Stone thrown at another Delhi Church, during evening mass;

A church official said the glass window beside altar was broken and pieces of the stone fell on the altar.

File photo–Inauguration of Our Lady of Fatima church in Jasola in 2010.

New Delhi: 
Less than a week after a fire incident was reported at a church in east Delhi’s, another church in southeast Delhi was reported that miscreants had thrown a stone inside the building on Saturday evening.

The stone damaged a window, church authorities said.

The incident happened at 6pm when evening mass was being held at Our Lady of Fatima church in Jasola.

A church official said the glass window beside altar was broken and pieces of the stone fell on the altar.

The church authorities alerted police immediately after the incident.

A team led by DCP Mandeep Singh Randhwa, along with a team by Sarita Vihar SHO Maninder Singh, reached the spot immediately to investigate into the incident.

Police said they were taking the incident very seriously especially after concerns about safety of churches across the city were raised by the community.

Joseph, a member of youth committee of the church, said, after the fire incident in Dilshad Garden church, “we feel really threatened.”

A case of mischief was registered against unknown persons, a police officer said.

Source: Times of India

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  1. dmelloalex said,

    December 8, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    We have not been educated about RSS activities, those who talk about it are treated as fools and shouted at and we talk only about prayers and say more attacks will make us stronger. Prayer and attack are two separate things. Prayer is a conversation between the almighty and our soul and therefore is not connected with any outside attack.

    We always think that only Muslims are the targets. Nobody raised their voice except Fr Cedric when Gujarat progrom has taken place. The fascist forces of this country are very much emboldened ever since BJP came into power. Every one knows that RSS is the parent body of BJP doesn’t believe in plurality, Indian flag & Constitution. In fact during the freedom movement they have discouraged people from joining it saying not to waste our time & energy in fighting the British, instead fight the enemy within, i.e. Christians & Muslims”. MR M S Golwalkar, in his book “we the nationhood is defined” has advocated that Muslims and Christians cannot ask for equal citizenship, if they want to stay in India they should remain as 2nd class citizens

    Did we understood the designs of the RSS and Bajrang Dal during the last few years? So many attacks have taken place in Karnataka on holy places still we have not secured our properties, anyone can walk in during the night and do as they wish. Because there is no sentry, no CCTV, no dog to bark, No fence or wall. Why this happen, does the community have no funds? Vast properties are just left unattended, looks like abandoned? Priests think that he doesn’t want to get involved and the laity think that it’s priests’ job. Lot of properties have already slipped out of our hands and more are waiting to go?


  2. December 10, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    Expect NO action from Delhi police — remember the Delhi police are UNDER the Central Government —- RSS ????


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