Archbishop meets aggrieved parishioners of Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (E);

Subsequent to intervention from SILENT VOICE, H. E. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay granted audience to aggrieved parishioners of Sacred Heard Church, Andheri (E), and listen to their woes.

What is the outcome of this meeting, only the participants will know. However, Memorandum submitted by these parishioners to Archbishop should give an idea of their expectations….



 CBCI Meet.. Cardinal



Dear Cardinal Oswald Gracias


We were awed by your presence and felt the peace within us, with you, in our midst.  We will always keep you in prayer especially with regard to your health.

Thank you once again Your Eminence for sparing your precious time despite your busy schedule and giving us a listening ear.

Yes, Your Eminence, just as you said  “I know it is hurt” yes we are deeply hurt and so appraised you of the following issues.

–               The attitude and arrogance of the two newly ordained priests towards the youth and their Animators, making unwarranted remarks from the Pulpit at mass.

–               How some of the youth were threatened to join the NYG

–                The smooth running of 2 Youth Movement (Working and College going) one of the best in the Archdiocese, abruptly disbanded by the 2 newly ordained priest backed by the PYAT.

–               How PYAT inconvenienced parishioners by rescheduling Saturday (obligatory Sunday) mass to suit the timings for the youth events which was never allowed by any of the earlier Parish Priests

–               Approached the Provincial and were told being a parish matter the same to be addressed to the Archdiocese.

–               How the PPC election for the executive body was conducted – by a newly ordained priest instead of the Returning Officer or outgoing V.P. by show of hands where most cells and associations had a secret ballot.

–               How the present V.P. Mr. Michael Rodrigues lured the newly elected PPC members at the first meeting with his Power Point Presentation to win votes besides being a new resident to the Parish ruffled feathers in the parish and trampled on people.

–               How on 25th Oct.2013 an emergency meeting was called by the Exec. Com and V.P. Mr. Michael Rodrigues without agenda and minutes, where  a 3 term PPC Member Mr. Baptist Fernando was humiliated and not allowed to speak by the V.P. to defend himself to the allegations made against him and us

–               BCC Animators of a 3 term PPC Member, Mr. Baptist Fernando wrote and signed letters against him on Parish Priest promptings

–               Letters written against Jessie Abraham by Catholic Sabha Members.

–               Letters written against Anita D’Sa by 2 youth and a parishioner

–               How they manipulated and got people to write against us only during this period i.e. August to October.

 –               How they tried to throw us off balance in whatever cell or association we were attached to.

 –               How the CCO &PP stopped activities in the Parish (Yoga/cafeteria/clothes stall) which was running smoothly for a long time

 –               How the minutes of the 30th November 2013, meeting has not reached us till date where the Parish Priest in his mail very strongly said the minutes will be signed by all present and copies will be sent to the Dean, Provincial and Bishop and PP has made his exit.

 –               How the moderator Mrs. Anella Quadros PPC Secretary brought for our approval, Fr. Baptist Pais, manipulated minutes on 20th January 2014,

Finally Your Eminence we would be very pleased and grateful to resolve and clarify the above and also have the following issues cleared:Closure on the matter as soon as possible Withdrawal of letters written against us and apologies rendered.

Clearance/Apologies from the PPC Exec. Com. and V.P. Mr Michael  Rodrigues for reading out the letters and maligning our names in our absence.

–            Minutes of the 30th November 2013 meeting with signatures of all present.

Since we could not cover all our issues due to lack of time, hence submitted a memorandum for your perusal and action.  Your Eminence please, please, I would appreciate if these issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Your Eminence like I said, it was never our intention for this matter to reach this level, tried to solve it within the Parish but it did not materialize so sought help from the Dean, Provincial and not knowing how to get this to your attention, approached Mr. Greg Pereira of Silent Voice to help  us out.

Personally I wish this meeting was under different circumstances as I would surely enjoy spending some time with you to experience the peace, calm and serenity you exuberate . I will always cherish and remember you in my prayer.

Thank you and God Bless you

I remain faithful  to you in Christ Jesus

Anita D’Sa



On Thursday, June 19, 2014 6:04 AM, havilah.z.d´sa wrote:


Dear Fr. K.T. Emmanuel,

Good evening father.  I/We are very pleased and feel blessed that His Eminence Oswald Cardinal

Gracias has given us his precious time to meet us on Tuesday 24th June at 11.30 am.  As per our         letter of 7th May 2014, where 11  parishioners are mentioned,   of which 7 of us will be attending

this meeting.  The names are as follows:  Conrad D’Sa, Anita D’sa, Jessie Abraham, Jayesh George,

Baptist Fernando, Jude Zaccheus and Oliver D’Souza.

Thank you & God bless



On Thursday, June 19, 2014 4:04 AM, Archbishop Bombay <> wrote:


Dear Anita,

His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias has given you appointment on 24
June 2014 (Tuesday) at 11.30 a.m.

Please confirm

Fr Emmanuel K.T.

On 5/31/14, havilah.z.d´sa  wrote:
> Most Rev. H. E. Cardinal Oswald Gracious,
> Archbishop
> Archdiocese of Mumbai
> Your Eminence
> This is Anita D,Sa, parishioner of Sacred Heart Parish for the last 26
> years. Greg Pereira, of Silent Voice, sent a letter to you  on 7th May 2014,
> about our grievances but we have had no response from your end I would
> appreciate if Your Lordship could give us an audience and hear us out as we
> have been maligned in the Parish and if possible before Fr. Baptish Pais the
> current Parish Priest is transferred.  The new Parish Priest Fr. Lawrence
> Correa is being inducted on 15th June 2014.  I do hope you could spare some
> of your precious time  and hope to hear from you soon.
> Thank you & God Bless you
> I remain yours always in Lord Jesus
> Anita D’Sa

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