DEDICATED to Parishioners of St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani; 1 of Part III

We, on our part, are doing our Christian duty, in whatever small way we can, of mending the CHURCH OF CHRIST. Will you also do it, and prove your credence as true Christians?




“Francis, repair my Church which, as you can see, is falling into ruins.”(Year 1204 AD)

. We know The Church is not a building, but rather the people of God that make up the Body of Christ …

Although Francis understood these words in a very literal way and began the work of physically repairing the structure of this small chapel, the Lord surely had more in mind than utilizing Francis’ masonry skills!



Dear Parishioners,

The above snippets are taken from various articles, on the life of St. St. Francis of the Assisi, which we presume, are relevant to current situation within Church.

We, on our part, are doing our Christian duty, in whatever small way we can, of mending the CHURCH OF CHRIST. Will you also do it, and prove your credence as true Christians?




                                                                         1st, April, 2018;
Your Eminence,

We heartily congratulate you, for your election to the President of Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI). We shall keep you in our prayers, for LORD ALMIGHTY to strengthen you and guide you, to carry out your duties.
Wishing you and your team, Avery HAPPY EASTER;
I regret that at such glorious moment, you are being bothered with a negative matter. This is related to renovation of the Church ground and its peripheral areas, taken up by Parish Priest, Fr. Agnelo. The following letter to him, will apprise you about it.
You may note from the conversation of the letter that there has been violation of the laid guidelines. The overall expenditure is in the house of over thirty plus lakhs, by any means, it is huge. The last meeting, mentioned therein, was at my behest because I objected to starting the work without committee’s approval. At the meeting, when he was questioned, whether three quotations were received and evaluated for every job that has been carried out, and if received then furnish them here. He did not have the answer. None of the other members disputed with me, because they were aware of the facts. Besides, he was asked to give figure of the amount spent on the jobs carried out till date, but he didn’t. An old member on the committee averred that after every job was completed, it has to be reviewed before commencing a new job. That is the practice, being followed, earlier, which was ignored.
JOBS DONE: 1. Repairing of the fencing 2. Repair and Maintenance of the MEDICO CENTER 3. Repair and Maintenance of BALWADI 4. Resurfacing of the Stage 5. Levelling of the Ground 6. Asphalting of the peripheral area around the church Etc.
Your Eminence, things are not as rosy as it must be being projected to you. Apart from the matters described over here, there are many things; I would like to bring to your notice. I urge you to grant me urgent audience, in order to apprise you of the situation in Parish.

Sincere yours, in LORD JESUS CHRIST;



26th, March, 2018;
Dear Fr. Agnelo,

This is in context of the recent communication between us, on Property Committee group, on WhatsApp.
I asked you a simple question about the job being carried out on GROTTO side, and you got rattled. You kept on changing your stance, on couple of matters, within a short spell of time. I questioned you because I felt something undesirable was happening, and I did it, in my capacity as the member of property committee. It is my responsibility to question any undesirable happenings within Church, and highlight them, which you should know well. You reacted in a way that as if I have committed a crime.


1. YOU: “Meeting could not be held because all will be busy with Holy week activities”, to which I agree. But suddenly, you decided to call for a meeting, which could have been called, after the holy week was over. Then you sent another message about the meeting with additional agenda, with changed date.
2. YOU: “Fresh approval will be sought before starting the main work, which will be done only after Easter”. Now what is the difference between the work actually started and the MAIN WORK, I don’t understand. It seems to be the afterthought, to justify your unilateral decision to begin the work, without approval.
This kind of behavior by any person only indicates, a confused state of mind, of the person who is aware that things he has done or going to do, is not right.

I am reproducing herewith, the WhatsApp conversation for your ready reference.

ME: Good morning fr,
This morning, when I was at Mass, I noticed some ongoing civil work, near Grotto. I believe this is in context of the meeting; we had with the contractor, on 16th, the Friday. Present for the meeting, were Marius, Frederick, you and me.
At the end of the meeting, you said, let the contractor quote the amount then you would call the meeting and we shall take decision. Therefore, I was surprised to see the work begin.
Was the meeting held? I wouldn’t know, because I wasn’t informed about it. If others were informed and they attended it, then I would like them to say so. Normally, people are vary about opening mouth, for obvious reasons. Hence, their silence will compel me to assume that they too, were not informed, and the decision was taken unilaterally.
YOU: At the last meeting the Quotations were opened. The lowest was that of Aziz Rehman for Rs 12,50,265/- it was decided to modify the plans and to get the same contractor to lower the cost. Accordingly Aziz R. Gave a fresh quotation for Rs. 6,68,480 with his plans. As all are busy these days because of Holy Week etc. Meeting was not called. Fresh approval of the Committee will be sought before starting the main work which will start only after Easter.
ME: Three quotations you are talking about, were rejected outright. Then you Brought out earlier quotation submitted by Mr Aziz, on the basis of that, the meeting was called with him. Besides, I don’t think the matter was so urgent that the work should have started before the approval. If the one person was given chance to revise the estimate on the basis of the revised job, the same opportunity could have been given to the others also. I don’t agree with your logic.
YOU: I am calling a meeting of the Parish Finance Committee along with Property Committee on Tuesday 27th March at 7.30 pm. Whatever you have to say please say it at the meeting. Thanks.,


There was a similar controversy, in the month of January, if you remember. You tried to outsmart me, at the conversation on whatsApp. Though I withdrew from the conversation in order not to escalate it further; just to satisfy myself, had prepared a response, but did not mail to you for the simple reason that I did not want to disturb the harmony. Now that you seem to be adamant, and want to escalate the matter to outsmart me, I am incorporating the same herewith, with regret that I am compelled to do it in HOLY WEEK, against my conscience. (*******)

Before that, I would like to remind you about the WhatsApp message related to the money paid by a person, for hiring a stall at Infant Jesus Chapel, during Novenas. The person renting the stall, claimed that he was not issued receipt, in spite of paying the amount. The amount mentioned by the person and the actual amount on the receipt, put up by Mathew, on the group varies. Have you investigated the matter? If yes, then why are you silent about it? This could not be one time incident and could be happening for a long time. This was the opportunity to put up a stop to this malpractice, once and for all. You seem to have not taken it seriously or must want to ignore it. Or are you trying to shield someone?

Your decision to call for the meeting, with appeal “Your Presence Counts”, clearly indicates that you want to garner support, to justify your misdeeds. I will attend the meeting.


(******) This letter will be published in  2 of Part III


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(To Be Continued)




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