Bishops’ body opposes law on church properties

Do we, in Archdiocese of Bombay, heading towards this situation?

SILENT VOICE has been seeking transparency in Property Dealings, belonging to Various Parishes within Archdiocese.  Clandestine sale of Church Properties by so called SOLE TRUSTEES is on the rise…

Archbishop is silent and has no answer to the questions, if they are raised by members of Laity.

We do not approve Government’s intervention in any of our Church/Religious matters…Then what is the solution to stop this daylight robbery of Church Properties, by people at the Helm?

Will the Archbishop Come clean on this issues?


This drastic measure will lead to curtailing the freedom of the churches, it said.


The Andhra Pradesh Federation of Churches (APFC) has opposed the state government’s move to constitute a group of ministers to enact legislation on Church properties and educational institutes.

In a letter to Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy on Aug 24, it asked the government to give due weight to the views of the APFC headed by archbishops and bishops as it legitimately represents the churches and Christian Community of the state.

Individual Christians, even if they happen to be MLAs or holding any other high position, cannot claim to represent the Christian community, it said.

Admitting there are some cases of illegal disposal and occupation of Church properties, the churches feel that the government must take effective measures to restore them back to the churches, the letter said.

With regard to the irregular sales of the Church properties noticed in some places by some individual church members, the bishops and heads of churches feel that the existing courts could be approached by the aggrieved members of the churches for redressal.

But, in the pretext of these isolated irregularities committed by a few individuals, it is not justified on the part of the government to generalize and impose on the entire group of churches a public law bringing them all under a single body.

This drastic measure will lead to curtailing the freedom of the churches and lead to the negation of their fundamental rights to own and manage their private properties, the letter said.

The bishops/heads of the churches oppose imposing on them something that they never asked for, rather resisted vehemently when such attempts were made in the past by some state governments.

APFC is a state level apex body and an umbrella organization of the mainline churches of various Christian denominations represented by the bishops or heads of churches in Andhra Pradesh.

Source: press release

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Indian priest granted bail in sex abuse case

Investigators revealed that they had found numerous files containing pornographic videos on the computer of the Catholic priest.


An Indian Catholic priest, who was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a girl, in the US, has been granted bail.

Father Leo Charles Koppala, who is serving in the St Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Winona diocese in the US, was granted bail July 21.

During the prosecution, investigators revealed that they had found numerous files containing pornographic videos on the computer of the Catholic priest from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh.

According to Faribault country register, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension unlocked the files after Koppala’s arrest.

Some 10 to 15 porn videos, a home-made video and 10 to 20 videos with porn covers and three clip art posters were found.

Prosecutors, however, informed the court that though the material was sexual in nature, no videos showing child pornography were found.

The priest was lodged in the Faribault County Jail and is charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The priest’s name still remains on the Marquee at his church in Blue Earth.

The diocese has placed the priest on administrative leave, saying that they had not received complaints on his conduct in the past.

The alleged incident happened June 12 at the home of the girl’s grandmother where he had been invited to dinner.

A criminal complaint filed in Faribault County says after dinner the young girl went downstairs to watch television.

It goes on to accuse the 47-year-old priest of grabbing the girl, kissing her and touching her breasts.

The complaint also alleged that the priest told the 11-year-old girl that when she was done with school, he wanted them to… “be free together.”

If proved guilty, the priest could face up to 25 years in prison.

Source: Asian Age




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