Card. Gracias: In India, unborn females are more likely to be aborted

Cardinal Oswald Gracias is representing India in the Synod on the family.


One of the most serious problems in the country is femicide. When pregnant women find out they’re having a girl, some choose to have an abortion, because it’s more expensive to marry off a girl. In some regions it’s estimated that there are only 300 women for every 1000 men.
Archbishop of Mumbai (India)
“The parents of the girl have got to give a big gift, an expensive gift to the family of the boy. They would have an abortion if they knew it was a girl. The government doesn’t allow people to find out what the sex of the child is.”
It’s a major challenge in the country, but it’s not the only one. Other complicated issues are also being addressed by the Church in India.
Archbishop of Mumbai (India)
“Bombay is the city of the films; Bollywood is there. So many girls are told,  ‘I will give you a role as an actress in Bollywood.’ They believe it, they run away from home, they are brought over there and then they are taken as prostitutes. There are many cases.”
Religious co-existence is also a reality in the country. About 80 percent of the population is Hindu, and it’s not uncommon for Catholics to marry outside their religion.
Archbishop of Mumbai (India)
“I know of some cases, very good friends of mine. The husband was a Hindu,  he was a business man, and the wife was a very committed Catholic. And she was very interested in having courses of Theology and the husband was helping her, to prepare the notes, to study the notes.  He used to attend to give tea to the people and to be a host.  I myself have given lectures in that particular place and he was a very nice man. I can tell you that after about 10 years or so after listening to all these courses, he asked to be a Catholic.”
While challenges differ per continent and even country, the Church in India is hoping that concrete solutions will come from the Synod.


  1. October 17, 2014 at 11:57 am

    Surprise– Surprise — surprise Goodness gracias he seems to know what he is talking about— but BLIND DEAF AND DUMB about all the actual ” GOCCHI that is going on in the Archdiocese of Bombay- land scams secular/diocesan clergy amassing great personal wealth — only a few of the travesties of justice in his raj !!!!


    • Noel Corriea said,

      October 21, 2014 at 9:37 am

      I think it is time for the Cardinal to have a reality check, cause looks like he living in wonderland, where things look pink and rosy. He is not aware of the issue and problem, related to Ordinary catholic how they go through their life, day in day out to make ends meet. There are problems of Housing where in two to three families are cramped in small rooms. Jobs are become difficult or only opted for call centers. Poverty and various social issues which I think as a leader he should feel concern about, but he is more worried about the people who come to bollywood to make their career.

      Hope the clergy come out of the comfort zone and take a look in the streets of the Gavthans which are deliberately ignored by the Arch Diocese. For Catholics in Mumbai there is no hope of ray which they could find at end of the tunnel because of the ignorant and ill-bred approach of Arch Diocese. Only the collection in the church is timely accounted to benefits everyone other then Catholics.

      Does the Arch Diocese have the guts to come out a debate on the various issues and make themselves aware of the situation?

      Noel Corriea


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