification on the questions you have raised in your letter. I do not agree with your claim that one Bruno De Souza stalled the sale of EP Building, some time ago, as you have mentioned in your letter. Nothing of that sort has happened. It is on my behest that the sale was stopped.

ME:    We do not deny that; but we have in our possession, copy of the caveat, which he filed with Charity Commissioner, which we would be mailing to you. (The Copy of the Caveat document has been mailed to H. E.)

AB: It is not possible to be transparent in every aspect of the deal; but would try to be transparent to some extent.

Message to AB: Your Eminence, an advertisement has appeared in the Examiner of 28th, September, 2013, inviting tenders, for leasing part of the building. It appears that you have scrapped the earlier deal, and have ordered for fresh tenders to be called through the advertisement. It is good for transparency. However, the laity would expect more transparency in this, rather any such deal. We therefore call upon you to see that following measures are taken, once a deal is through.

  • Please declare the numbers of offers, those were received.
  • Reveal the amounts of the Lowest and the highest offer.
  • Reveal the Amount of the accepted deal and the name of the winner.
  • By the time you receive this letter; deal could have been signed and closed. Since it is going to be a tenancy lease, there is every possibility that the original tenant is likely to transfer the right to third party, making large profit for himself and Church gaining nothing from it. In such case a tripartite agreement is necessary, so that at every step of transferring the tenancy right, Church can be a party and gain monetarily. We hope the church authorities have taken care of this aspect while signing the agreement.

Your transparent answers to these queries are absolutely necessary to regain the trust of Laity, which the Hierarchy has lost in such matters.

ARCHDIOCESAN ENQUIRY COMMISSION:* Drawing your attention to the AEC decision to shoot the messenger; i. e. in spite of providing all the evidence, the accused have been given clean chit and on the single statement of the encroacher on Church land, yours truly has been accused of conniving with land grabber. This is the ploy of Fr. Dominic Savio and Company to save their corrupt colleague.

We have countered this through a letter, but you are silent over it. This letter has not been put up in public domain yet; but will do so, shortly. Has Fr. Dominic Savio been promoted as Bishop, for subverting the truth?

MINUTES: **       ME:    Your Eminence, I have written to you on this matter in details. Surprisingly, there is no response from your end. I would not mind if Fr. Ajit Bandekar was given a clean chit. But to put a blame on me, of conniving with the Land grabber is not acceptable. Every aspect of the evidence, which proved Fr. Ajit Bandekar and his cronies guilty, has been thrown to the wind. I have not yet put up that letter into public domain, and was awaiting your response.

AB;     The inquiry was on Fr. Ajit and on nobody else. So there was no question of blaming you. Besides, I showed the Committee’s report to a retired Judge and concluded the matter on his advice.

ME: Your Eminence, the AEC report has been signed by you, which blames me for being hand in glove with Sunil Karveer, who has encroached on Church property.

AB:     I do not remember that, but truly, the inquiry was on Fr. Ajit Bandekar and no one else.

ME:    I am not concerned about Fr. Ajit Bandekar getting a Clean Chit. I did my duty as a Catholic of trying to bring out the truth. However, Fr. Ajit Bandekar’s abrupt transfer has sent the clear message to the Parishioners, who were following the matter silently.

AB:     Fr. Ajit requested for the transfer.

ME:    Fr. Austin Norris, who replaced Fr. Ajit, is doing an excellent job, vis a vis Church properties. We lend our support to him, in his endeavor to save / salvage Church Properties.

OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL, SION;* We expect the matter to be resolved immediately. Your decision to allow Mass on Saturday Evening at 7.00 PM, at Everard Nagar, which construes as Sunday Obligation Mass, is against the Law; besides, other Parishioners apprehend that it is a favorable treatment to the group of elites. You have ignored Late Cardinal Simon Pimenta’s Decree, which was for limited period, by extending it into infinity. All the Parishioners should be equal in the eyes of parish authorities. Parishioners who have been approaching you on this issue are agitated over your silence.

MINUTES:**        AB:     People are quoting CANON LAW to me in this context. Even you Mr. Pereira have mentioned it over here that it is against the law. Besides, they object because the mass is allowed to Everardians. Instead of pointing fingers at others, they should ask similar facility for themselves.

ME:    Your Eminence, I appreciate and acknowledge that you are the one, of only three in India, are known to be Master in CANON LAW, as per information available. Cardinal Simon Pimenta’s Decree to continue with the mass at Everard Nagar, was for limited Period.  However, by your decree of August 8th, 2012; it has become a permanent affair.

AB:     Cardinal Simon Pimenta allowed it to continue, then how can I be blamed for it?

(We did not argue on this matter any further, since it was related to high level controversy.)

OUR VIEW:            Is it a fair practice to allow Saturday Evening Mass, which is construed as Sunday Obligatory, to a particular Locality as permanent feature? We do not think so. Will the Church authorities extend similar facility to other localities as well, if they approach? Is it feasible for them to do so? We believe this is a clear case of favoritism, and violation of some Church law, if not the Canon Law.

OUR LADY OF SEA, MADH ISLAND.* Though we have not written to you about this issue in detail, besides making a casual reference in some of our letters; must let you know about it now. The thirty odd properties which were secured and fenced by Fr. Malcom D’souza, are now clandestinely being sold. Parishioners, who are afraid to speak, are concerned about it. We call upon you to take this matter up with the Parish Priest and make a statement to Parishioners.

MINUTES:**         AB:     I am glad you brought this matter to my attention. I will speak to the parish priest, about it. It will be good if you provide me with the detailed list of the properties.

ME:    Though a couple of parishioners have promised to hand over the list but hesitate to do so. We shall make another attempt to acquire the same. However, you can procure the same from the Parish Priest.

CHRISTIAN WORKERS MOVEMENT (CWM), IC CHURCH:* Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception (IC) Church, Borivali, is declining to recognize parish unit of Christian Workers Movement (CWM), in spite of having adequate members. CWM is a recognized body but has not been too active in the Archdiocese. If some persons are trying to revive it, they should be encouraged. Your silence on this issue, in spite of their approach to you intrigues us. Please take this up with the Parish Priest and instruct him to extend recognition to this group.

MINUTES:**         AB:     One Mr. Cedric Fernandes has been writing to me about it. Instead of approaching me he should approach the Parish Priest. Besides, it is the prerogative of the Parish Priest, whether he needs a particular cell to be active in the Parish or not.

ME:    We agree that it is Parish Priest’s prerogative. Since I was approached by him, I brought the matter to your notice. Besides, the Parish Priest has not been responding to his letters or E Mails.

OUR VIEW:                        On taking up this matter with Cedric Fernandes, he mentioned that an office bearer of CWM in the Archdiocese, requested him to take the initiative. Was the Parish Priest informed by the same office bearer, about it? Cedric has been communicating with the CWM higher ups and attending Managing Committee meetings. They could have conveyed to him the Parish Priests intention of not starting CWM cell in the parish or Vice Versa. Here we see the clash of EGO….Whose EGO?, we need not state it over here…..

MARRIAGE ANNULMENT CASE;* A female Litigant in Marriage Annulment Case has a bitter experience with the Tribunal. We are referring to xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx VS xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx case. The presiding Judge, ****** ******** was biased and too arrogant with her. Your Eminence, one can imagine, how it could be the state of mind of litigants. Instead of handling them with kid gloves, she was humiliated by accusing her of immoral behavior. We are given to understand, the matter has been resolved but the female litigant is not informed about the outcome.

MINUTES:**         AB:     I do feel for the litigants and agree that they must be handled with Kid Gloves. But such matters do take long, to come to settlements, because of their sentimental nature.

ME:    It is not right for me to put the words, used for the female litigant by the presiding judge, on paper; but it does not augur well to the stature of a senior Priest.

ROAD WIDENING AT ST. ANTHONY’S CHURCH MALWANI:* You are aware of the fight, parishioners are fighting, to save their Church Land and 150 years old Parochial House. We have zeroed in on BMC’s mischief and have apprised Chief Minister Shri Prithviraj Chavhan, through a letter…WE shall win this fight, under able leadership of Fr. Austin Norris.

MINUTES:** AB: I am glad that so many people are involved with this agitation. You have my blessing. In fact I have taken up this issue with CM as well as have spoken to some authorities in Delhi. Because of which the work has been stalled, while your agitation is also instrumental to it.

UTTAN DUMPING GROUND/TOURISM PLAN FOR MANORI, GORAI AND UTTAN:* Would like to remind you about the Dumping Ground, which was supposed to be operational for a limited period. Unfortunately, it has not yet been moved out. Now the Government has come up with the Proposal to Develop the Manori, Gorai Uttan belt into Tourism Zone, much against the wishes of local Population, who are opposed to it. They feel betrayed by Church Authorities in connection with Dumping Ground Episode. This is the opportunity to regain their confidence by Church standing in support of them. Entire Christian community from Archdiocese of Bombay Stands by them; Support from Church Authorities will strengthen them further.

The plan, if gone ahead with, will spell doom to the residents.

MINUTES:**  AB: Mr. Pereira, I must mention to you that it has been decided and a decision has come from highest level, the center. However, there is a kind of hurdle, which is beyond our control.

( Nature of hurdle was explained in detail by H. E., which I do not wish to bring in public domain)

ME:    Regarding the Court cases against the villagers, one section of the litigants has been withdrawn; But what about the other group? There are some priests in this group; will you work to get these cases withdrawn.

AB:  Mr. Pereira, these cases, even the home minister cannot withdraw, as he has done with the other cases; Many of you do not know; these cases have been filed by court as Contempt for not following court orders. Therefore, these will remain till the court decides.

As regards to Tourism plan, Church supports the people’s agitation.

HOLY CROSSES IN THE CITY OF MUMBAI:* Apart from our Churches and Educational Institutions, the Holy Crosses, some of them more than Centuries old, are proof of Christian Identity of the city of Mumbai. In the name of development and road widening they come under the hammer of BMC authorities from time to time. It is because of alert community members this game plan has been stalled. In fact it is not the BMC but certain elements who are trying to erase the Christian Identity of the City of Mumbai. It is unfortunate your Eminence, the Church authorities are turning a blind eye towards them. The perception of the Christians in the city is, because they are not generating any fund… Is it the reason for their neglect by Church? We would like to discuss this matter at length, on different occasion.

MINUTES:** ME:            Your Eminence, you must be aware that in the last decade or so, twice the BMC tried to demolish these HOLY CROSSES, under some pretext or the other. Fortunately, among ourselves we have activists, who came forward and stalled BMC from going ahead with demolition. We are certain that some communal elements are making the efforts to ERASE THE CHRISTIAN IDENTITY of this city. HOLY CROSSES, among other Catholic Institutions, lining the streets of Bombay are easy targets of these elements. They need to be protected. Involvement of the Church in doing so will help immensely.

AB:     Most of these HOLY CROSSES are owned by private citizens. The Church may find it difficult to involve itself in this issue.

OUR VIEW:            We find it difficult to believe this statement. If the Hierarchy decides, the HOLY CROSSES can come under the control of the Church and no Catholic will oppose it.

EAST INDIAN BHAVAN:* It is needless to say that East Indians are the original inhabitants of Mumbai, whose ancestors have donated lands to the Church; to be used for the benefit of the Community. Unfortunately, the same lands are being squandered by vested interests.   In Spite of being original inhabitants, they do not have their own community center. They have been begging with Government authorities for land, so that the Community Center can be constructed. We, on behalf of the community, approach you to allot some land for the Community Center….

Would like you to call for a meeting of Community leaders to discuss problems faced by Community. The Community feels that they are being marginalized by Church Authorities.

MINUTES:** AB: Mr. Pereira, I do not understand how many groups represent East Indians. How Can I talk to individual group separately? Recently I spoke to Prof. Lila D’souza of Bombay East Indian Association. Mobai Gaothan Panchayat seems to be annoyed with me. I have handed over their matter to Bishop Savio Fernandes. It is really very sad to see that the Community is divided so much.

ME: It is true your Eminence, We East Indians as Community is a divided lot. There are four registered East Indian Associations, but they look towards the NEWS. I mean, their faces are directed towards NORTH, EAST, WEST and SOUTH. I, personally, am disappointed with this. Sometime ago, in the Context of Chief Minister’s statement to one of the group, who met him, said that EAST INDIANS are not the original recognized community of Mumbai; None of the Associations, including Mobai Gaothan Panchayat, to whose representatives this statement was made, reacted. I, in my personal capacity, wrote a letter to Chief Minister, copy of the letter was also marked to you. The letter was circulated to all the associations including the four registered ones; with an appeal to view this statement seriously and UNITE at this juncture at least. Except some small associations, none responded.

AB:     Yes, I remember that. It was unfortunate.

ME:   Your Eminence, Could you call for a joint meeting of the representatives of these four organizations representing East Indian Community, if they come on one platform? I shall make another attempt to achieve this unity.

AB: It will be wonderful if the community is united?

VANDANA* (Name Changed): This is the confidential matter therefore will discuss, while we meet.

MINUTES:**         ME:    Your Eminence, this Daughter of the Church has been made to suffer by the same people who are supposed to take care of her. Is it fair?

AB: I sympathize with her, but right now, the matter is with the tribunal; Looking into her request for annulment.

Yours Always, in OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST  


Is this information enough to call Archdiocesan Finances Transparent?

A SILENT VOICE Reader mailed this information, which he claims to have downloaded from Bombay Archdiocese Website…..Publishing the same, for reader’s knowledge.

Will the Archdiocese be as enthused,  on putting up matters related to finance and properties, transparently? 






Finance Department

Financial Administrator: Fr. M. Sunder Albuquerque.
Assistant to the Financial Administrator: Fr. Avin Franklin
Financial Advisor to the Archbishop: Mr. Mario S. Colaco

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9.00 – 13.00 hrs; 14.00 – 17.00 hrs.
Saturday: 9.00 – 13.00 hrs.
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Main Objective:  Advise the Archbishop in the administration of finances and properties of the Archdiocese as governed by Canon Law and as further determined by the Archbishop of Bombay.

The Finance Department is headed by the Financial Administrator. A financial advisor to the Cardinal is appointed by the Finance Committee who advices the Cardinal in all his decisions pertaining to the Archdiocesan finances.

The Archdiocesan Finance Committee administers all the monetary transactions and dealings of the Archdiocese. The Committee members are experts on legal matters, property dealings, banking, investments and auditing. All the first and Second Sunday collections from the Parishes come to the Finance Office. This money is disbursed by the Committee for various areas of Diocesan work. The Finance Department comprises ten employees who have been selected on the basis of the Code 2006 booklet prepared by the Employment and Conciliation Committee of the Archdiocese.

The Finance Committee is responsible for the allocation of money to various aspects of Diocesan functions like developmental projects, Investments, Banking, buying or selling of Property, expenditure on various social and religious causes, internal auditing of Archdiocesan institutions (schools, hospitals, training centres etc)  and organisations (committees, commissions, associations etc)and Expenditure on the Human Resources Department. In short, is responsible for the proper and efficient management of the Archdiocesan money keeping with all the legal and ethical requirements.

According to the guidelines given by the Archdiocese, when any individual Parish has to incur an expenditure amounting to between Rupees Fifty thousand and Four Lakhs, the parish priest has to take the permission of the Parish Finance Committee. When the expenditure to be incurred is between Four lakh and one million, then the Priest would require the permission of both the Parish Finance Committee as well as the Cardinal. However, the Diocesan Finance Committee comes into play when the proposed expenditure crosses Rupees Ten lakhs. The Finance Committee along with the College of Consultors would analyze the situation and thereafter give permission. The College of Consultors (footnote) would look at the pastoral aspects whereas the Finance Committee would look after the technical aspects. When the Expenditure is above one crore, the Cardinal would refer the matter to the Pope.

Annual audited financial statements are prepared and submitted to the Income Tax department, Registrar of Societies and Ministry of Home Affairs – Foreign Contribution. A consolidated annual financial statement of the Archdiocese is also sent to the Holy See.

College of Consultors- In a diocese, the college of consultors consists of priests charged with advising the bishop; some decisions require that they be given a hearing, others require their consent;

The Archdiocesan Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee serves as the principal consultative body for the diocesan Bishop regarding the administration of the temporal goods of the Archdiocese in accordance with Church Law (canons 492-493). Its members, appointed by the Bishop, are selected for their expertise in financial affairs and civil law.

The Finance Committee is to annually examine and approve a budget of the income and expenditures, which are foreseen for the entire governance of the Archdiocese, and is to accept a financial report of the Archdiocese at the conclusion of each fiscal year.

The current members of the Finance Committee are:
Mr. Joaquim Reis (Chairman), Fr. M. Sunder Albuquerque (Secretary), Fr. Elias D’Cunha, Ms. Joan Manohar, Mr. Mario Nazareth, Mr. Julius Chagas Pereira, , Mr. Eric Pereira.

Metropolitan tribunal:

The Metropolitan Tribunal is the vicariate established by canon law as the judicial arm of the archbishop’s government of the archdiocese. As such, it is the court system of the Church and the canonical forum for the resolution of legal questions arising from the activity of the Church and of the faithful.

The Office of the Tribunal:
Ground Floor,
Archbishop’s House,
21, Nathalal Parekh Marg,
Mumbai 400 001
Tel no: 2202-1093/-1193/-1293
Fax: 2285-3872

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9.00 – 13.00 hrs; 14.00 – 17.00 hrs.
Saturday: 9.00 – 13.00 hrs.
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


Did Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias scrap the Clandestine deal, to let-out the Examiner Press Building??????????

The following advertisement has appeared in the EXAMINER of 28th, September, 2013; which makes us believe that Archbishop has acted as promised. However, how transparent this deal is going to be, one never knows.



We call upon the experts among the readers to evaluate this advertisement, vis a vis, its benefit to Church. During the meeting with yours truly, Archbishop mentioned, “is it wise to hold a property, which doesn’t generate any income, but incurs expenses? it is therefore necessary that it is let out”. We agree with his views and so will our readers, we are sure. However, he was told that the interest of the Church must be the priority.

We have a suggestion to Archbishop and would be writing to him separately.

  • Since it is about handing over Tenancies to outsiders, who in turn are likely to re-transfer them to third  parties in future, for higher returns; Church must be a beneficiary in this higher returns. Therefore, a clause in the agreement must be incorporated that any such re transfer agreement must  be TRIPARTITE one, i. e. between the transfer-or, transferred and the Church. Our learned readers can enlighten us further on this matter.
  • In the past where such tenancies are created by Church on its properties, for meager, amounts, with the intention of helping the community; are exchanging hands at mighty values. It is needless to say that the SOLE TRUSTEES and/or their cronies are benefiting from it, and nothing goes to the Church. One such case in point, is properties belonging to SACRED HEART CHURCH, SANTACRUZ.


Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias meets GREG, the Voice of a Silent Majority: Part I








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