“Only when the BJP comes into power will they persecute the Christians and the true Church in India will be born”: Late Fr. George Soares; Sj

Dr (Sr) Mudita Menona Sodder RSCJ is not unknown to the readers of SILENT VOICE and she is regular contributor too. In this brief note, she has expressed her views, similar to most of the right thinking Christians have on their minds today.


Sr. Mudita & Donkey

Thank you dear Greg for raising pertinent questions. In this Holy season of lent, we must forgive as Christ our Guru would forgive. I remember with nostalgia the Late Fr George Soares SJ’s words way back in 1985- “Vote for the BJP”. We his students at JDV, Pune thought it was a joke. It wasn’t. He reiterated, “Only when the BJP come into power will they persecute the Christians and the true church in India will be born”. How True!

We are in for persecution. Let us pray for the grace to stand by our faith under all circumstances. This is what my faith has taught me.

However, I am also a citizen of secular India and I love my beloved country and all the stalwarts who have gone before me who lived secularism to the core and promoted it to the hilt e.g. Shivaji Maharaj was not against any religion. Hindus went to Sufi Darbars, while Muslim singers sang praises to Hindu deities. All lived in peace and harmony-Vasudhaiva kutumbakam- the whole world is one big family. If they could do it, why not we? we cannot let our GREAT country go to the dogs! If pushed to the wall, we Christians too may have to resort to some extreme steps e.g. closing down all Christian institutions – schools, colleges, hospitals etc. indefinitely, until justice is meted out to us too. Dear Prime Minister Mr Modi are you listening?

Dr (Sr) Mudita Menona Sodder RSCJ


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