Do Christians need to be Proactive than to remain Passive?

This reaction of mine has come from what we are hearing from the masses in various forums, Social Networks ETC. We threfore, decided to take the Bull by its Horn because unless you confront the Hierarchy they will feign ignorance.

It is pathetic to note that while people in other cities are holding demonstrations against burning of the Church, our Archbishop is so passive about the happening. Doesn’t this amount similar to the phrase,’ Nero was Fiddling while Rome was Burning”? We hope to bring the Hierarchy out from Slumber and lead this agitation from front, for entire Country to follow.

As Ms. Dominica Dabre, one of the fire brand Speaker at 15th, Match Rally at Azad Maidan said, ” You slap us on one Cheek, we shall offer you the other one, if you slap us on the second one, which you have done; now we do not have a third Cheek. So only option left for us, is to oppose your actions”; so let us all together start opposing the actions by the fanatics and tell the Powers that be, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….


Cardinal Oswald Gracias 1




Constituted under Para 29 of Christifideles Laici

(Post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation of H.H.Late Pope John Paul-II)


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(Archdiocese of Bombay)

12th, December 2014;


Most Rev. Cardinal Oswald Gracias,

Archbishop of Bombay;

Your Eminence,

Sub:    Burning of St. Sebastian’s Church, by Miscreants, in Delhi;

The Catholic Community all over the Country has been disturbed by this incident. There have been protests organized in the capital and other parts of the country, by troubled Christian community. The matter also resonated in Parliament (Rajya Sabha).

Archbishop of Delhi, Kuriakose Bharanikulangara suspected it to be sabotage and has issued a statement to that effect. He also stated that, “All Christian communities are aggrieved over this incident,” which is obvious.

Your Eminence, this is not the one off kind of incident that can be forgotten with passage of time. There was another incident of pelting of stone at Our Lady of Fatima Church, during an evening mass, within a week from the earlier incident. Obviously, the miscreants have been emboldened by their peers sitting at the helm. There are other incidents occurring at various places, by stooges of the people in power and all are targeted at minorities. This was seen coming, and has not surprised the community at all. The community has begun to fear, expecting more of such incidents, which could serious in nature.

What has surprised the community is your silence on the subject matter. Your silence is being questioned on social media. Being one of the prominent Archdioceses in the Country, the Community expects reaction from you; at least, a statement condemning the dastardly act, which could be read in all the Churches. We are not sure, if it has been done. However, issuing mere statement is not enough. What is necessary at this juncture is to galvanize the Community to protest, the SILENT PROTEST, for which the community is known for, in order to attract attention of the powers that be and to let them know that Christian Community is not going to take it lying down any more. Offering another cheek, as LORD JESUS CHRIST has said, does not apply in this world, full of fanatics. We have already offered our second cheek; fortunately, we do not have a third one; so in order to survive, under the country’s Constitution, we need to make our voice heard. We need to send a strong message to the Powers that be that we can also resist. Unfortunately, the Christians are brainwashed into reacting only to the word coming from the Sacred Pulpit, which in this case has not come yet.

Church aided organization, the Bombay Catholic Sabha (BCS), who is supposed to take up such issues is defunct. Therefore, nothing can be expected out of it. However, there is another Organization, which has been taking up matters of injustice to the community. Of course, it is not recognized by Church as an ecclesial body, nevertheless it works for Good of the Church. In recent past, it organized a Rally at Azad Maidan, protesting against illegal Land Acquisition Notice against a Church; gathering around TEN THOUSAND Catholics from all over Archdiocese, despite lack of support from Parish authorities, baring few. It is the SOUL – Save Our Land Committee, under the able leadership of Fr. Austin Norris, the Dynamic Parish Priest of St. Anthony’s Church Malwani; keeping the authorities at bay, from acquiring the Church Land in unjust manner.

SOUL is capable of organizing a Protest Rally against any injustice to the community and will not hesitate to take up this issue, if approached to do so. Of Course, it can take it up on its own, but looking back at past experience i. e. lack of support from Church, it may hesitate to do so.

Your Eminence, enough of homilies on Spirituality and heavenly life, which can continue; but situation on this earthly heaven needs to be prevented from being converted into hell on earth.

We also would like to dray your attention to media report (TOI – 12/12/2014), under Caption, “NGO fighting illegal shrines to now approach SC against classification”. This is related to HOLY CROSSES lining streets of Mumbai, among others. If you remember, we have been following up this matter and alerting you, time and again, to take these symbols of our faith under the wing. It seems Church authorities are unconcern about it. (Our Letters dated, 8th, June, 2014 and 26th, July, 2014); Your Eminence, with change of guard at helm in both places, these things are bound to continue. It is therefore, about time the community changes its stance from PASSIVE TO PROACTIVE.

Think over it; your flock is eagerly looking forward to you, to lead them out from wilderness of uncertainty.



Copy to:  SOUL – Save Our Land Committee;




I fully endorse your views Mr Greg. The Church today is not what we call is a universal Church, it has become like a divided family but into parishes. Otherwise why the Clergy/Bishops/Deans are not interested in visiting and knowing/studying the problems  st. Anthony’s Malwani so that they are better equipped to tell the faithfuls in the entire diocese of Bombay and make one community issue? Even the neibhouring parish priests have no time to visit this parish even out of curiosity to strengthen the hands of Malwani PP and we say ” we are one family in Jesus Christ” and you fight your own battle. If you die in the name of Christ, we will declare you as a martyr and attend your funeral. Sooner or later the same type of issues will be faced by other churches all over India if the current trend continues, why then can’t treat Malwani issue as a study matter for the young seminarians?
Where is BCS leadership? They too failed the community.  For everything they need the permission of the AD even for J & K relief. Don’t we trust our own organisations which are meant for human betterment? Don’t we have the freedom to function as an organisation?  what is the mission of BCS?  Just organise dance and photoshot opportunities?
The less educated members of the community always depend on religious hierarchy to get some advise on survival in addition to prayer but many a times Bishops just come to celebrate annual feast mass and say few hellows here & there and run away. This way how do we expect young people to get motivated from the religious & their homilies?
My humble request to the hierarchy is : Act fast before we too become like Europe & US
Alex D’Mello


  1. December 13, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Hello, This is the game our dear cardinal Oswald Gracias has been playing. First he was all for the congress and pledges catholic votes to them, when he found the ship sinking, he slowly turned on to development, that is the BJP slogan. He is a master politician and we the laity are being used as pawns. Mark my word, he or his three wise men will never come out and stand for the community, like is being done elsewhere in India. Shame on him and the administration. Shame Shame.


  2. December 13, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Dear Friends,

    The above link does show a response by Father-Archbishop Gracias to the incident.

    However I do agree with you that instead of spending time attending programs like silver/ golden jubilees, inaugurations etc. the issues related to the poor need to be given attention concretely. Very often there is some small function or Mass organized for the poor & marginalized, it is advertised in the Examiner etc. but concretely it makes no difference to those who suffer. It is just one moment of attention in their life-time of suffering.

    The Institutes are capable of taking care of themselves and their image. They don’t need VIPs to advertise for them. But the poor and those who suffer from persecution for their faith need a Father. They cannot be left as if they are orphans.

    If someone belonging to an Institute suffers from a scratch for whatever reasons, their suffering is publicized & they are glorified as martyrs. But if poor or marginalized members of the Church are killed for the faith, they may or may not be counted in the statistics. If they are counted they remain nameless and of course without rich benefactors their cause may not even be taken up for sainthood.

    Even if you are never proclaimed saints, your love for Christ & the Church is valuable in God’s eyes. Keep it up!

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