Bishops ask Modi to urgently intervene to save secular India


Christians in India Voted Narendra Modi to power for Corruption Free Good Governance. Was it the mistake, to take his assurances at Face Value?  …..His Silence over current happenings in the country, make us Believe so……..GREG

The Christians of this country need assurance from the Government that we are protected and secure and safe in our motherland.

CBCI center in New Delhi.

New Delhi: 

Officials of the Indian bishops in a special consultation have asked Indian Prime Minister Narendara Modi to urgently intervene and stop activities that challenge nation’s secular nature.

They urged Modi “to urgently intervene and take appropriate action to stop incidents that pose big threat to the unity of this secular nation,” said a press release from Indian Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

Cardinal Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, president of the conference, presided over the special consultation on Monday in New Delhi.

Cardinals Oswald Gracias, Telesphore Toppo and George Alencherry also attended it along with CBCI Office-Bearers, representatives of Conference of Religious, laity youth and women.

The unfortunate incidents that happened in the past few months in various parts of our country have hurt the sentiments of the Christian community, said the press release referring to several cases of attacks against Christians and churches in India.

Such events have “shaken the faith in the secular fabric of our nation. The shocking incidents that have taken place against Churches, clergy and laity in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have caused great concern for the Christian community,” it said.

The recent controversies in the name of religious reconversions portray a negative image about India. Communal polarization and the bid to homogenize India are posing threat to all minorities – women, dalits, and all linguistic, cultural and religious minorities, it said.

The reconversion programs of Hindu hardline organizations called Ghar Wapsi programmes, the saffranisation of education and culture, and the demands for a Hindu Rashtra are challenging to the secular ethos of our beloved country.

“The Christians of this country need assurance from the Government that we are protected and secure and safe in our motherland. We express our strong concern on the aforementioned issues,” said the press release signed by Conference’s Deputy Secretary General Fr. Joseph Chinnayyan.

“Putting an end to such dangerous tendencies is inevitable for the growth and progress of our great nation,” said asserting Christian recommitment “for the progress and development of our nation.”

Source: Press Release



  1. Isaac Gomes said,

    January 25, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    The CBCI deserves compliments for having the courage and conviction to urge Mr Narendra Modi to urgently intervene and stop activities that challenge nation’s secular nature. Such statements are intended to keep the government on the path of genuine secularism.

    Since the dawn of civilization, India is known to assimilate other cultures and religions and it should be allowed to carry on doing so to enrich itself instead of imposition of “Majoritarianism”, a political agenda which asserts that a majority (In India’s case categorized by religion) of the population has the right to make unilateral decisions that affect the society.

    The Indian Church on its part, before advising the government, should set its own house in order by embedding TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY in each diocese and in each parish. An expert-checked system of proper checks and balances (as is being done by our Pope for Vatican Bank) should be instituted in each parish (through experts and not amateurs, as is being done by the Pope). All receipts including overseas (FCRA Account) and payments should be accounted for through Parish Finance Committees (PFCs) of each parish and consequently in each Diocese.

    truthfulness and honesty as taught in catechism classes and preached in Sunday sermons cannot be expected if the Church itself is not transparent in all its dealings. It should be more of a habit – of emptying oneself as Jesus did – rather than compliance with the rule book. Talking of rules, with increasing applicability of RTI, soon the Church too will come under it.

    Church officials need to be trained in public relationship and social communications. Church institutions should have qualified and professional PROs who know how to face the camera; how to deal with the public and give Press Interviews, without saying “No Comments” or “Off the record”. If the PROs are priests and nuns, they too should undergo training courses, particularly in Crisis Management. Every attempt should be made to unearth smouldering crises and solve it early instead of sweeping them under the carpet.

    Most importantly Church Officials should be polite and people-friendly – instead of behaving as Corporate Honchos. To start with CBCI Deputy Secretary General and Spokesperson Fr. Joseph Chinnayyan himself has much to improve in his communication skills, particularly with his own fellow-priests.

    The President of India, as the Head of the Executive, should be kept abreast of minority concerns. It would have been better if CBCI had roped in representatives of other Minority Communities and presented a united front instead of harping on only Christian concerns. This approach weakens the movement and allows the government to create a division among other minority communities.

    Isaac Gomes
    ICPA – Kolkata


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