Editor’s ARROGANT BEHAVIOR towards Sons of the Soil;


The EXAMINER, A Catholic Newsweekly, carried a letter under a caption, “East Indian Culture is Dying”; in the issue of 13th – 19th October, 2018. The letter was derogatory to the community, and the entire community has been agitated about it.

Many of them demanded an apology from the writer as well as from the Editor. One of them even threatened to go on hunger strike. None of their letter are published in the earlier issue as well as the current one. Instead, a statement has been published, which smacks of ARROGANCE, and it reads:

The space allotted to this section in a publication is to provide a forum for a healthy debate and a free exchange of opinions on a topic, provided it does not cross the legitimate limits of propriety by indulging in defamation, slander or calumny. Given this criteria, in the absence of the Editor who is on sick leave, the Editorial Board is authorised to select the matter for this column accordingly. The Board will not succumb to any coercion for demands of an apology, when an objective and fair reading of the content of the letter does not stand the test of this scrutiny.

Signed/- Editor 

We too, had responded to the letter, with request to the Editor to publish it, which they didn’t. Hence publishing it here for the perusal of our readers.



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19th, October, 2018;

The Editor

Sir:- This is with reference to a letter, captioned “East Indian Culture is Dying”; in the issue of 13th – 19th October, 2018.
I am surprised and it is beyond my understanding that how did this letter find place in the EXAMINER, which is so rigid about publishing any negative matter. Here, the writer has made derogatory statement about a community, the EAST INDIANS; the original inhabitants of the city; on whose lands most of our religious and educational institutions are standing. You should have thought twice, before publishing the letter.
It is not the writer that we hold responsible for offending sentiments of the community but you, for maligning the reputation of the community by publishing the views, coming out of some FOSSILISED brain; who is nonentity to us.
We as EAST INDIANS are proud of our community and culture irrespective of whatever our shortcomings are. Therefore we call upon you to tender an apology to the EAST INDIAN community, for this mischief that has been played.
You don’t have to apologize separately. Publishing this letter VERBATIM, in the forthcoming issue of the EXAMINER, will be considers as your humble apology.



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  1. Alex D Mello said,

    October 26, 2018 at 11:51 am

    It’s not East indian culture is dying but examiner, it’s already dead. RIP . It doesn’t cover current issues, medical, legal or educational issues. It has become redundant, hardly people read it


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