MAHARASHTRA SWARAJ PARTY’S Relevance in the context of Shift of Church in Mumbai, from SECULARISM To GOOD GOVERNANCE: Will Christians Change their stand too?

Elections for Maharashtra Assembly are round the corner and media is abuzz with stories; some credible ones and others not so credible. Combinations are mending and Combinations are bending and breaking. Parties are backing out and new ones are coming on the Horizon. It is not so news worthy because these things do keep happening during elections.


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What is news worthy at this juncture is formation of new Political Outfit, MAHARASHTRA SWARAJ PARTY (MSP). News worthiness of MSP can be gauged by the misunderstanding that is being spread in the Print Media as well as on social Media that the Party is only for Christians and particularly EAST INDIANS,  which is not true. By default, the activist who have been instrumental in creation of MSP are Christians, the community that has been left in the lurch by mainstream Political Parties just because their  numbers do not count. The CONGRESS,  for whom the community traditionally  been voting since independence, believing  in its SECULAR credentials has not remained secular any more. Besides, it has used the community’s votes to come to power and abused them by not allowing  a Political space in mainstream Politics.

Community  now, has woken up to this fact and  has decided to carve a space into politics  with formation of MAHARASHTRA SWARAJ PARTY. Community members now need to realise that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are not going to live in the shadow of any party anymore but have our own MSP..Though it is floated by Christians, Members of other communities, Majority or minority, who are fed up with present state of political affairs and looking for Change are welcome..Therefore, please remove misconception from your mind that MSP is for Christians only.

Since MSP is still not registered as Political Party, its Candidates will be contesting as Independants; supported by MAHARASHTRA SWARAJ PARTY (MSP)… WE CALL UPON MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY, irrespective of their regional allegiances. Goans, Mangalorians, East Indians, Tamil, Keralites including other Minorities who have a feeling of being left out and being denied of Political space are requested to VOTE for the  INDEPEDANT CANDIDATE SUPPORTED BY MAHARASHTRA SWARAJ PARTY (MSP) and help bring in much desired change.

Even the Church has now deviated from its usual norm of  asking community members to vote for SECULAR OUTFIT. Church is now asking to Vote for GOOD GOVERNANCE, as per following media report. We have all seen, what kind of Good Governance these Parties have given us all these years…



whichever party or candidate people choose to vote for, I exhort them to cast their vote.

Cardinal Gracias (Photo courtesy: gettyimages)


Cardinal Oswald Gracias, the archbishop of Mumbai, says he want catholics in Maharashtra to vote for “good governance” in the upcoming state elections.

“We will appeal to voters to vote for good governance. India, and Mumbai of course, needs a government that promises inclusive growth, one that takes care of everybody,” the cardinal told Times of India.
“Yet, whichever party or candidate people choose to vote for, I exhort them to cast their vote,” Cardinal Gracias said.

Catholics have traditionally supported Congress party and Church leaders have in earlier occasions urged to vote for a secular party, which media interpreted as veiled support for Congress.

The Cardinal’s call to vote for good governance is also seen as deviation from the traditional path as the Catholics in the city have taken firm political decisions, including to contest the polls as independent candidates.

East Indian community in the city has announced plans to contest the forthcoming assembly elections. Although they have formed a political party of their own named Maharashtra Swaraj Party (MSP) a few days ago, they will have to fight as independent candidates because the new outfit is yet to be registered, Times of India reported.

Civic activist Ashish Fernandes will contest from Dahisar while Andheri (East) will see Jancy Varghese join the fight. Prominent advocate Godfrey Pimenta, who is the trustee of the Watchdog Foundation, will stand from Vile Parle and his counterpart in Kalina is advocate Vivian D’souza.

D’souza is president of the Bombay East Indian Association. Advocate Shane Cardoz hopes to be elected in Bandra (West). All these social activists are contesting seats which have a sizeable population of East Indians.

However, this will likely fragment the Christian vote in Mumbai, which traditionally supported Congress.

During the 2014 Lok Sabha election, some priests made a slight diversion towards the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) saying the Congress had done precious little for Christians through the years.

However, since AAP is not fighting the assembly elections, the Christian vote will go divided between independent and Congress candidates.

Source: Times of India



  1. dmelloalex said,

    September 28, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    Here I would like to ask how can any one decide which party is going to give us good governance. Every party has proved that they are corrupt, there are criminals, there are anti social elements, there are MPs MLAs create rift within different denominations of the society. The parties come into power promising good governance end up creating communal tension, corruption, lawlessness and many other things. That’s why voters have been caught up between the devil & sea.

    Kudos to people who jumped into the fray for the first time and let’s make their hands stronger so that they emerge stronger elections after elections. Elections is like any other game, everyone cannot get elected but those who decided to contest the elections won the battle half through.

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  2. rproy said,

    September 29, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    We Need to be actively involved, if we wish to change the Landscape. No more backseat driving. Let’s together lead from the front. Lets bring the change we want to see.


  3. October 9, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    all minorities must unite and vote on merit of candidate and not on party


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