Death of Fr. Bismarque; Why are Church Authorities Silent?

Death of Fr. Bismarque has rattled all the Goans. There is a big debate on what could have caused his death. Was it an accident as the authorities are suggesting? Or it was a cold Blooded murder, as his followers are suspecting?

Things are getting murkier by the day. He was a social worker, taking up various issues. He was against Church authorities, disposing off Church Properties and vocal about it. He was defrocked by the Archdiocese for this reason, it is given to understand.

Silence of the Church in the context of his death, has not gone down well with Catholics.

Following Videos should help readers to draw their own conclusion.

Meanwhile, We at SILENT VOICE, Pray for his soul and hope that the truth prevails.

May His Soul Rest in Peace;


Followers of Fr. Bismarque have organised a PEACEFUL BLACK FLAG RALLY to demand justice…

Fr. Bismarque..

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