Developer usurps Public Road: Puts Student’s lives in Danger;

One Hundred years old Wellington Colony has disappeared into oblivion making way for some high rises. Its Ok; we have no issue; for that matter no one should bother about it.

However, the Developer has annexed the road between erstwhile Wellington Colony and St. Teresa’s Convent High school; creating inconvenience to the students of the school.

Developer is attempting to demolish or move it to insignificant site, the HOLY CROSS still standing on the spot.

Yours truly has taken up the issue with Municipal Commissioner to act upon it. Hope to get support from all of you to resolve this issue and do justice to students and the HOLY CROSS, the symbol of Christian Faith.


St. Teresa High School



A7 Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Marve Rd.

Malad (W), Mumbai – 400095;

Contact: Cell: 9870719628; E Mail:


6th, April, 2016;



Shri Ajoy Mehta,

Commissioner MCGM,

BMC Headquarter,

Mumbai – 400001;



Shri Sharad Ugade

Asst. Commissioner,

H West ward, BMC

St. Martin’s Road, Bandra (W),

Mumbai – 400050


SUB: – Illegal annexure of the public road by a Developer and turning of blind eye by BMC H West Ward towards it;




The subject itself clarifies what the matter is. This pertains to WELLINGTON COLONY in Santacruz on plots bearing CTS Nos. 401, 402 & 415 to 438 of BANDRA – H Village, situated between S. V. Road and Hasnabad Road No. 2; which is in possession of the entity called Robin Home Developers and its Nominee Sumer Associates. But that is not the issue here.


We would like to draw your attention to one fact that the Developer has annexed this road, having width of Fifteen feet approximately; refusing access to public, which hitherto was being used by them.  More importantly, students of adjacent St. Tereza Convent have been put into inconvenience. The Developer has blocked the gate of the school which had opening on this road, by putting up high tin sheets, from where the students used to board and alight the School Buses; forcing students to spill over on the SV Road, which could be dangerous to them. The gate perhaps must have been blocked by putting up a brick wall, which I am not sure of.


Well Gentlemen, I am not here to plead with you for help, but to put facts before you to prove that this road has illegally been annexed by the developer, perhaps with connivance of BMC staff from the H West ward office. It has been mentioned so in the subject matter above.


In the plan issued by BMC’s DP department clearly shows this road, leading from SV Road to Hasnabad Road No.2. Copy of the same is attached herewith for your reference. The plan also shows that Wellington colony had their gate situated on this road allowing residents to access SV Road, passing through it, clearly indicating that it is a public road. So how could the developer block the road which is being used by pubic for around one hundred years? Remember, both, the Wellington colony and St. Teresa Convent came into existence in around 1917 to 1920.

DP PLAN - Copy


I therefore, as a concern citizen, call upon you to prevail upon the developer to remove the road blocks put up by him and open this one hundred years old road, for  the use of public as well as to the students of St. Teresa Convent immediately. It will be in the interest of your dignity as well; because the developer seems to have violated your guidelines, right under your nose. It is needless to say that this has been done with the intention to enhance the value to his project by showing direct access to SV Road, through this illegally annexed road.


Besides, it is reliably learnt that the developer has got the project approved under Slum Rehabilitation Scheme (SRA). If it is so, it is another sham. How could a high profile colony be converted into a slum? Is it to gain extra FSI under SRA Scheme? Could you please investigate this matter and put a stay on this project?


While on the subject of Wellington Colony, there is a HOLY CROSS; the sign of Christian faith standing on the plot and venerated by residents of the colony for over FIFTY YEARS, which the developer wants to demolish, but haven’t done so for the fear of backlash from the community; and rightly so. Any attempt by the developer to remove it, will meet with stiff resistance from the community. The HOLY CROSS remains where it stands today. It is under the care of committee, established by H. E. Oswald Cardinal Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai; to look into the matter related to all such holy structures. Yours truly is one of the members on this committee.






Encl:               Copy of DP plan W 48 K/West,


Copy to:   1. Commissioner of Police, Mumbai; for information.


  1. H. E. Oswald Cardinal Gracias: Archbishop of Mumbai;




  1. April 10, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    With respect to St.Theresa’s convent and the adjacent road and the builder contravening the rules ,using the slum development reclamation,I would strongly suggest that you meet Advocate Joachim Reis and appraise him of the whole situation.If the builders are in contravention of the law,Advocate Reis,whom we all have great respect for the good work he has done for the Catholic Church and the marginalized Catholics ,will bring a stay order,until the situation is sorted out.We understand that there is far more than meets the eye and Advocate Reis is your God Sent saint,who will work for justice and is not intimidated by Evil designs of unscrupulous land Mafia.
    Also,let the Loving sisters of the convent take the girls in a procession,to high light to the public the travesty of justice.


  2. April 11, 2016 at 9:10 am

    SURELY some wily clergy are involved in the ” MOOLAH ” resulting from this — before any legal action — catch the guilty clergy — and give them a good whipping with some nice canes — right in public !!!


  3. April 11, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Forget about corporal punishment,those are the medeival ages.As far as the the archbishop is concerned,they would like the status quo and only pay lip service to justice and the truth and I speak from experience and disappointment.However,understandably they are human and do not want any scandals or in anyway to rock the boat.The US and Canadian Catholic heirarchy also adopted the same approach and today are totally bankrupt,having had to pay huge amounts to the victims for their complicity.In all humility,the church belongs to the people and its on peoples hard earned money that the wealth of the church in mumbai has disappeared and therefore it is upto the parishioners to bring matters of impropriety to the civil authorities.We must get together and bring more transparency and accountability in the happenings.As written before and we take God’s route all diocesan priest must take the vow of poverty.They should secondly be answerable to the Parish council.which must be democratically elected and consist of people of integrity.I hope that this note gets to be read by his eminence and his secretary andthey honestly make an attempt to clean up and bring transparency and accountability.


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