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Noel Corriea is regular follower and contributor to SILENT VOICE. This post relates to Our Lady of Nazareth Church, Bhayander;

OL of Nazareth, Bhayandar

St. Augustine: “He who sings prays twice”.


We in Bhayander, at Our Lady of Nazareth Church do not have this privilege of praying Twice, Cause may be unaffordable to our Parishioners.  On the other hand, maybe the Parishioners do not deserve the same.  I am not sure which of the one is true.


The church has four rows of benches approx 20 to 22 benches in a row, which are around 85 benches.  However, you will be lucky if u find a Hymnal in the bench pocket.  Cause in the whole church there would be hardly 100-150 hymnals are available.  Which serves as 1 – 2 hymnals per bench of eight devotees.


On Sundays, we are reduced to spectators in the church and the issue is not new, it is long pending and the Parish priest is informed of the same. But that does not seem to be his problem.


Again, the hymnals are become old and outdated.  It time for technology,  now a day’s church’s though small but have projectors installed for displays of  Hymns , Readings , and for prays of the faithful.


But in Bhayander these seems to be luxuries and unaffordable  cause the church only makes the turnover of 2 Crores every year which is quite low,  and can’t provide these luxuries.  


 The Parish council also discussed the need of projectors and kneeling pads on the benches but the parish priest does not have the requisite funds, though the church has apprx 2.60 cr in Fixed Deposits and appox 96 lacs in the account balance. (The figures, which are quote, are not bogus but from the church Audit report for the year 2014-2015).


 Hence, the required budget for projector and kneeling pads may require another 5 years. For which we can still wait because we are just a small parish of approx 15,000 – 18,000 parishioners only.


 Where development of the church is at a snail pace. Moreover, those who give suggestion are troublemakers. In addition, parish council members are just suggesting body and  need not be taken seriously.


I remember one of the Parishioner offered to donate the projectors for the church some 2 years ago but the the feasibility for installion is yet to be checked.  Cause everything in bhayander is under minimum 5 year plans policy. And same was the reply given to the PPC last month



God Bless the Parishioners of Our lady of Nazareth parishioners for their patient and tolerance and May the Priest and his team take a leaf out of it and do some constructive job.


Noel Corriea





CC : Cardinal Oswald Gracias , Silent Majority website.


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