In a first, Vatican to try ex-envoy for paedophilia

Jun 16 2015 : The Times of India (Mumbai)
Vatican City:
The Vatican’s former ambassador to the Dominican Republichas been indicted on charges he sexually abused young boys in the Caribbean country and had child pornography on his computer and will stand trial next month in a Vatican court.The trial, due to start on July 11, will be the first on such charges inside the tiny city-state that is the headquarters of the 1.2 billionmember Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See recalledWesolowski in 2013 after rumors surfaced in Santo Domingo that he allegedly paid shoeshine boys to masturbate.Wesolowski has since been defrocked and placed under modified house arrest inside Vatican City pending a decision by the Vatican criminal court on whether to indict him.That decision came on June 6, when the Vatican prosecutor asked the head of the Vatican City State tribunal to indict him. Polishborn Wesolowski was an ambassador of the Holy See -a direct representative of the pope and not just one of the world’s 440,000 priests -and had been ordained both a priest and a bishop by St John Paul II. Last year, a Ho y See tribunal found him guilty under canon law of abusing young boys and de rocked him, the harshest sentence under church law hat can be meted out.

Now, the case goes to the Vatican’s criminal courts, which can impose jail time if he is found guilty.

As a papal diplomat and citizen of the Vatican City State, Wesolowski is also subject to the jurisdiction of the Vatican City State, which in 2013 updated its laws to specifically criminalize possession of child pornography as well. AP

Sex abuse cover-up? 2 US bishops quit

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of two US bishops accused of failing to respond appropriately to allegations of sex abuse against a priest in the diocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, the Vatican announced on Monday. Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt and auxiliary bishop Lee Anthony Piche resigned after the diocese was charged of failing to protect minors in relation to a parish priest jailed for child abuse. AFP

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