Cardinals reject pope’s message of hope for remarried couples

Can these Cardinals, who are opposing Pope Francis, say with conviction that they have never Sinned in their lifetime? If they have, do they have the right to be in the position they are now?

Nearer home, in Archdiocese of Bombay we have clergy with similar mentality; though, if confronted with the same question, they too will have no answer.  But they  never fail to preach values which they don’t practice themselves. They do not even respond to Parishioners who question their illogical actions. On the contrary, the Parishioner is termed as anti Christ.

We have come across an incident, which has been posted on this blog and will be continued to be posted, where a stand is taken by clergy, to FORGIVE AND FORGET, when a parishioner is questioning about the humiliation he has been put through; Now that The Clergy and his stooges in the PPC are cornered by the same Parishioner. Isn’t this against the Christian Value? Instead of getting the matter settled amicably, the Clergy is playing divide and Rule, in favour of main culprit in order to shield him.

We believe, the Archbishop has instructed the parish authorities to settle the matter amicably. Are Parish authorities following his instructions? This is also reminiscent to what the Cardinals are doing to Pope Francis, We believe.


Debate sparked after Francis married couples living ‘in sin’.

Vatican City:

Pope Francis’s hopes of easing the Catholic Church’s tough stance on remarried couples has hit a stumbling block, with five cardinals coming out firmly against reform ahead of a key meeting, Italian media reported Wednesday.

The Argentine pontiff, whose defence of the poor and vulnerable has stirred up the winds of change within the centuries-old institution, rocked traditionalists last weekend by marrying couples in Saint Peter’s Basilica who had been living in “sin” according to the Church’s rule book.

Of the 20 couples gathered in the heart of the Vatican to take their vows with the leader of the Roman Catholic church’s blessing, some had already been cohabiting and one bride was a single mother.

The debate began in earnest in February after Francis’s close ally German Cardinal Walter Kasper, tapped by the 77-year-old pope to address the world’s cardinals on hot-button issues, sparked controversy by calling for a more “merciful” approach to remarried Catholics who want to take communion.

In a mass in his private chapel, Francis also said the Church must “accompany… not condemn” those whose marriages break down.

Out of the uproar among conservatives has come a book, “Remaining in the Truth of Christ”, which brings together the opinions of five leading Catholics — including Kasper’s most vocal critic Gerhard Ludwig Muller, prefect of the doctrinal watchdog, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — and four other experts.

The in-house revolt comes ahead of a two-week meeting of bishops on the subject of the family in October.

The book’s editor, Robert Dodaro, sums up the essays in the introduction, saying the cardinals “are united in firmly maintaining that the New Testament shows us Christ forbidding without ambiguity divorce and remarriage.”

“The ‘merciful’ answer to divorce endorsed by Cardinal Kasper is not unknown in the old Church but none of the authors here, which we consider to be authoritative, defend it. On the contrary, when they mention it, it is rather to condemn it as going against the scriptures,” he writes.

“While there can be occasional transgressions, the fact they exist does not mean they are not transgressions, or that they are models to be followed,” he said.

Source: AFP/UCAN



  1. September 19, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    Like the boss man and his cronies in the Archdiocese of Bombay; these devils have long forgotten that the very essence of Christianity is understanding– forgiveness and compassion– CERTAINLY NOT ROBBING CHURCH PROPERTY AND ITS ASSETS.
    Do they not realise that one day they have to answer for what they have done– then all the crores they have stolen cannot buy a lawyer to fight their case before THE LORD —
    REPENT and make good what you have stolen !!!!

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  2. bapuvari97 said,

    September 21, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Yes… kindly read the below… this happened with me… I’am belongs to Sacred Heart Church Andheri east… bapuvari97 said,
    August 5, 2014 at 10:04 am

    “baptist fernando” | Add to Address book |This is spam
    To: ,
    Subject: Regarding Letter of SCC Animators
    Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 20:05:11 IST
    Cc: ,,
    The Acting Parish Priest/Sp. Dir. Comm. 4
    Sacred Heart,
    Andheri (E)
    Dear Fr. Innocent/Fr. Wilson,
    I wish to express my thanks to you both, for coming on 17th July 2014 for the SCC monthly meeting held at my residence, and taking control of the meeting in order to try to solve the problems.
    This is in regard to my conversation with you when at the PPC meeting held on 19th June 2014, when during the break, you approached me and told me that I have to look for another SCC coordinator as the present coordinator Mrs Celine Rudolf Pinto, has submitted her letter of resignation to
    Fr. Baptist Pais ex Parish Priest (first time) and my immediate statement to you was how come father? There are so many problems in the community and clarifications required, she has to come for the meeting, face the animators and tell them of her intentions. I re-confirmed with you regarding Mrs. Celine Pinto’s resignation letter on two occasions i.e. 20th June & 23rd June, and also the problems I am facing with the Animators and you asked me to forgive and forget so my reply was – forgive & forget – Is it only for Mr. Baptist Fernando !! I, along with Mr. Marcus Fernandes, met you Fr. Wilson
    and was informed that Celine Pinto’s letter was not a resignation letter but a leave letter and since I was confused, Fr. Wilson called you Fr. Innocent to clarify the issue and you admitted that it was a mistake on your part that it was not a resignation letter but a leave letter although on three
    occasions prior to this you confirmed that it was a resignation letter. Besides, I fail to understand what is a leave letter. Haven’t heard of such things during my whole tenure as scc member. Yes a coordinater can excuse Himself/Herself from attending a SCC meeting. Therefore please clarify this matter related to leave letter. I was called for a meeting on 16th July, by you Fr. Wilson, once again to talk about the letter written against me by my Animators. You asked for a solution and my answer was to give me a copy of the letter or ask the animators to clarify or give an apology letter . You said that I/we have our
    limitations and what the then Parish Priest has filed we cannot take out. I certainly would like to know about your limitations. And do you say that you have no access to the files, which have been handed over to you by Fr. Baptist? At the SCC meeting on 17th July ’14, you introduced words like forgive
    & forget and reconciliation yet; what Fr. Baptist did on 30th November, 2013, at the so called
    reconciliation meeting of which we are yet to receive the minutes and he left without addressing the matter, I ask you too, like I did Fr. Innocent, forgive & forget, is it only for Mr. Baptist Fernando, in a way, you, in my opinion gave them ideas and supported their cause. Yes these are the same Animators who wrote against me and handed the letter to Fr. Baptist, which was read out on 25th Oct.2013, at the PPC Emergency Meeting, at which I was present and humiliated, without
    having given a chance to defend myself against the allegations. I have yet to receive a copy of the letter written against me, of which I have been asking on many occasion. All through our meeting on 16th July, we spoke so extensively about the letter written against me and the humiliation I suffered on that account and you acknowledged the fact. And now to my surprise you have taken a 360
    degree turn to inform me that the letter written was not against me instead it was just the minutes, to which Mr. Arun D’Souza raised the question that if the letter given to Fr. Baptist was the minutes of the meeting, then who wrote the letter that was read out by Mr. Anil D’Souza at the PPC meeting, against me, to which no reply was given. Okay if you say, it was the minutes letter why were all the Animators asked to sign it and moreover Mr. Marcus Fernandes refused to sign the letter, because he knew of the
    contents. So, was I imagining what was read out about me by Anil D’Souza at the Emergency PPC meeting? Furthermore, I want to state that I am in receipt of emails from VP Michael Rodrigues/Exec. Comm. summoning me for a meeting with my animators and also from Rayna D’Souza Exec. Comm, seconding his summons. The VP Michael Rodrigues, even threatened telephonically to conduct the meeting even in my absence as I had refused to go for the meeting without an agenda and the copy of the allegation against me which I have stated in my email to Michael Rodrigues. This brings us
    to the question of whether it is minutes or perpetrated accusation letter. If it is only the minutes why did the VP Michael Rodrigues/Rayna D’Souza/Exec. Comm. send the summons, so it must have been something grave.(maybe the allegation letter) Then how come the denial now ? As things stand it is as though a dagger has been driven into me with all the accusations/humiliation and you are asking me to forgive & forget thus pouring water over the dagger but leaving it yet embedded. It has been observed, in our parish, that parishioners are encouraged to write against each other, and the same is being maintained in files, functioning in corporate style. One wonders whether this is Office, Court or Church. Inspite of all the above, I am willing to reconcile and forgive, but my plea to receive a copy of the letter written against me or an apology from them still stands. I will continue to serve my community and parish which I have done for 3 terms to the best of my ability. Take an example from Pope Francis who at the Vatican has cleared/cleaned the house and apologized for the wrong doings of his flock and predecessors. A true disciple of Christ, If you could follow 1/8th of the pope’s example all of us will follow suit although the previous Parish Priest has created this mess and quietly exited, we can bring this parish to its glorious days once again.
    Thanking you
    Baptist Fernando
    PPC Leader – Community No.4


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