Fire in Delhi church crib, management says arson attempt

Such minor incidents seem to have increased in recent times. Is is a ploy to instill fear in the minds of peace loving Christian Community?…GREG.

The fire was noticed around 8 a.m. Saturday after morning prayers.

New Delhi: 
A minor fire broke out Saturday in the Christmas crib at a church due to a short circuit in the decorative lights, police said. The church management, however, said it was an arson attempt.

The fire was noticed around 8 a.m. after morning prayers inside the church in Rohini area of northwest Delhi.

Police suspect that the fire was caused due to a spark in the lights used to decorate the tableau, which the church management was to remove in a few days.

“After the prayers, a church employee noticed the burnt statues and other decorative materials in the crib arranged near the boundary wall of the church,” said a member of the church management.

Savari Muthu Sankar, spokesman for the Delhi archdiocese, alleged that it was an arson attempt.

“It seems somebody poured some chemical on the crib from outside the church and set it on fire. All the statues were burnt. It was a failed attempt at arson in the whole church,” Shankar told IANS.

The authorities immediately informed police but they declared it was due to a short circuit without a proper investigation, he said.

“There was rain the whole night and the crib was wet. How could a short circuit cause the fire,” John Dayal, former president of the All India Catholic Union, told IANS.

The church authorities did not inform the fire service as it was not a major blaze, police said.

On Dec 1, the St. Sebastian Catholic Church in east Delhi’s Dilshad Garden was gutted in an attack by unidentified assailants. A day after the incident, at least 1,000 people protested outside the Delhi Police headquarters demanding a probe.

Police later formed a special investigation team to probe the matter.

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  1. OM PEOPLE said,

    January 9, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    Evangelism and Proselytisation and conversion/re-conversion are not the monopoly of christians and muslims. Hinduism also adopted this many times in history. Adishankara ,the original prophet of modern hinduism proselytised people to hinduism by travelling length and breadth of the country when people were lured by islam. Swami Vivekananda spread Hinduism world over in Christian and muslim countries as well after his famous speech in America. Chhatrapati Shivaji re-converted his soldiers to Hinduism after he won the war , who were earlier captured by Moghul army and forcibly converted to islam by Aurangazeb. ISKON is regularly converting foreigners of Christian and muslim descent to Hinduism in USA, Russia and other European countries . Even during Ramayan , Lord Shri Ram proselytised danavas to sanatan dharma after the death of Ravana who were forcibly converted to danava religion by Ravana. Likewise,during Mahabharat , Lord Krishna proselytised captured Rajas to hinduism who were in the custody of Danava King Jarasangh who were forcibly converted those captured Rajas to his danava religion. There were no castes during Ramayan and Mahabharat.There were only professions and vocations. It was also confirmed that after Moghuls conquered India , some higher castes were downgraded in the hierarchy to do menial jobs , so that works are carried out. Hence the present day dalits and OBCs were actually upper castes around 6 centuries ago .Hence it supports my argument that there were no upper caste and lower caste around 2000 years ago.The present day hindutva should imbibe these revolutionary ideals , come out of the shackles of caste conflict, untouchability, orthodox & obnoxious religious practices and go for modern English education and science and finally do the journey in the path of one religion, one people, one nation and one God , that is , Lord Shri Ram principle.


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