REPLY: To Legal Notice for Rupees Fifty Lakhs Defemation, Served by Parish Priest to a Parishioner;

SILENT VOICE wishes readers, Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani and others, A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2019.

We resolve that we shall continue to serve the community and MOTHER CHURCH, with same zeal  and dedication through 2019.




The LEGAL NOTICE, referred to in the last post has been replied to; and the same is published here, with relevant matters.





A7 Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Marve Rd.
Malad (W), Mumbai – 400095;
Contact: Cell: 9870719628;
E Mail:

18th, December, 2018;

Advocate, High Court,
17, Abhinav Nagar,
Borivali (E), Mumbai – 66


SUB: LEGAL NOTICE from your client, Fr. Agnelo Fernandes;

REF: Your letter dated 7/12/2018 received at my end at 12.30PM, on 11/12/2018;

I am aware that your client is the Parish Priest and SOLE TRUSTEE of St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani. Since I assume that you are of different faith and may not be aware of what these both positions mean, I shall elaborate on it, just for your knowledge. To understand his roles, first you need to understand meaning of CHURCH.

CHURCH is not a structure or an Edifice, which you may be thinking of, but it is BODY OF CHRIST, divided into two parts, CLERGY AND LAITY ( Lay Faithful/People believing in Lord Jesus Christ). .

As Parish Priest (CLERGY), your client is supposed to take care of SPIRITUAL NEEDS of parishioners’ (Laity)

As SOLE TRUSTEE; he is supposed to take care of Church Properties and Finances, belonging to Parishioners. The Church affairs are Governed by CANON LAW. In short, he is just a CARE TAKER and not the OWNER of the Properties and Finance. The owners are the Parishioners, who can question the Trustee, on any matter related to Parish Finances and properties. The trustee is answerable to Parishioners.


I am a parishioner of the St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani; and you can consider me as member of LAITY. I was also on Property Committee of the Parish, till recently.
I am the owner of a Blog, on Internet, known as SILENT VOICE. Through this blog, we carry information of Church, both, good as well as not so good, to the people. This blog is based on the platform of VOICE OF THE SILENT MAJORITY (VSM) and its MOTTO is, CATHOLICS FOR TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY AND WEEDING OF CORRUPT PRACTICES AT PARISH LEVEL.
Due to fear factor or spiritual role of the Clergy, parishioners are wary of voicing their concern to the superiors. This is where VSM comes in to help them. Thereafter the matter is published on the blog, for the knowledge of Lay faithful.

Now, I shall delve on replying to your LEGAL NOTICE.

1. You have referred to my lengthy and detailed message dated 21/11/2018 through E mail to your client, making all types of totally baseless, wild, malicious and defamatory allegations against your client. I deny this charge, in totality.
This message is culmination and summary of my ongoing tussle with your client, over his violation of prescribed guidelines, while he performing his duty as caretaker. Please ask your client to refer to my E mail Dated 27th, March, 2018; which has carried two messages, One dated 18th, January, 2018 and the other dated 26th, March, 2018. He has been questioned about these violations. It states about how the contractor was changed midway. How the amount enhanced and bills manipulated to keep the amount within the prescribed limit, within permissible level. He has not responded to it till date.
As our practice is, we refer such matters to Archbishop, H. E. Oswald Cardinal Gracias, and head of the Church in Mumbai. His Eminence referred the matter to, His Lordship John Rodrigues, Zonal Bishop, who interrogated me as well as your client.
Thereafter, not satisfied with Zonal Bishop’s silence, I obtained appointment with Archbishop and discussed the matter at length. Minutes of this meeting as well as the E mails, referred above, have been published in SILENT VOICE, from time to time, for the knowledge of Parishioners as well as Lay Faithful, at large.
You have stated that the message put up on Social Media, ‘was read by thousands of his followers, friends and well wishers and he received nearly 100 calls from the readers asking for his EXPLANATION’. Gentleman, the purpose of putting up the issue in public domain was to educate Parishioners and Lay Faithful at large, about the Parish affairs. The parishioners being the owners of the properties and the SOLE TRUSTEE being the care taker, they certainly will seek an explanation from him.
Even we have received several calls and messages of appreciation from parishioners, for fighting for the cause and enlightening them about it.

Following are some of their comments for your knowledge.

[11/23, 1:26 PM] *****: Very sad state of affairs. God help our parish
[11/23, 1:28 PM]*******: It’s a known fact that all those who are straight forward and vouch for the truth are not wanted where corruption thrives.
[11/23, 1:30 PM] ********: It’s shocking to note his attitude and behavior towards the handicapped man, his sister and brother-in-law. Instead of being sympathetic towards them he is harassing them when all they are doing is trying to earn a living in an honest way. God help them
[11/23, 1:31 PM]*******: Hope Fr. Agnelo is sent out of our parish. Surprisingly good priests like Fr. Sandeep get shunted out

[11/23, 2:00 PM]*********: Profound message with a strong state of practice and affairs.
U were fighting the battle from within, now it’s a new beginning for you to fight the good cause from outside.
Internal integrity & ambiguity is only known to the committee members and remains restricted from getting leaked out.
May the Lord grant you, your Christmas gift which you have asked for through His Eminence
I pray God blesses you to serve in spirit truth and stand up always for justice and what is right and be vocal and open to share your integral services to the parish and parishioners.
🏽✝ 🏽

[11/23, 5:16 PM]********: Mr Greg, You are fighting the battle for truth and Justice for Mother Church. May God bless you with strength and courage.

I think this should suffice to understand what the Parishioners think about your client.

2 You have further stated that publication of the matter on social media, “has CAUSED DAMAGE TO THE TUNE OF RS. 50,00,000/- (RS. FIFTY LAKHS ONLY). Which are RECOVERABLE FROM ME.” This is ambiguous to me.
As far as I understand, your client is a Parish Priest and SOLE TRUSTEE, at a religious institution. Therefore, it is not possible for him to incur such a huge financial loss, within a short time. Not unless he has been indulging in some other activities, clandestinely. Through the copy of this letter, we shall ask the higher ups within Church hierarchy, whether your client has been permitted to carry out any such activity.
There is a BUZZ around the Parish that your client allegedly is involved in Share Market Dealing. I have mentioned this in the E mail, mentioned above (Letter dated 18th, January, 2018). He has not denied it.
Has your client incurred this loss, in Share Market Dealing, Perhaps using Monies belonging to Church, Monies belonging to Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani? The hierarchy, will take note of it, I am sure.

Gentleman, Thank you very much, for communicating the message from your client and providing me the opportunity to convey mine, in return.


Copy to: H. E. Oswald Cardinal Gracias: Archbishop of Mumbai;




21st, November, 2018;

Fr. Agnelo Fernandes
Parish Priest & SOLE TRUSTEE
St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani.

This is with reference to your following message on PROPERTY COMMITTEE GROUP on whatsApp. My response is too lengthy, for posting on WhatsApp, so am sending it to you through E Mail.

Your Messages:

31/10/2018 [10/31, 10:25 AM] Fr Agnelo Fernandes PP, SAC: On this last day of the Parish Property Committee I thank all the Committee members for your guidance, support and valuable help. The Property Committee is being dissolved today. A NEW Property Committee, with a few changes, will be announced shortly. Good morning.


12/11/2018 [11/12, 12:12 PM] Fr Agnelo Fernandes PP, SAC: The NEW PARISH PROPERTY COMMITTEE with effect from 12th November 2018 consists of the following: Frederick Gracias, Godfrey Patel, Patrick D’Souza, Marius D’Lima, Dominic Rodrigues, Melwyn Pereira, Yuca Gomes, Ronnie Udwadia, Mario Gracias and Derial Gomes. CONGRATS & Thanks for your commitment to serve your parish.

You are well within your right to do anything, as SOLE TRUSTEE, including dissolution of Property Committee or any other committee. But there has to be a valid reason for doing so, and following proper procedure. I do not know how you arrived at the LAST DATE mid way and without calling for a meeting, to announce the dissolution, which would have been appropriate procedure. Well, you are known to violate all the guidelines, so I am not surprised about it. I don’t need to be part of any committee to serve the parish. I was serving the parish before and will continue to do so, whether I am part of any committee or not. My COMMITMENT IS TO MOTHER CHURCH and not to a CORRUPT CARETAKER.

The new committee is just an OLD WINE IN THE NEW BOTTLE, with one deletion and a couple of additions. It is needless to say that you deleted me from the committee, and I was not so daft, not to expect it coming. This full exercise of dissolution and Re Formation of Property Committee is for sanitization of an only hurdle, ie ME, in your path of corrupt practices. The others remained silent, while you along with your stooge, were plundering the Parish Finances of Rupees SEVENTY PLUS Lakhs, while I was vocal about it, so they are in. It is obvious for them to remain silent, because some of them derive financial benefits and others derive prominence and glamour, during parish occasions, by being part of some committee or the other.

Among the three new entrants, one stands out. He is notorious for doing all dirty work and has been handyman to you, for all your nefarious deeds and misdeeds, which parishioners are aware of. By adding him on, you have legitimized his actions, which are beneficial to you.

If you think you have shut doors on me then you are sadly mistaken. I can extract any information from you, using path of Right to Information (RTI) through CHARITY COMMISSIONER, beginning with details of Rupees SEVENTY PLUS Lakh, which you have spent, ignoring set guidelines. Minutes of every meeting also can be obtained through RTI. I am aware, this will be detrimental to the Church in Mumbai, hence may think before doing so. However, looking at past history, your presence itself is detrimental to Church in Mumbai. Alleged sale of OL of Lourdes’ Grotto at Orlem, to a builder and signature campaign carried out by the parishioners to save it, resulting in your transfer within a year; this incident is still fresh in the minds of people.

During a Government Survey conducted on Church Properties, it was revealed that a Paan Shop that is situated opposite PRASAR BHARATI RADIO STATION, is actually on Church Property bearing CTS No. 609 of Village Malwani, Taluka Borivali. While this matter was brought during one of the meeting, the members were of the opinion that it must be removed immediately. But one wise man suggested that an INDEMNITY BOND must be obtained from D’cruz family, who has allowed the shop and take rent from him. Thereafter, nothing is heard about it and the shop still remains. Has some clandestine arrangement arrived at by an individual, outside the knowledge of the committee? It is quite possible. Wherever there is an encroachment on Church Property, an individual or two, from the committee is involved; be it a road passing through CTS Nos. 1688 and 1692 or shanties coming up on CTS No. 606. The parishioners are aware of identity of these individuals.

Finally, though it is out of context, it’s related to you. It seems, since last six months or so, you have been harassing a poor candle seller family, a team of husband, wife and her handicapped lame brother who can’t walk upright, and are local natives from Kharodi Village. This family is selling candles at various venues during the week to earn their living. For last several years, on every Tuesday, they are seen selling candles at St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani, being the day of St. Anthony’s Novena, in the same place near the gate. You have been here, since last eighteen months but never once did you opposed to their presence. Even the devotees don’t mind it. In fact they are sympathetic towards them and patronize them. So why oppose them now, what makes you do so? Do you think, because their presence is ruining the beauty of the area, for which you spent around Rupees TEN lakhs of the exchequer, without any valid reason? I see no reason, other than this.
Your behavior with them, as I have been told, doesn’t resemble of a civilized person. You threatened to upset their table, if they refuse to move. You have been using abusive words like कुत्रा, कुत्री and हलकट; and also spat at them. It is disgusting to Imagine, an educated person that too, a Catholic Priest, behaving with a poor lady like you have been doing. Even yesterday, 20th, at 10.00 PM you threw tantrums at them. Does it make you feel proud? May be you feel so, but you certainly are not a pride of parishioners.

St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani;

Copy To: 1. H. E. Oswald Cardinal Gracias: Your Eminence, I appreciate your commitment to your word. As per your assurance, given to me during our meeting on 26th, June, 2018, of keeping the matter open, when I complained to you about His Lordship Bishop John Rodreigues having failed, even to report the matter to you, after his inquiry.
You summoned Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, to appear before you on 21st, September. What is heartening that you informed me about it, while asking for the copy of complaint against him. It really shows your greatness. Your Eminence, Whatever you decided then, was acceptable to me. However, it is said, old habits die hard. With this new development, I reiterate my demand, not to transfer him but REMOVE HIM, WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, to spare parishioners, of the embarrassment of being led by the corrupt Parish Priest. This will be the best Christmas Gift to them. This will also help erase people’s perception that the hierarchy is lenient with erring clergy and is shielding their misdeeds.

2. Members of newly formed Property Committee: Congratulation for being appointed on Property Committee. Though they don’t speak, Parishioners are aware of your activities. So, my advice to you; be committed to serve MOTHER CHURCH and not the Corrupt Caretaker. You remain silent when the MOTHER CHURCH is being financially Raped, she yells #MeeToo, and looks upon you to save her.


Dear Mr. Greg,

This is with reference to the E-mail, dated 21st November 2018, you sent to me with copies to His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias and to all the Property Committee members.

In the said E-mail you have made very serious but false and baseless allegations against me and others. You have been leveling similar allegations against me on the various social media groups. Your E-mail was placed at the Joint meeting of the Parish Finance and Property Committees on 30th November 2018. Even before I could propose it, the members in one voice recommended legal action against you for defamation. We are now in the process of sending a legal Notice to you.

However, as I strongly believe in Divine Mercy, I want to give you an opportunity to make amends and avoid legal action. Withdraw all the allegations you have been leveling against me in your E-mail and in your posts on social media groups.and apologize, if not be prepared to face the consequences of your penchant for indulging in character assassination.

I am sending you a hard copy of the letter dated 25th November 2018, which I have sent to His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias in response to your above mentioned E-mail. I hope this letter will help you to make the right choice

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, ( Parish Priest, St. Anthony Church, Malwani)

Date: 07/12/18.







DEDICATED to, Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church; Malwani

REGRET: DEDICATED to, Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church; Malwani –

DEDICATED to, Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church; Malwani – Part II

DEDICATED to Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani; 1 of Part III

DEDICATED, to Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church; Malwani. II of Part III




  1. Victor Pereira said,

    January 7, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    So the shepherd is taking his sheep to court….

    I wonder how 5000000 was arrived at. Maybe it is the money he would have made if he was allowed to continue spend parish money.


  2. Victor Pereira said,

    January 8, 2019 at 1:46 pm

    Since there was a mention of divine mercy, let me explain the meaning of Mercy in Catholic traditional theology. Mercy means more than just the cancellation of punishment.
    The Greek word that is usually translated as “mercy” is the word eleos. It can also be translated as loving kindness or tender compassion. The Greek word comes from a root word meaning oil that is poured out. Thus, when the Church sings in her liturgy the Greek words Kyrie Eleison and Christie Eleison, she is praying that the merciful love of God will be poured out upon her children, like holy oil from above.
    In the Latin tradition, the principal word for mercy is misericordia, which means, literally “miserable heart.”

    Pope John Paul II wrote in Dives in Misericordia: “The Bible, Tradition, and the whole faith life of the People of God provide unique proof … that mercy is the greatest of the attributes and perfections of God.

    The purpose of the note above is to remind people who studied theology to focus back on thelogy rather than sue for defamation.

    Imagine fr Fernandes is willing to let his Eminence be dragged to court. Because if this gets ugly he will be called to testify. God bless Holy Mother Church.
    Fr Fernandes, Mathew 18:22 please read this passage.


  3. June 17, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    […] (REPLY: To Legal Notice for Rupees Fifty Lakhs Defemation, Served by Parish Priest to a Parishioner;) […]


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