Christian activist John Dayal threatened: SOUL – Save our Land up against this threat;

I feel threatened and coerced but not frightened, – John Dayal,

Online abuse a reflection of what Christians face, Dayal says.

Christian lay leader and rights activist John Dayal said he has been threatened online after making comments on a social media network linking an arrested school principal to the country’s ruling political party.

Dayal, who is a member of the National Integration Council of India, said he was threatened after posting online comments on his Twitter account about the arrest of a school principal who had been accused of molesting one of his students in Mumbai.

Dayal wrote that the owners of the school were known to be associated with the ruling Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, or Indian people’s party.

In one response to his tweet, Dayal said he was compared to pedophiles and potential rapists. The writer used the hashtag #ShameOnJohnDayal. In another, he was accused of selling his mother. Dayal said some responses tweeted to him included death threats.

“I feel threatened and coerced but not frightened,” said Dayal, who is also a member of’s board of directors and an occasional op-ed contributor.

“I mourn the strangulation of dissent in India, the attempt to foist religious nationalism, to relate and equate patriotism with religion,” added Dayal, who is secretary general of the All India Christian Council and a former president of the All India Catholic Union.

In a complaint filed to police in New Delhi, Dayal stated that he has frequently been the subject of online abuse.

“I regularly receive threats to my life and liberty and live under constant fear,” he said in his statement. “Previously I made complaints to the concerned authorities, however, no action has been taken.”

Dayal said this campaign of abuse has been directed at the broader Christian community.

“There appears to be a deliberate and concerted attempt to prejudice religious harmony and hurt the sentiments of the Christian community and other Indians as well,” he said.

A delegation including the spokesman of the Archdiocese of Delhi was scheduled to meet with the Delhi police commissioner Sept. 14.

Source: UCAN


  1. Noel Corriea said,

    September 15, 2015 at 10:11 pm

    I am shocked that Dolphy Dousza is vouching for a person like John Dayal…who is a Self Proclaimed defender of the Catholics with beating the drums of Americans and living on foreign funds. He sounded disgusting and bias while defending the Yakub Menon case on the TV Channel Debate, and representing the Catholics. It was like putting the catholic to shame and representing Catholics in a bad light. Who gives these people rights to Speak on our community? What is contribution to the society and to the Catholics? He is one more hypocrite who is living on NGO funds.

    Noel Corriea


  2. September 16, 2015 at 7:58 am

    I am not as knowledgeable as Mr. John Dayal –BUT I have seen a few Diwalis in the 73 years GOD has permitted me to be on this planet
    1) The Delhi police like every other arm / branch of the police
    are stooges of the MASTERS currently in power — I have
    thrown an OPEN CHALLENGE to the WHOLE OF INDIA and
    in particular the POLICE to NAME / FIND one SINGLE honest
    cop — and I will start a fund to build an ” AMAR JYOT ” in
    honour of this EXTINCT SPECIES — any takers ???
    2) As a precaution and to create awareness — may I suggest
    that Mr Dayal lodges a formal protest / Complaint with the
    HUMAN RIGHTS’ Commision both in India and at the
    International level — a COPY to the Secretary General of UNITED
    NATIONS would also be appropriate — the world must know
    how Minority Indians are being treated !!!!
    3) A lot of mud slinging is going on about past governments –
    BUT — INDIA did not expect /and VOTE FOR an EMPEROR
    like dictator — ONLY GOD KNOWS at what will be stooped to

    4) The new Sedition Law which is in the offing is an attempt to
    legalise persecution and dissent
    5) Despite all the horrible realities that plague everyday life in
    India — many still seem to be in a state of HYPNOSIS / UNDER
    a euphoric spell — which the blitzkreig election campaign shouted
    from the rooftops and paid for media advertisements have planted
    in the subconscious — the main being the BLUFF / PROMISE
    of Rs.15 lakhs in to each Indian’s bank account within 100 days
    6) My personal best wishes to you Mr DAYAL !!!!


  3. September 16, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    while agreeging with noel and Fergus I at st joseph church at mira road would like to tell them that satan has entered the church itself because after so many times approaching the heichracy and they don’t have time that has resulted to people who are disgruntled have started a novice way of sending wreaths and threatening letters to the concerned parishioners like Robert Austin Michael is the cardinal lestining
    and the police


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