“Making of Mumbai”: By Fr. Benny Aguiar;


The book is the result of long research on a number of sources.

About The Author

Fr Benny Aguiar is a household name for his long and sustained stint as the editor of the ‘Examiner’ and for making it a national Catholic periodical. He has been contributing to the “London Tablet” and foreign periodicals like “Mouth” and “National Catholic Reporter”. His biography of Pope John Paul II, published on the eve of the Holy father’s visit to India received wide acclaim.Fr Benny has contributed a chapter on the impact of the Vatican Council in South Asia to “Modern Catholicism”, a book edited by Adrian Hastings.As President of the Indian Catholic Press Association(ICPA) and SACPA(South Asia Catholic Press Association) he has shown his mettle as an organizer and leader at the International level.The list of his publications includes:Indira Gandhi-A Political Biography(1966-1984) and Rajiv Ghandhi-The Fight of the Scion, Down the Arches of the Years-A Selection of his writings(ST PAULS) and Jesus is Lord-Reflections on the Life and Death of Jesus(ST PAULS).

 Book, the Making of Mumbai

Mumbai:A senior Catholic priest of Mumbai archdiocese has come up with a book highlighting the life of the Catholic

community in India’s commercial capital Mumbai since the pre-Portuguese times.

Father Benny Aguiar, former editor of Examiner Weekly, has written the coffee-table book, titled “The Making of Mumbai.” It shows Catholic life during the pre-Portuguese, Portuguese, the Maratha and the British periods.

With the help of pictures the book explains how for over thousand years Mumbai was an insignificant island off the Western coast of India when places like Kalyan, Sopara and Thane were flourishing centers with their own kingdoms.

This book is focused in on the Catholic past of Mumbai.

In the 1700, a conflict within the Portuguese rulers of Bombay caused a deep division in the Catholic community. This division arose between Padroadists and Propagandists. The book delves into the evolution of the Catholic community in Bombay.

It explains when and where the first Churches were built or renovated, and how the transition from one period to another happened. The transition from Portuguese to English to Maratha led to a decline and then to a revival and formation of a vibrant Catholic Community.

According to Father Aguiar the book is the result of long research on a number of sources, and many have contributed to it.

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