In the News for Wrong Reasons: Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (E): II

Dear Readers,

Meeting higher ups does not guarantee resolution to your problems. If you remember, few aggrieved parishioners of Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (E); met Archbishop Cardinal Oswald Gracias with their grievances, hoping that he will resolve their problem. However, they seem to have been disappointed. Is it just a ploy by  hierarchy to brainwash the aggrieved persons and let the matter rest? We believe so.

Meetings with Archbishop by members from other Parishes also has failed in resolving their grievances. Is it because so called SOLE TRUSTEES, the Parish priests are out of Bounds with Archbishop, or reversal?

Aggrieved Parishioners of Sacred Heart Church, Andheri, (E); are not going to rest, until sanity is restored and the parish is cleansed of divisive  elements within PPC as well as Parish at large…





Constuted UnderPara 29 of Christifideles Laici

(Post Synodal ApostolicExhortation ofH. H.Late Pope John Paul II)

A/7, Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad(W), Mumbai,400095. Contact no. 98707 19628.

E Mail:

(Archdiocese of Bombay)


28th, August, 2014



Most Rev. Cardinal Oswald Gracias,

Archbishop of Bombay;



Your Eminence,


Sub:    Matters related to SACRED HEART CHURCH, ANDHERI (E)


You may recall, some parishioners from Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (E) met you to 24th, June, 2014; to seek your intervention in the affairs of their Parish. We regret to state that after your meeting with aggrieved Parishioners, things have not changed; in fact they have grown from Bad to worse. Besides, Parish authorities are trying to bury the matter without doing justice, because, their lies and mischief mongering has been exposed.


New Parish team, in its enthusiasm to close the issue, has given a call to, “FORGIVE AND FORGET”, which is fair enough. However, in reality, though the aggrieved parishioners are ready to head the call, they are still being targeted by coterie of so called Executive Committee headed by VP – PPC. Going through the entire episode, we have realized that VP – PPC is the one Ruling the roost at the Parish, and cause for this mess, who needs to be put in place.


Your Eminence, Bone of contention of this entire mess in the Parish is supposed to be the letters which the Animators are writing against individuals. It is the phenomenon unheard of; or may be, even if it is happening in other parishes the Parish authorities in their wisdom must be consigning them to dustbin and rightly so. It has now been established that some vested interests are using gullible parishioners to shoot at their adversary, or just fabricating them.


Letter against Baptist Fernando was read in the Emergency PPC meeting, called by VP – PPC, where he was humiliated without giving him an opportunity to defend himself. Now that he is insisting on the copy of the letter, he is being told that there is no such letter but what was read was minutes of some meeting handed over by animators. Even the Animators now say that what they handed over to Fr. Baptist Pais were the Minutes of some meeting. This clearly indicates that the letter against Baptist Fernando was planted to malign him, in orchestrated manner. Whosoever has done this has to be brought to book and dealt with severely. Unless it is done, FORGIVE AND FORGET, approach by Parish authorities will be meaningless.


Apart from above, we have mentioned in our earlier letter that couple of letters against Anita D’sa also was doing rounds and the minutes of the meeting, which was held in the context has gone underground; obviously, one can understand the reason for the minutes going missing.


Another member of the Parish, Jessie Abraham is also victim of LETTER ATTACK. Chairman of BCS, Parish Unit, wrote a letter against her and handed over to Fr. Baptist Pais, which was read in emergency PPC meeting. Jessie Abraham’s letter to President BCS, Gordon D’souza, indicates the hilarious situation of this letter episode, in particular.


Anita D’sa who is a Coordinator of Senior Citizen’s Cell has a grievance too. The name of the association/ cell which she heads is missing from the parish Calendar including World Elders Day. It has been done deliberately by VP – PPC, to purge her identity as active member of parish, she perceives.


It has reliably been learnt that there is discriminatory practice being adopted against one of the choir operating in parish. It so happens that it is being abruptly pulled out of schedule without notice at last moment. Could this be a ploy to discourage them?


Your Eminence, this could be just a tip of an iceberg. And you should be grateful to these parishioners because of whom such undesirable activities of Parish bigwigs have come to the fore.


It seems, the shepherds of the flock at Parish level are out to butcher their best of the flock to please some deities. Being a head Shepherd of the flock, you cannot abdicate your responsibility of saving them like JESUS CHRIST, who went to search the Hundredth ship which had gone missing. We therefore, call upon you to intervene in this matter to resolve the same, amicably. You cannot brush the matter aside saying that it is for parish authorities to resolve it, which you had mentioned to them during your meeting. Convene a meeting with harassed parishioners together with parish clergy team, who on their own seem to have failed in resolving the problem. You had also assured the aggrieved parishioners during your meeting that the matter would be handed over to Fr. Harold Vaz, but nothing seems to be happening yet.



Attached below are copies of some of the letters written by them to various parish authorities which should give you true picture of things happening in the Parish….


Yours always in our LORD JESUS CHRIST











havilah.z.d´sa To The Exec. Committee, This is to inform you that this year had been declared by the Holy Father as the “Year of the Eucharist”, and also by H.E. Cardinal Oswald Gracious, while concluding the “Year

To Michael RodriguesAnella QuadrosAnella QuadrosRayna DsouzaLaveena VazFlavy DsouzaCranston SandraFr. Innocent

Today at 7:06 PM


To The Exec. Committee,


This is to inform you that this year had been declared by the Holy Father as the “Year of the Eucharist”, and also by H.E. Cardinal Oswald Gracious, while concluding the “Year of Faith”.  in commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of the 38th International Eucharistic Congress, on 17th November 2013,   (Kindly read the 1st attachment).  While all the churches in Mumbai celebrate the “Year of the Eucharist”, Sacred Heart Church, Andheri, stand’s out like a “sore thumb”, celebrating “Year of the Family“, (for your kind information this was already celebrated earlier in 2003),


On 16th July 2014, On the Feast of Mount Carmel, at the Carmel Monastery, the 8.30 am mass, which was celebrated by H.E. Cardinal Oswald Gracious, where Fr. Innocent was co-celebrant,  once again it was stated by him from the altar, that this year is dedicated to the “Year of the Eucharist”.


Year 2015 has been declared as the “Year of Consecrated Life” by the Vatican.  (Kindly read the 2nd attachment). I am sure the Archdiocese of Mumbai will follow suit.  As per your Agenda of 5th Sept. 2013 under Activities and Tasks, it reads 3 Year Plan for our Parish, subsequent to that, the Minutes Point, states:  1st Year; Year of the Family & Neighbourhood;  2nd year; Civic & Political Issues, 3rd year; Children’s Group, thereafter, Agenda of 3rd October 2013, reads      3 Year Plan for our Parish as per the Archdiocese:  Year 1: Family, Year 2: Civic, Social & Political Awarness, Year 3:  Formation of Neighbourhood Children’s Group (NKG/NCG) and a Parish level Children’s Team.  Following whose directives ? Very contradictory don’t you think? One wonders where you get your information.  The whole world was praying for one intention     “Year of the Eucharist”, while, we chose to pray for our families, not in unison with the universal church.


Since your appointment as VP, you have given a three year plan, it would be appreciated if the Parish could follow the directives laid down by the Vatican and the Archdiocese of Mumbai rather than what you have planned for the parish. We the parishioners would like to follow what has been declared by the Pope and the Cardinal, so as to be one with them in their prayers and petitions.  Keeping in mind, one must also learn to carry out and respect the directives/orders given by Church Elders.


For your ready reference The Hand Book for PPC on Pg. 10(c) reads:


“The Parish Council discerns the needs of the parish and the community: At parish council meetings, quite often, parish councillors give either their own opinion or the opinion of 2 or 3 of their friends or neighbours. Hence separate meetings need to be conducted in the neighbourhood so that the voices of the people can be heard – their views, especially their needs and problems can then be properly represented at the parish council”

Congratulations on a job well done with regard to the Schedules/Annual Calendar, but would like to bring to your notice that you have conveniently omitted the Senior Citizen Cell and its activities.  If you could include all the activities and events of the Youth and other Associations/Cells and also the World Happening Events – How come you forgot World Elders Day ?

13th October, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, is our Association Day  –  have you forgotten ? –  You clashed your “ZEAL EVENT” and informed Bishop Bosco Penha, who made the announcement saying it was the anniversary of the NYG’s,  which I noticed this anniversary does not feature in your  current calendar.  Does the anniversary date change?  Or was it fabricated last minute to disrupt the Sr. Citizen’s function?  We had booked the mass 3 months in advance and you’ll popped in 10 days before.

The PYAT clashed events on 13th October 2013, with Sr. Citizens and once again, they repeated it on 29th June 2014, clashing their event with a wedding nuptial, at which I was present and witnessed, how the couple was sidelined on their big day, which was again celebrated by Bishop Bosco Penha.  Although you are now not heading the PYAT, you had set a precedent on 13th October last year and the current PYAT is following your example.  I surely would like to know how would one feel if the tables were turned and if it was your event/wedding day.  Would you have accepted/tolerated this unholy behavior?

It seems the NYG’s enjoy special status from the time you have taken over the Youth Group, which became obvious as you were allowed to show your PPT presentation at the first PPC meeting in June, before the elections could be conducted.  Objections were raised as to why the PPT was allowed and to the question – Will other Associations be given this privelege ? Fr. Evan said “NO” which in my opinion swung the votes in your favor, influencing the PPC Members,  as you’ll did not have a secret ballot but show of hands,  conducted by a newly ordained priest, rather than the outgoing VP or Returning Officer, who were both present.  Fr. Baptist always sent me mails to follow norms/procedures. Were they followed ?  Secret Ballots were held to elect office bearers of most Associations/Cells yet, thought it right to have show of hands to elect office bearers for the “Apex Body of The Church”, thus orchestrating what happened at the PPC Election.

The parishioners at large were quite inconvenienced that the masses were rescheduled for youth events which was never permitted by previous Parish Priests except for Fr. Baptist Pais.  Youth mass timings as announced at the PPC and in the parish, are scheduled for the last Sunday of every month at 5.30pm.  Once again they have disrupted the rotation/schedule by taking the 8.45 am mass, to celebrate Parents Day without informing the scheduled choir and the same thing happened to Conrad’s Choir during the recent ordinations, where Fr. Baptist performed. Will you allow other Associations to do the same?   The Hand Book for Parish Councillors on Pg.11(h) under the title “The Challenging Role of the PPC”.  For your quick reference I quote below:

“The Parish Council together with the ordained leadership coordinates and shapes the life of the whole parish:  There are all kinds of associations and groups in the parish that pull in different directions.  The parish councils work in a unified way and see that the various activities do not overlap and compete with one another”


It was nice of Fr. Lawrence to make the announcement about the purchase of a new mixer which should have been the case when the unnecessarily numerous CCTVs were installed. It will show transparency if the announcement is made cause eventually it is the parishioners money.


Most PPC members do not know their rights/role and are naive and gullible, as they do not have the constitution/PPC handbook,  I am sure copies of the same can be given or (sponsored – like many things in our parish)  to the PPC members, which will be useful and effective.


Anita D’Sa                                                                                                                                        Co-ordinator Sr. Citizen Cell/Animator Comm.33





Dear Michael,

Greetings to you….

I would request you to call for a meeting with our Animators and Sp. Director, to clarify a few points that arose at our SCC meeting on 21st August 2014, wherein Mr. Arun D’Souza, an animator, raised the point that “if you the animators are saying that the letter that was given to Fr. Baptist Pais, was just the minutes of the meeting signed by the animators (I do not know why?) Then who wrote the letter that was read by Mr. Anil D’Souza at the emergency PPC meeting on 25th October 2013, where you were instrumental in calling for the emergency meeting and humiliating me in front of the entire PPC without being given a chance to defend myself. I want you to call for a meeting with all our animators of community 4 and the Sp. Director Fr. Wilson, to reveal the truth.

Awaiting for a quick reply..

Baptist Fernando





Acting Parish Priest/Sp. Dir. Comm. 4 Sacred




Fr. Innocent/Fr. Wilson

I wish to express my thanks to you both,for coming on 17th July 2014 for the SCC monthly meeting held at my residence, and taking control of the meeting in order to try to solve the problems.

This is in regard to my conversation with you when at the PPC meeting held on 19th June 2014, when during the break, you approached me and told me that I have to look for another SSC coordinator as the present coordinator Mrs Celine Rudolf Pinto,  has submitted her letter of resignation to Fr. Baptist Pais ex Parish Priest (first time) and my immediate statement to you was how come father?  There are so many problems in the community and clarifications required, she has to come for the meeting, face the animators and tell them of her intentions.  I re-confirmed with you regarding Mrs. Celine Pinto’s resignation letter on two occasions i.e. 20th June & 23rd June, and also the problems I am facing with the Animators and you asked me to forgive and forget so my reply was  –  forgive & forget   –  Is it only for Mr. Baptist Fernando !!
I, along with  Mr. Marcus Fernandes, met you Fr. Wilson and  was informed that Celine Pinto’s letter was not a resignation letter but a leave letter and since I was confused, Fr. Wilson called you Fr. Innocent to clarify the issue and you admitted that it was a mistake on your part that it was not a resignation letter but a leave letter although on three  occasions prior to this you confirmed that it was a resignation letter. Besides, I fail to understand what a leave letter is. Haven’t heard of such things during my whole tenure as SCC member. Yes a coordinater can excuse Himself/Herself from attending a SCC meeting. Therefore please clarify this matter related to leave letter.

I was called for a meeting on 16th July, by you  Fr. Wilson, once again to talk about the letter written against me by my Animators. You asked for a solution and my answer was to give me a copy of the letter or ask the animators to clarify or  give an apology letter .  You said that I/we have our limitations and what the then Parish Priest has filed we cannot take out. I certainly would like to know about your limitations. And do you say that you have no access to the files, which have been handed over to you by Fr. Baptist?
At the SCC meeting on 17th July ’14, you introduced words like forgive & forget and reconciliation yet; what Fr. Baptist did on 30th November, 2013, at the  so called reconciliation meeting  of which we are yet to receive the minutes and he left without addressing the matter, I ask you too, like I did Fr. Innocent, forgive & forget, is it  only for Mr. Baptist Fernando,    in a way,  you, in my opinion  gave them ideas and supported their cause.  Yes these are the same Animators who wrote against me and handed the letter to Fr. Baptist, which was read out on 25th Oct.2013, at the PPC Emergency Meeting, at which I was present and humiliated, without
having given a chance to defend myself against the allegations. I have yet to receive a copy of the letter written against me, of which I have been asking on many occasion.   All through our meeting on 16th July, we spoke so extensively about the letter written against me and the humiliation I
suffered on that account and you acknowledged the fact.  And now to my surprise you have taken a 360 degree turn to inform me that the letter written was not against me instead it was just the minutes, to which Mr. Arun D’Souza raised the question that if the letter given to Fr. Baptist was the minutes  of the meeting, then who wrote the letter that was read out by Mr. Anil D’Souza  at the PPC meeting, against me, to which no reply was given. Okay if you say, it was the minutes letter why were all the Animators asked to sign it and moreover Mr. Marcus Fernandes refused to sign the letter,  because he knew of the contents.  So, was I imagining what was read out about me by Anil D’Souza at the Emergency PPC meeting?

Furthermore, I want to state that I am in receipt of emails from VP Michael Rodrigues/Exec. Comm. summoning me for a meeting with my animators  and also from Rayna D’Souza  Exec. Comm, seconding his summons.  The VP Michael Rodrigues, even threatened telephonically to conduct the meeting even in my absence as I had refused to go for the meeting without an agenda and the copy of the allegation against me which I have stated in my email to Michael Rodrigues. This brings us to the question of  whether it is minutes or perpetrated accusation letter.  If it is only the minutes why did the VP Michael Rodrigues/Rayna D’Souza/Exec. Comm. send the summons, so it must have been something grave. (maybe the allegation letter) Then how come the denial now ?

As things stand it is as though a dagger has been driven into me with all the accusations/humiliation and you are asking me to forgive & forget thus pouring water over the dagger but leaving it
yet embedded.   It has been observed, in our parish, that parishioners are encouraged to write against each other, and the same is being maintained in files, functioning in corporate style. One
wonders whether this is Office, Court or Church.  Inspite of all the above, I am willing to reconcile and forgive, but my plea to receive a copy of the letter written against me or an apology
from them still stands.  I will continue to serve my community and parish which I have done for 3 terms to the best of my ability.


Take an example from Pope Francis who at the Vatican has cleared/cleaned the house and apologized for the wrong doings of his flock and predecessors.  A true disciple of Christ,  If you could follow 1/8th of the pope’s example all of us will follow suit although the previous Parish Priest has created this mess and quietly exited,  we can bring this parish to its glorious days once again.



Baptist Fernando

PPC Leader – Community No.4




Dear Gordon,

The following letter is for your kind information.
During the meeting of BCS held on July 29th, 2014 at 7.30 p.m., I requested the Chairman
Christopher Mathew, to give me a copy of the letter which was written by him and Richard Tauro
against me and submitted to the Parish Priest, Fr. Baptist Pais, which was read at the emergency PPC meeting held on 25th October 2013 to which Christopher responded “ Excuse me, you are wrong. I did not write the letter but only signed it”. Elysha Barretto, one of the sabha members asked him whether he knew about the contents of the letter, to which he replied “ Yes, it is all against Jessie Abraham.” Ms. Thresa and other senior members condemned Christopher stating that his action is abominable and he must give a written apology. Benny Fernandes, another Sabha member, asked “then why did you sign it?”. To which the Chairman, Christopher Mathew replied “ Father Baptist, the Parish Priest, asked me to sign.” I then asked all the Sabha members of BCS at the meeting, “ Is this action of Christopher and Tauro writing letters against me right or wrong?”. Every member condemned them unanimously and demanded a letter of apology. Jessie and all the Sabha members emphatically demanded the Secretary to minute the same in detail. They also reprimanded Christopher strongly, and Ms. Anita D’sa pointed out to the opening prayer of the Sabha which contradicted the action of Christopher and Richard Tauro who maligned the name of Jessie Abraham instead of working in  love, union and peace.
I hope Gordon, that you will now understand the seriousness of the matter and not judge the book by its cover and be misled by “ the anointed one”. It would be advisable in future to find out the facts and then arrive at a conclusion.

Yours in Christ

Jessie Abraham





To The Exec. Comm

This is with reference to my email sent to you on 23rd July 2014, which was sent before your Exec. Comm. meeting held on 29th July, 2014, where I am still awaiting  your reply. It seems rather strange that you took the liberty of writing to me, when I was corresponding  with the then Parish Priest Fr. Baptist, and  without even introducing yourself and your so called Exec. Comm. sent me a letter on 16th Oct. 2013 with all your signatures; the letter, which reads as follows: “We the Exec. Comm. are in receipt of your letter dated 12th Oct.2013 (received by Fr. Baptist on 16.10.2013).  As requested by you, kindly come for a meeting on Tuesday Oct. 22, 2013 at 7.30 pm in the mini hall. Request you to please do the following before the meeting:1.    Send us the Agenda for the meeting by 19/10/132.    Those parishioners who accompanied you for the meeting with the Dean of  Andheri Deanery and the SVD Provincial should be present for this meeting.As this issue has been taken up at the PPC meeting, the Exec Comm. of the PPC will be present for the meeting.” To begin with, the letter was not addressed to you in the first place so what gave you the right, to write to me, which I thought was so unbecoming of a VP-PPC and also revealed a lot about you, and your courtesies,  also  a stranger to me, moreover I did not have any correspondence with you or your committee that you should have barged in to my problems when I was dealing with Fr. Baptist.  The picture is now very clear to me as to how you are in this position.  You had the chance to show your capabilities as a true  VP-PPC by calling Conrad and Baptist  (both PPC Members) to amicably settle our issues as this is one of the challenging roles the VP-PPC plays, instead you preferred to show your pompous behavior and acted the way you did. Now, that you had every reason to correspond with me, instead, you are evading my mail. OR  Are you VP and Secretary of PPC waiting to call for another emergency meeting without agenda and minutes to malign me/us once again  like you did earlier? Remember “Truth will always prevail” The letters read out maligning Baptist Fernando, Jessie Abraham and me are turning out to be fabricated.  The letters against  Baptist Fernando read out in his presence, by Anil D’Souza, at the emergency PPC meeting, that you called for, is not the letter sent by his animators, as they now claim that they had sent the minutes of the meeting. Now who could have written that letter that Anil D’Souza read ???  Mystery puzzle !!!At the Bombay Catholic Sabha meeting one of the signatories viz. Christopher Mathews, who wrote a letter against  Jessie Abraham, made a statement that it wasn’t him who wrote the letter but “He only signed it”. After being questioned whether he knew the contents of the letter he replied in the affirmative and when asked then why did he sign it  – He admitted that it was Fr. Baptist Pais who told him to sign it and this was witnessed now by all the Sabha members at the 28th July meeting. There was a request in writing (by mail) to the Frs. Baptist/Evan to withdraw the letter written by Benjamin Patrao, against me, a youth (PYC), but to date there has been no acknowledgement, illegally keeping the said letter on record in your files. You and the Exec, Comm. along with the 3 priests have falsely maligned our names at the emergency PPC meeting and now worms are coming out of the woodwork.  So how are you going to rectify the wrong done to us by reading out these fabricated letters ??   Do facts hurt that you are unable to defend yourself with all that I have stated in my mail ?  Stand up, reply and function as a VP-PPC. Exec. Comm. wake up –   You can see from the contents of this letter that the facts are coming to light and the whole scenario was a plot hatched by the three priests of which you’ll became a part of because you’ll called for the emergency PPC meeting, where all the members whom the letters were read and maligned, were people who gave their time willingly to bring the shining name to our parish under the previous Parish Priests.  Now don’t you think it odd that in a couple of months i.e. from 26th August 2013 to 25th October 2013, people have written against active members of the parish.  You don’t need to be a Sherlock Holmes to smell a rat in this whole scheming plot. Exec. Comm., open your eyes This is not Hitler’s Reign.  The VP-PPC is not always right and all that he says can be deliberated.  Remember we the parishioners have chosen you as  Parish Councilor to represent us. We too have a right to give our views and suggestions.    Please also remember that he is a new entry and this is  his fourth parish, (I wonder why?) and barely knows the parishioners. For your ready reference The Hand Book for PPC on Pg. 10(c) reads: “The Parish Council discerns the needs of the parish and the community:  At parish council meetings, quite often, parish councilors give either their own opinion or the opinion of 2 or 3 of their friends or neighbours.  Hence separate meetings need to be conducted in the neighbourhood so that the voices of the people can be heard – their views, especially their needs and problems can then be properly represented at the parish council”According to an email sent to me on 6th Jan, 2014, by the then parish priest  to quote “If it is a pastoral problem you could write to the Exec. Comm.” So I am now following the procedures by writing to you.  I am sure all of you don’t think and live like the VP-PPC. When the correspondence was with the clergy they passed it to the Exec. Comm. of the PPC and now when the correspondence is directed to you, you are passing it to the clergy, playing a game of tennis is it ??   I /we are holding you responsible for this whole fiasco since you were instrumental in calling for the emergency PPC meeting and maligning our names with letters, read out against us, which are turning out to be false and fabricated. When the Archdiocese sends out directives, it is not only for the PYAT/PYC/NYG to  follow. We too must follow parish directives which are declared by the Vatican and Archdiocese of Mumbai. The Annual Calendar – Why can’t you accept an oversight/human error?  Does your ego get so deflated to add the two dates of the Sr. Citizens’ Cell that Conrad D’Sa in his email asked you to include.  Either you add the dates or you don’t we do not need any clarification on this, unless you want to make this another issue. You surely do have enough on your plate, don’t you? So, don’t let your ego get the better of you, just swallow your pride be humble and add the two dates.  You are human for god sake not God.Our vision mission statement “Vibrant with the Spirit” of the Risen Lord towards a community of deeper faith, worship, love and service” was coined by stalwarts who brought name and fame to the parish in the Archdiocese of Mumbai.  To name a few Rosie Fernandes (member of the FILMC team), who pioneered the SCC/CCO movement, introduced All Association Day and conducted various hobby classes.   Elizabeth Chettair, who single handedly structured the Ushers movement and organized various functions in the parish.  Candy Mendonza, who ably handled the SCC movement after taking over from Rosie. The past animators of the most talked about Youth Groups in the Archdiocese of Mumbai.  Luke Lawrence, our man Friday, as far as permissions from the local police concerned.  These and many more were quietly sidelined and all that they organized has been discontinued, tarnishing the shining image that they helped create. Awaiting your reply to this and my previous mail.  Exec. Comm. use your offices, take a  stand and act as the VP-PPC chooses to ignore my letters. Ironically I was present at the 6.30 am mass on 20th August 2014, where you, Michael Rodrigues  did the first reading, it surely  was food for thought for you and the then Parish Priest Fr. Baptist Pais.  How aptly where you given the day’s reading.   For your ready reference the passage is as follows:“The word of Yahweh came to me in these terms.  Say to the Shepherds on my behalf.  Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves!  You have not taken care of the flock, you have not strengthened the weak, ( bulldozed youth events with the senior citizens  13th Oct. 2013 and the nuptial on 29 July 2014), cared for the sick or bandaged the injured.  You have not gone after the sheep that strayed or searched for the one that was lost instead you ruled them harshly and were their oppressors  (The animators and the youth of the two successful youth groups, the entire silver jubilee committees that was disbanded, the golden girls of the Sunday Cafeteria, Stella parishioner who has an autistic son, who sold things to make ends meet, the Chiropractor who was doing humane service, the stalwarts who were holding portfolios earlier were left out in the cold, You humiliated Mr. Baptist Fernando, PPC member at the emergency PPC meeting). This is what Yahweh says:  I will ask an account of the shepherds and reclaim my sheep from them.  No longer shall they tend my flock; nor shall there be shepherds who feed themselves.  I shall save the flock from their mouths and no longer shall it be food for them.  Indeed Yahweh says this; I myself will care for my sheep and watch over them.”Contemplate, Reflect, Reply and Act, as we hold you VP-PPC responsible for all the damage done to us and the parishioners at large.

Anita D’Sa


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  1. September 1, 2014 at 8:25 am

    I was a parishioner at Sacred Heart parish Andheri East from September 1988 till March 1996.
    The Church was a TIN SHED– and stayed as such till I left to move to Lonavla in 1996
    At that time the dancing/sanskrit order the SVD’s had taken over the parish from the Jesuits. When the Jesuits left they took with them the Church building fund of around Rs.7 lakhs. The SVD parish priest kept insisting that the money was in a ” SEPARATE ” account– what became of that money,???? which was collected to build the church– ( money if invested in a normal bank fixed deposit would have become around Rs.25 lakhs today ) HIP HIP HOORAY to the Jesuits/SVD’s
    The then parish priest came across as a pompous ass– he signed off portion of the front of the Church property to a builder on some flimsy reason– without consulting anyone in the parish–the result a huge building– with flats and a bank( I think Jammu & Kashmir Bank ) on the ground floor as come up there.
    So my friends at Sacred Heart parish– your parish is only ONE AMONGST the other ” GOCCHI PARISHES ” in the Archdiocese of Bombay.


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