Autocratic behaviour of Parish authorities….

You may wonder, what is new in the Title of this post. We agree with you, nothing is new in the title. New thing is, a parishioner publicly questioning the Parish authorities on social networking site is heartening. This post is related to St. John the Evangelist Church, Marol. A young Parishioner has raised some pertinent questions. Obviously, he has chosen a social networking site to express his anguish because of the reason he has mentioned in his query below….

Yours truly also has been blocked from joining the FB page of this Parish, Just because SV was sharing posts, the negative ones, on the page… that the young man has provided the opening, Detailed post related to this autocratic attitude of Admin of the page will be published separately on SILENT VOICE shortly, 



St. Johns the Evangelist Church, Marol





This is a straight question as a parishioner of Marol and I am sure many of you from Marol would like to know about the same:

  1. From when did the name Johanian Fiesta change to johanian carnival..????
  2. This get together is always been held in the month of December starting from the day of our church feast.. Then why change of dates…????

3.was this discussed in the PPC meeting or has the priest taken their own decesion… ????

  1. Why all the days have musicals???is this organised for an individual interest or keeping in mind what the entire parish of Marol wants ????

I do not hope to get any reply to this post but I am sure that by reading this you guys will start thinking about our past that we had in the parish of Marol..I had posted the same on the parish Facebook page but the admin did not approve of the post…wonder what are they scared of….

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