SAD story of GOOD FRIDAY, at a Parish in the Archdiocese of Bombay;

Since this matter is related to Church activities, Parish Priest need to clarify and come out with the truth. It is true, and can be seen in many parishes; the people who are no where to be seen during whole year of Church activities, are in the forefront during GOOD FRIDAY SERVICES.



Good Friday turned Sad Friday for East Indians in Bhayander.

OL of Nazareth, Bhayandar

I feel in every Church, the  parishioners come togther and work with harmony for the Good Friday service and show their solidarity among the community and their parishioners.

However, this was not the case in Our Lady of Nazareth Church at Bhayander.  The so called  “Bhayander  East Indian Gavki Mandal” (BEIGM) is an association where few conservative East Indians, who think that they only have the ownership and the right  in the church , and  for the   Good Friday service.   No other organization or community members should come forward to help or organize any activities.


I am not sure of why so much of arrogance displayed by them,  when the President of BEIGM boastfully declared,  we would not allow anyone to Usher or help in the Good Friday service activities.   Some of the members of Bhayander East Indian Association requested to join them to usher and help,  but   the whole issue turned into a scramble.


The spirit of the Good Friday literally turned into a war zone atmosphere.  So as to goons were called by them from outside to trash the members of the Bhayander East Indian Association. 


It has been observed that all over Bombay, surrounding Many East Indians are coming together and working as a team to retain and save  the unity, and traditions of our East Indian Community; and in Bhayander goons are hired by East Indians to trash East Indians. In addition, they justify their wrongs very gracefully.

These people are not concern of the community, church, Parish, or the society.  They hypocritically show that they work for the society, to display their notional power, which does not exist.    

Because of these few individual East Indians, our community is never recognized as a one unit or community but scattered lot.   On such pious and devout day putting up such acts and doing bullying tactics, such organization thinks that they have achieved and won. However, these are the biggest losers who have never aimed at the larger Heights.

 Grow up my friends and contribute to the positively and sensibly to change the face of our community.


Noel Corriea —- Should I say proud to be an East Indian.  


  1. Rahul Dsouza said,

    April 5, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    It is a case of the tail wagging the dog.

    The folks that are complaining today are the same ones who created a ruckus last time during the Maundy Thursday services some time back.

    Its basically a situation of the doctor getting a dose of his own medicine.

    Sad that these events are happening with a community which is anyways struggle to keep its identity and under the threat from so called secularist forces.


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