DEDICATED, to Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church; Malwani. II of Part III

matter of CORRUPTION……Continues…



It has been reliably learnt that Fr. Agnello, Parish Priest and SOLE TRUSTEE, tried to justify his actions, in Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) meeting, by saying that everything was done by following proper procedure.
I would not know how much support he managed to garner from the council members, but certainly few members, and quite a number of them, brought this to my notice which really amused me.
Surprisingly, four prominent members who are also members of the Finance and Property committee and are aware of the happening, did not make an attempt to counter his lies. We need not name them, since the PPC members and Parishioners know, who they are. Hopefully, some day their conscience will prick and they will realise that it is the MOTHER CHURCH they have to serve and not some corrupt individual.
Co-incidentally, this incident could have not come at more appropriate time, for you to understand the matter. This post narrates, in details, how the manipulation was done, in order to by pass the guidelines laid down by authorities.






18th, January, 2018;

Dear Fr. Agnelo,
Thank you for acknowledging my support, in your last post on Property Committee group, on WhatsApp. However, I do not expect thanks for anything that I do, for my Church. I have been supporting the good deeds of others, as well as my own, for the Mother Church; and opposing the undesirable acts of everyone, against Her; for around a decade.
I will follow your advice henceforth, and bear in mind that I have to put up my suggestion at the agenda point. Thank you for the advice. But for now, I would like to delve on present issue of my E mail to Marius and you.
You may find my tone a bit sarcastic; yes I am trying to be as sarcastic as possible, in order to match your sarcasm, in your last post on WhatsApp.
My E mail emphasizes more on emotional/Sentimental narration of spoilt relation between two families because of some misunderstanding. Marius seems to have understood and has taken it into his stride, which was noticed during the meeting, and I was pleased. However, you picked up the unwanted thread, perhaps to assert your superiority. Not wanting to embarrass you with truth which certainly would expose your lies further, I tried to close the matter with statement, “I standby, what I have said”. But you seemed to be hell bent on asserting yourself, questioned my belief and put up the last post which stunk of sarcasm. Therefore, I will answer all your queries to your satisfaction.
First, the KITCHEN JOB: I did approach you and expressed my dissatisfaction, on spending huge amount, Rs 3.5Lakhs plus, on it. I agree to what you have stated. But you did not mention about the road widening, which I said, I am concerned about. You have stated that a Quotation was placed before the committee, which is not true. It was discussed that the kitchen was in bad shape and it required to be renovated. Every member agreed and approved it, without any discussion on the amount. I remember someone mentioning about the road widening matter. Considering this, the bare minimum amount should have been spent on renovation, which you agreed. Please bear in mind; I am the member of Property Committee and not Finance Committee. I therefore, would always consider myself ineligibles to comment on financial aspect. Road widening, if it occurs anytime, the kitchen will be the first target. SOUL Committee, fighting BMC has taken the decision to surrender the kitchen part, in order to save the parochial house, if BMC insisted.
Ground Leveling: I agree with you that all the quotations were placed on the table and the school contractor was offered the contract for the lowest bid, and he increased the amount when the scope of work was explained to him, you say. I find it difficult to accept it. How he could quote in first place, without understanding the scope of job he is required to carry out? However, I would like to state here, there was no bid placed by Eapen Varghese, at this stage. He was brought in later. So it is not right to say that with the increase in amount by school contractor, Eapen Varghese became the lowest. His was the only tender that was placed before the committee, later. No doubt, he is an experienced contractor, I don’t deny that. And he has done a good job, and still doing it. But since it was a fresh process, some more bids should have been called, to make it competitive. Now I have a doubt in my mind, was the contractor tricked into increasing the amount in order to bring in Eapen Varghese? Was the lower quote by Eapen Varghese linked to the assurance that the peripheral task would be assigned to him? These questions need to be answered. Surprisingly, none of the Finance Committee members raised this issue.
After assigning the ground leveling job to him, he was further assigned the task of tarring the peripheral area, without inviting bids. Is it right to assign a job worth over seven Lakhs, as it was mentioned in the last meeting, to one person, without following due process?
Fr. Agnelo, to top it all, at the last meeting you tried to push a proposal worth fifteen lakh Rupees, with three quotations from one person for three different jobs. It was for putting up permanent shades on top of the two stages and the other one, I fail to remember. Wisely enough, one of the Property committee member objected to it, and you quietly withdrew the proposals. Surprisingly, finance committee members were silent at this point also, though they were vocal after the withdrawal.
I believe, a suggestion was made to move the stage to the center of the ground, now that the ground has been renovated, but it was rejected citing the huge expenditure it would incur, I wouldn’t know, how huge. Surprisingly, over two and half lakhs were spent, just to resurface the existing stage, without calling for tenders.
I am sure; you know that Church affair is governed by Canon Law, so I need not explain it to you. Canon Law 537 reads “In each Parish there is to be a finance committee, to help the parish Priest in the administration of the goods of Parish. It is ruled by Universal Law and by the norms laid down by Diocesan Bishop.” The entire amount for job carried out, in renovation of the ground, and the kitchen has gone much beyond the amount stipulated, within your authority.
Commonly known norms, I believe, are 1. There should be at least three quotations from different bidders, for any work to be carried out. 2. Approval from Bishop is a must, for the amount exceeding Rupees Four Lakhs, for any work. Hence, don’t you think, you have bypassed the directives and violated both the norms here? In that case, I would say, it amounts cheating Bishop and the Church. Don’t you think so?
Fr. Agnelo, you seem to be concerned about negative feedback that you are getting, because of the mail on social media. Since you have brought up an issue of Negative Feedback; the negative feedback, the parishioners are getting, is quite embarrassing to them. You should be concerned more about it. I am referring to your alleged addiction to share market dealing, the whole day, which most of the parishioners seem to be aware of, and they talk in hushed voices. Because of which you are not in loop with the parishioners. Some illiterate minds think, it is the gambling that you are indulging in.
As an advocate of truth & transparency in Parish affairs, this information will be shared with members of Property and Finance Committee, and also with parishioners at large. While you are SOLE TRUSTEE of the Church, the Parishioners are SOLE OWNERS of the Church. They have every right to know about everything that is happening within, except certain confidential information, of course.


Copy to: H. E. Oswald Cardinal Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai: Your Eminence, doing this doesn’t please me. I am sure; you remember my assurance to you that I would like to keep good relation with Fr. Agnelo, in order to maintain Harmony in the parish. However, I have no choice, for which I regret.




 (To be Continued)

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