Laity Speaks on : People will forgive a weak priest, but not a greedy one: Pope Francis

People will forgive a weak priest, but not a greedy one: Pope Francis

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Pope Francis

  1. November 22, 2014 at 11:58 pm · Edit

    If you type ‘Mira Road’ in the ‘search box’ or ( ),
    you will realize the effort that is gone for the past 3 plus years in exposing the greed, corruption, cheating (the Law of the land, parishioners and Archdiocese), embezzlement of funds by the Carmelite priests here in St. Joseph Church, Mira Road. The involvement of some of the office bearers of the PPC and the Finance Committee members stands thoroughly exposed.
    The Financial Statement for the year 2013-14 which is supposed to be submitted to the Charity Commissioner by 30th September 2014, has not yet been submitted and as per the confession of the Auditor’ only TDS has been paid. According to him such delaying tactics are adopted when finances are not handled properly.
    We have been silent for a while since April this year. We wanted financial clarifications from the previous parish priest Fr. Dominic Vas OCD, after we found lots of financial irregularities in the Audit statements submitted to the Office of the Charity Commissioner for the years 2009-10; 10-11; 11-12 and later after much effort 2012-13 from the present Parish Priest. We got the statements through RTI from the Office of the Charity Commissioner, Thane. Fr. Dominic Vas not only dodged us and ran away without answering us but by the end of May all the priests (5 of them) of the parish but one, were transferred. The Provincial claiming it as a routine transfer is understandable. The happenings of the last week of May 2014 will be revealed in another installment which will come soon.
    Monies running into lakhs and lakhs of rupees remain unaccounted and untraceable and this has been authenticated by the statement given by the Auditor, Mr. V.N. Khandekar in his remarks. The copy of the same has been procured by us from the present Parish Priest. We are awaiting more information (if given) which will expose their misdeeds in much greater depth and detail. We have given a notice period of 15 days failing which, we will be forced to approach the Charity Commissioner and Income Tax authorities. We have informed the Archbishop of our decision to approach the Charity Commissioner.

    So now, what do we make of this and what is the role of the Archdiocesan authorities in all this?
    Before I answer and which refers to the homily of Pope Francis in which he mentions that two things cannot be forgiven:
    1. A priest attached to money
    2. A priest who mistreats people.
    What the earlier PP has done is much more than this. You can see the letter in Mira Road section, which was given to Oswald Cardinal Gracias on 13th Jan 2014, summing up the contents of the discussion at the meeting with him on 3rd Jan 2014. The letter to him asking for his appointment on urgent matters facing our parish was given to him on 26 July 2013, (a full 5+months for just a meeting). We wished the authorities had intervened earlier when we approached the Dean giving him a letter dated 7th March 2013.
    It’s sad and frustrating and disappointing, the response (or the lack of it) from the Archdiocesan authorities. They haven’t kept a single promise made to us to deal with the issues. Of course some changes have taken place but these are peanuts in comparison to the much more serious issues. This is more painful and goes to show the attitude and the importance given to the Laity. Designing programs and holding discussions is good but when the same agreements’ coming out of this discussions are violated and when we approach them for redressal our experience is far far from good.
    So many questions come to mind when things so serious in nature are not addressed quickly even when evidence is so stark and visible. Then the parishioners who come knocking on the door for justice are made to run from one office to the other only goes to show how much we are ‘made in the image and likeness of God’. This sentence from the pulpit sounds good to the ears but means nothing. We wonder, what is the difference between the church and other corrupt systems that we face every day? Or are these people hand in gloves to protect their clan? It seems so, for us from our experience; after all our pleas have fallen on deaf ears so far.
    If there is slightest iota of respect and obedience to the Bishop of Rome from the authorities, we have not witnessed it so far. Otherwise situations would not have come thus far. Much more muck is on the way……
    We don’t deserve this! My sincere appeal to the Archdiocesan authorities: For Papa Francis’ sake, please shift them on top of Mt. Carmel. This is better than the prescription meted out by Jesus, “….better be thrown into the sea”


  2. November 23, 2014 at 4:52 am · Edit

    I sincerely hope ALL the secular/diocesan clergy in India have not only heard but understand what the Pope has said — As I keep saying this fatal & deadly disease / epidemic we have in our Catholic clergy system must be abolished immediately — these clergy are a terrible shame to all those who believe in JESUS CHRIST and HIS teachings.
    I would really like to see even ONE of this ilk who is truly a shepherd in life — I do not think anyone of us can even find one.

    November 23, 2014 at 12:06 pm · Edit

    My dear friends it is useless pleading to the the deaf dumb and blind hierarchy of the church in mumbai. its better to seek justice from the law of the land. GOD is really with us as time is passing by more and more skeletons are coming out of the cupboard. PRAISE AND THANK GOD.

    November 24, 2014 at 8:24 am · Edit

    Robert, unfortunate part is pope is in opinion of many as in all corporate is symbolic to lay followers & amp; kept in place of disciple PETER. But institution of church is not controlled by him & amp; totally controlled by most corrupt charity on planet by roman curia (based on sicilian/malta methodology) whose founder is paul(saul) & not any disciple of jesus. instead saul was jewish noble in ROMAN EMPIRE of those days & switched over his loyalty to JESUS TEACHINGS for questionable reasons…!???

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  1. November 26, 2014 at 10:12 am

    Its indeed good that Pope Francis has realised that there are greedy ones in the clergy. In most cases those selected to form the financial committee are the ones in his inner circle. They do the dirty job, of course for some of the crumbs that fall from the table. Often these stooges in the financial committee dont even know simple addition, yet there are used well. Its been a long long time that we the laity have been taken for a jolly ride, we are asked to PAY, PRAY and OBEY. This must end. there needs to be accountability in the finances and assets of our Catholic church and we the laity must ensure it happens.


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