Do thy Duty, See Not the Fruit…The Fruit follows at appropriate TIME;








It has always been my thinking, what you see in the title of this post. I have been performing my duty, whatever it is, as a task assigned by Lord Almighty. Compliments have been coming my way every now and then, which are posted sometimes on SILENT VOICE.

However, this one has come out of the blue, therefore it is equally valuable to me. It has come on the day, when Novena to our Patron Saint, St. Anthony, begins today.  Benwen is regular follower of SILENT VOICE; and at times he has been critical about me. But this is a sweet one. He knows what he is talking about. I thank him from the bottom of my Heart.





Dear Greg,

              I want to express my congratulations to you, because I learned about the decision of the Archdiocese to cease powers of Sole Trustees. I had observed you alone had personally mooted this proposal to Cardinal Oswald Gracias some years ago and it has now borne fruit.  It was a much needed move by the Archdiocese, and there will be more clarity and transparency in the future. And FULL CREDIT goes to you alone.
Unfortunately, some splinter “catholic” groups have been barking about it and are staking claim for the success of this initiative, but all media hungry maniacs will always want their 15 minute fame, and for every good move that the Archdiocese progresses in, they stake claim for initiating that move.
I have purposely sent a copy of this email to a number of individuals so that the right message is passed across, inspite of the media space buy-out. As they now say there are a lot of presstitutes in the media industry, who are hungry for such stories…hence its very easy to get such a story published, in order to gain fame.
But let your light shine and may you continue to do the good work for the betterment of our community.
In Christ,
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