ENCOUNTERED: Politician’s way of taking people for a ride; St. Elias High School, Khar.

This menace of illegal hutments blocking the gate of St. Elias High School, khar; has been going on for over two decades. Politicians offer only lip service but are never interested in resolving this problem. The hutment dwellers are their vote bank; how could they disturb the vote bank? Here is how we have cornered a politician who appeared during silent protest and issued a vague and meaningless  directive to H West ward authorities through the media. Let us now see if he is issuing an official order to demolish the hutments.

We call upon all the association to whom this letter has been marked, to be prepared to agitate strongly and do what the politicians have failed to do. GET RID OF THE HUTMENTS BLOCKING THE GATE OF THE SCHOOL.



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To,                                                                                                                              26th, March, 2016;


Shri Ajoy Mehta,

Commissioner MCG,

BMC Headquarter,

Mumbai – 400001;


Respected Sir,


Sub:    Illegal hutments on footpath surrounding St. Elias High School, Khar;


Wish to draw your attention to a news items appearing in DNA of 18th, February, 2016 and Asian age of February, 20; copies of which are attached herewith. This menace of illegal hutments has been ongoing for over two decades, causing inconvenience as well as danger to students’ life. Incident of a student getting run over by a speeding vehicle on February 5th is not the first nor will it be the last. It will persist, as long as the illegal hutments continue to occupy the footpath meant for students to safely walk on.


Management of St Elias High School, Khar; has been pleading with H West ward office for donkey’s years to get the footpath rid of this menace, but their pleading has fallen on deaf years. Many a time delegations from various organizations met with ward officers to appraise the administration about the hardship students are facing due to this illegal hutments right outside their school gates. But what they got from H West ward administration is only the assurances and no action.


Silent demonstration on 20th February, 2016 was just one of them but with a difference. Local MLA Mr,. Ashish Shelar did participate in this protest and directed the ward office to, Demolish the huts bordering St. Elias High School. “Shelar gave BMC directive in response to Teachers, Parents’ demand”; “Raze Slums outside School”, reads the headline (Report in Asian Age: 20th, February, 2016). Report also mentions that Mr. Shelar MLA and Ms Alka Kerkar, Dy. Mayor BMC assured that necessary action would be taken within 15 days, as quoted by Ms. Ruhi Kapoor, PTA Representative. Now it is over a month and no activity is seen on the ground; obviously because it was a politician voice in the media; which needs to be taken with pinch of salt.


Mr. Shelar knows very well that words spoken to the media are meaningless and bear no consequences. If the politicians are serious about getting the hutments removed, they should officially write to BMC administration, which they haven’t yet, we suppose. Politicians have to maintain their vote bank, which they would not like to disturb. Through the copy of this letter we shall call upon Mr. Shelar to put up officially, his directives in writing to you, to ORDER THE BMC ADMINISTRATION TO DEMOLISH THE ILLEGAL HUTMENTS WITH IMMEDIATELY and follow up on his statement in the media; but we doubt very much, he will do so, fearing disturbing his vote bank. It is reliably learnt that Mr. Shelar is avoiding meeting the PTA members, who are asking for an appointment to meet him.


Meanwhile, on behalf of the students of St. Elias High School, Khar; we urge you to listen to the wailing voices of the students and their guardians and order the H West ward to get the hutments removed.


Awaiting your quick and positive response;






Encl: As above.


Copy to:

  1. Ashish Shelar: Request to put up in writing, directing BMC authorities to demolish the hutments immediately.
  2. Milton Gonsalves: Parish priest, St. Vincent the Paul Church, Khar: For information and follow up.
  3. President: Parents & Teachers Association (PTA): For information and circulation among the parents, in order to create awareness about politicians’ double standards.


Copy to the associations concerned about this issue and fighting to get these hutments removed, in order to be prepared for agitation if required.


  1. Vivian D’souza: President: Bombay East Indian Association( BEIA);
  2. Godfrey Pimenta: President Watchdog Foundation;
  3. Dolphy D’souza: Spokesperson, Save Our Land – SOUL
  4. Alphy D’souza: CEO, Mobai Gaothan Panchayat (MGP);
  5. Herbert Baretto: President: Maharashtra East Indian Christian Federation (MEICF)
  6. Nicholas Almeida: President Sahar Citizen’s forum;
  7. Daphne Warapen: Active parishioner of St. Vincent the Paul Church; Khar.


Hi All,

This is a small effort from my side to keep the fire burning, in order to keep the authorities under pressure. I suggest, all of you write to the MC in similar fashion, briefly though. Just holding a demonstrations and forgetting about it has no effect. I hope you will understand.

This matter has been simmering for a long time and needs to be dealt with effectively. This is the first phase of my thoughts, which I am executing. Let us all express solidarity with the School administration and Parents, Teachers Association (PTA)





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