Hierarchy revokes Parish Authority’s decision, in favour of a Parishioner;

This matter relates to St. Joseph Church, Juhu. Parish authorities, perhaps misguided by some advisors having vested interests, were trying to dislodge a parishioner of his rights on the commercial hoardings, which he has been in possession since 1969. with the intervention from yours truely, matter has been resolved in favour of the parishioner.

Communication with hierarchy, appended below, should apprise the readers about it.




Dear Mr. Pereira,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

I would like to inform you that, on 23rd February 2016, I received a call from Rev. Fr. Joe Pereira the acting parish priest at St.Joseph’s – Juhu, who mentioned to me that the due permission was granted in my favor and also, handed over a written NOC for the BMC on the same evening.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, as I am truly grateful for your support. We sometimes underestimate the power of a kind act and how it can make all the difference to another. Your kind words and advice were not only a source of inspiration but were also strength to me during this trying time.

Further, I would like to take you back to our humble roots; M/s. Irene Displays has been operational since 1969. The company was begun by my mother, Mrs. Irene Creado, a young catholic entrepreneur with very little education however, at that time the church stood as a great pillar of support to her and since she has been ever so grateful.

These past 2 months were extremely difficult for both me and my family as a majority of our income could have been taken away from us not only loosing monetarily but also, feeling a sense of abandonment from our parish something we considered our own and were so closely integrated with.

Once again, thank you for reminding me that there still exists, truth and a sense of brethren within our community. Thank you for enabling my VOICE to be heard.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Robert Creado

For M/s. Irene Displays.





To                                                                                                             10th, February, 2016

H.E. Oswald Cardinal Gracias;

Archbishop of Bombay;

Your Eminence,

Sub:    Commercial Hoardings in the Compound of St. Joseph Church/School, Juhu; FOLLOW UP;

Further to my letter dated 7th, February, 2016, requesting you to postpone the malicious bidding process till you return. Unfortunately, the bidding did take place and Parish authorities managed to snatch Bread from the mouth of a local Catholic Parishioner.

In this context, I wish to draw your attention to certain facts to prove that this has been done intentionally to dislodge the current holders of the rights, M/s Irene Displays, owned by the local Parishioner and son of the Soil, a member of East Indian Community, in order to install someone from outside the parish and a non Christian.

Your Eminence, it was supposed to be an open bidding, therefore certainly there could have been more persons participating. Is there a dirth of companies, willing to grab such business opportunity, in Mumbai? How competitive it could be, if more companies participated. But it was not to be, because they were not informed about the bidding taking place. Therefore, only two of them, one Ms. Irene Displays; and the other one, propped up by some elements within Parish/Church, having vested interest in winning the bid.

What was the difference in the amounts of the two? I am given to understand that the other participant’s bid is higher by just Five Thousand rupees. Irene Displays bid for Rs. Twenty Four Lakhs and the other party Rs. Twenty Four Lakhs and Five thousands; A negligible difference. Doesn’t it sound like a fixed match? Nay it was a betrayal; betrayal of faith reposed in the person of god.

Mr. Robert Creado of Irene Displays met the Parish Priest Fr. Joe Pereira in the afternoon and told him that he is willing to hike the amount to Twenty Four Lakhs for two hoardings. Now one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand how the other party quoted just five thousand rupees more. The figure mentioned by Robert Creado was leaked to the opposition who then quoted marginally high, we allege.

We believe that a report would be sent to you for your approval. We therefore call upon you to deal with the matter judiciously, considering all the facts, and allow M/s Irene Displays to continue with the rights to the hoardings. In case, of approval already granted in favour of the other party, by your subordinates; we call upon you to revoke it, and restore the sanctity of your office.

Your Eminence, may I recall our meeting, related to Examiner Press building matter, in presence of Adv. Joaquim Reis and Fr. Richard Crasto in your office? I expressed my satisfaction at the explanation offered by you and Adv. Joaquim Reis; when the question was raised by me about the advertisements in the media for letting the premises on the lease to third party. However, here I find that the same logic being ignored/violated and trampled upon, allowing undesirable elements to gain access to the Church premises/Property.

Your Eminence, I would like to deviate a bit from the issue over here. Recently you celebrated HOLY MASS in East Indian Dialect, at HOLY CROSS Church, Kurla. This gesture was applauded by the entire EAST INDIAN community. The Community, through their representatives, appealed to you to look after the interest of community that has offered so much, including large chunks of their ancestral lands, to the Church in Mumbai.

Imagine, how the community would feel, if it realize that the same very church is acting against the interest of their fellow community member and snatching the right in unethical manner to hand it over to an outsider.Your Eminence, We have done enough to explain the truth. Now it is up to you, on this ASH WEDNESDAY, to accept it or reject it.

Yours always, in OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST





7th, February, 2016


H. E. Oswald Cardinal Gracias;

Archbishop of Bombay;

Your Eminence,

Sub:    Commercial Hoardings in the Compound of St. Joseph Church/School, Juhu;

The hoardings mentioned in the subject matter are presently in Possession of M/s. Irene Displays, the enterprise own by a Parishioner of St. Joseph Church, Juhu, who is also a member of local East Indian Community, since 1969. Irene Displays has been paying Rs. 1, 68, 00, 000; annually to parish authorities at present time.

However, parish authorities are now planning to call for open bidding, in order to earn higher revenue, which is quite fair. But it is not clear as to why the Parish authorities are in so hurry to call for open bids without following proper procedure. It has been orally intimated to M/s Irene Displays that bidding will take place tomorrow, Monday in the evening.

It seems some vested interests are playing in favour of someone who is a big time player in Hoardings business owning over a Hundred hoardings all over the city, while Irene Displays are owning just the two, in the Church property, which is their bread and butter. It is also given to understand that the person is not from the parish nor does he belong to Catholic community. Now it may be argued that it is being looked into, purely through commercial/Financial aspect. To this I would like to put a question. Is monitory consideration the only way to look at things? Have the Parish authorities/Church abdicated their responsibility towards their parishioners? We are also given to understand that Irene Displays have offered to hike the Remuneration from Rs. Seven Lakhs to Rupees Eight and a half Lakhs per month. Parish authorities could have negotiated the matter with them instead of going in for open bidding spontaneously; so that the mighty goliath can hike the bid beyond the capacity of Irene Displays. There is an ulterior motive clearly visible here.

We on behalf of Catholic Community and East Indians in particular, object to this illegal, malicious open bidding process and request it to be kept in abeyance till your arrival. We have already sent you the message on WhatsApp and informed Fr. KE Emmanuel to inform Parish authorities about it in your absence. We are also informing Parish authorities, about our aversion to this open bidding, and postpone it further, through hard copy of this letter.

Enclosing herewith copy of the letter addressed By M/s Irene Displays to the Parish Priest.

We hope the good counsel prevails..




Copy to: Parish Priest: St. Joseph Church. Juhu: Hand delivery through a Parishioner.







  1. March 7, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    A simple solution — obviously the guy in charge ( Parish Priest ) is from the breed of Secular / Diocesan lot — if some substantial moolah was put in to his pocket this mess would not have taken place


  2. Noel Corriea said,

    March 24, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Hello Friends, Thou I am late to comment on it but still feel like commenting on it.
    If you see the Period of holding the contracts is more than 45 years, there are many people in our surrounding whom always analysis other profits and gains.
    An their malicious interest is always supported by the Parish Priest, who thinks as sole trustee they have the powers to change the situations as their will and get carried away by some members with ill-interest.
    Every Parish there are some parishioners who are engaged in some small business and over a period of decades they grow to some level after lots of Hard work and patients and survive all the odds over a period of years, And when the Hay times appear those with greed and gluttony characters cant digest the same.
    Further the bidding amount mentioned there in, shows the nexus of the Parish Priest and the bidder who wants to steal away the lively-hood of the Parishioners.
    I am not sure why almost every odd Parish such issues are cropping now a days and the Parish Priest are the major contributors to the injustice. Is it the Powers and the Authority, which makes them a commercial personality? In Bombay, there are many Parishes, which derive lots of income from Rent of Premises, Hall, Quadrangle, School fees, Donations etc.
    The Parish Priest is the sole bearer of huge cash and Bank Balances, which gives them notion of feeling powerful. Further many a time people fall in their bully blindly, because the respect them unconditionally. Hence it is not just Fr Joe Pereira, but many like him who are become businessmen from Priest and forgotten their ethics.
    Moreover, ordinary laity is taken for a Joy ride at a drop of a Hat.

    Noel Corriea


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