SILENT VOICE, on behalf of readers, congratulates H. E. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, on his appointment to this august position…………….GREG


FEB. 21, 2017

“The Holy Father has granted the title of Lawyer of the Roman Rota to Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bombay, India.

–          issued by the Holy See Press Office on Wednesday, February 15, 2017”

The Archdiocese of Bombay congratulates His Eminence on his prestigious appointment to the Roman Rota by the Holy Father.

The Sacred Roman Rota is part of the great system of government established in Rome, by which the Pope discharges the duties which devolve on him as Head of the Catholic Church. The government is covered by three sections: the administrative, the executive and the judicial. The Rota belongs to the judicial section: it is one of the tribunals through which the Pope exercises his sovereign power of administering justice in ecclesiastical matters. Its sole function is to hear and decide, according to the law, cases duly submitted to it. It is not sure how the court came by its name, but the Latin word Rota means a wheel or circle, and the Court may have received its name from the round table at which the judges sat.

The Rota consists ordinarily of ten judges whose official title is ‘Auditores’: they are of equal status and authority, and the senior, or Dean, as he is called, obtains precedence, but no jurisdiction, over the other judges. The appointment of a judge is made by the Pope in person. The qualifications required by law for the office are that the candidate be in priest’s orders, have obtained the doctorate in canon and civil law, be of mature age, and be distinguished for moral integrity, prudence, and legal skill.

Courtesy: Archdiocese of Bombay


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