Appointments 2016 – Vl: Archdiocese of Bombay;

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  1. May 20, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    Fr.KT Emmanuel’s posting at the marriage tribunal is such a waste of talent. He is very much a people’s man and very good to the poor and marginalized.I was surprised at him being appointed the secretary to the cardinal, which was no more than a glorified altar boy. Perhaphs appointing him as a director of the Peace and Justice commission,or as a special assistant to the cardinal to come up with ways to deal with the ernormous burden carried by our marginalized christians in Maharashtra and the surrounding areas would have been more appropriate.Unfortunately,we have seen nothing done by the archdiocese in dealing with important issues as drought,starvation,mediocre education in schools,the youth just not participating.It is time for fresh blood to carry out the wishes of our Pope,who has noble Christ like ideas.In mumbai,we have seen no old age homes,no orphanages,no medical centres to treat geriatric diseases,no housing,for the past 50 years.In fact all the orphanages have been closed down and my personal opinion is that we and particularly the Church have put money before God.I pray that there will be new thinking,new approach,new love of the poor and that each of us see Christ in the suffering.I am at a loss as to whether I should congratulate Fr.KT or commiserate with him .It is essential that in addition to every church having a mission,that they set themselves objectives to attain these vision statements.An example would be
    1.We will ensure that no parishoner dies for want of medical attention
    2.We will ensure that every child in our community reaches at least a grade 12 education.
    3.Our communities will meet regularly and help each other in whatever way we can and promote love and understanding through prayer.
    These are just a few.local parishes may have local needs like housing,alcholism,family breakdowns.Like our Pope keeps emphasing and the curia keeps fighting him.that there can be no joy and happiness unless we deal with the socio-economic-emotional issues of our brother-in.Archbishop,please take note,you are a good man,but candidly have done nothing for your sheep and i may be mistaken and stand to be corrected.


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