In the News for wrong Reasons: Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (E): FOLLOW UP;

Fr. Baptist Pais, Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Churc has written to SILENT VOICE, seeking some clarification on the following post.

In the News for wrong Reasons: Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (E)

SILENT VOICE has responded to his queries, hopefully to his satisfaction. Both of the articles are available here, for benefit of our followers to form their own opinions.







Constuted UnderPara 29 of Christifideles Laici

(Post Synodal ApostolicExhortation ofH. H.Late Pope John Paul II)

A/7, Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad(W), Mumbai,400095. Contact no. 98707 19628.

E Mail:

(Archdiocese of Bombay)


To,                                                                                                                              20th, June, 2014

Fr. Baptist Pais, SVD,

Parish Priest,

Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (E);


Sub:  In the news for wrong reasons: Sacred Heart Church, Andheri East.


Dear Fr. Baptist,

Thank you for your blessing and good wishes through your letter in connection with subject matter. I too wish you a good health,  both, spiritual as well as physical.

You have sought clarification on the matter that has been posted on Silent Voice / Voicemail, on 24th of May 2014; I suppose you are referring to the letter addressed to H. E. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, enlightening him about the situation prevailing at your parish, as it was presented to us. We do not see anything specifically mentioned about you or your co-pastors, in the letter.

As regards to seeking verification from Parish authorities before posting the matter on Silent Voice / Voicemail, we do not think it was necessary because the matter was referred to the Archbishop.

Just for your information, Silent Voice / Voicemail are mouthpiece of “VOICE OF A SILENT MAJORITY”, constituted under Para 29 of Christefideles Laicy Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation of H. H. Late Pope John Paul II, as it can be seen on the letterhead.


Excerpts from the para 29:

29. Church communion, already present and at work in the activities of the individual, finds its specific expression in the lay Faithful’s working together in groups, that is, in activities done with others in the course of their responsible participation in the life and mission of the Church.

First of all, the freedom for lay people in the Church to form such groups is to be acknowledged. Such liberty is a true and proper right that is not derived from any kind of “concession” by authority, but flows from the Sacrament of Baptism, which calls the lay faithful to participate actively in the Church’s communion and mission.

It is needless to say that within the Church, majority of the Catholics remain silent on various issues which go against the tenets of teaching of Church for the simple reason that they are afraid to antagonize Parish Authorities. Some venture into voicing their opposition and get branded as antichurch. As it seems the case with your parish. We give voice to such Catholics.

Coming back to your letter, the Fifty odd PPC members and Seven Hundred Cell members, majority of them come under the category of Silent Majority who remain silent, but their Silence is construed as their affirmation. This is the case with PPC’s all over the Archdiocese. The questions you have raised are irrelevant to our letter addressed to Cardinal, therefore we see no reason to respond to them.

However, we have a few questions to you:

  • Have you fulfilled your duty as a GOOD SHEPHERD and went in search of lost sheep?
  • Did you give these parishioners of yours, a GOOD LISTENING EAR?
  • Do you deny that some youth wrote a letter against one of your Parishioner which was then made as an issue to malign him instead of you resolving the matter amicably?
  • Do you deny that attempt was made to malign the name of Mrs. D’sa, based on so called letters, written by some youth, and instead of dousing the matter yourself, again you passed them onto some unauthorized entity for scrutiny?
  • Do you deny the fact that a meeting was held on 30th of November, 2013 to discuss these matters in order to resolve them?
  • Do you deny that minutes of this meeting are not yet circulated among the participants?
  • Do you deny the fact that if the minutes are circulated the truth will come out in open and the vested interests who are trying to shoot from your shoulder would be exposed? Doesn’t it mean that you indirectly are supporting these vested interests to malign the parishioners who could be hindrance in their way of undesirable activities?
  • Don’t you think that it would be appropriate to resolve this matter and mend fences with parishioners who have been hurt, at the end of your tenure as Parish Priest? If it was so, it certainly would amount to GOOD SHEPHERD having found the LOST SHEEP.

From our letter to Archbishop, more questions could be asked, because your letter does not touch upon anything that has been mentioned in it. But we limit our self to the few, mentioned above.

As regards to your volley of questions, answer to them lies in your answers to the above questions.


Sincerely Yours in OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,




Copy to:       H. E. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay.





Mr. Greg R. Pereira,

A/7, Rodrigues Compound, Malvani Village, Malad West,

Mumbai- 400095.


Sub: In the news for wrong reasons: Sacred Heart Church, Andheri East


Dear Mr. Greg R. Pereira,

Loving regards to you from Fr. Baptist Pais, parish priest of Sacred Heart Church, Andheri East. I believe this letter of mine finds you in good health. May the good Lord bless you and your family members with peace, happiness and good health. May the good Lord make all your higher efforts fruitful.


This is to seek clarification about what you wrote about me and my two co-pastors, Frs. John and Evan in Silent Voice, Voice mail, on May 24th 2014.


What I sincerely want to know from you whether you have verified the matter you wrote/published about me with some concerned people before publishing it in Silent Voice?

Is it the voice of the people of Sacred Heart Church, Andheri East or only of 11 people whose names are mentioned in Silent Voice?


Is it the voice of the 50 Parish Pastoral Council members? Have you verified the voice of PPC members about me before publishing it in Silent Voice?


We have a Community Centre Organization, which coordinates the activities of all Associations, Cells, Committees and Groups? There are about 700 parishioners who are associated with the CCO of our parish. Is it the voice of the CCO and about 700 parishioners that you published in Silent Voice?


Is it the voice of the 4 priests of the clergy team of Sacred Heart Church, Andheri East? Is it the voice of the Dean of Andheri parishes?

Is it the voice of Oswald Cardinal Gracias, the Archbishop of Bombay and other bishops of the Archdiocese of Bombay?

Is it the voice of Fr. Paul Vattathara, SVD, my Provincial Superior? In what way I have gone against/disobeyed the Diocesan authority, against the norms and guidelines of the church and against the guidelines of Sacred Heart Church, Andheri East ?

If you have verified with the above mentioned concerned people and if you then are sure that I have used Divide and Rule policy to keep my parishioners busy fighting among themselves, then I salute you with all respects. If what you have written about me is true then I feel that I should be really unfit to be a parish priest? I should be ashamed of my priesthood? My Provicial Superior and the Archbishop of Bombay have made a great mistake in appointing me to Sacred Heart Church as Parish Priest? I also feel I am unfit to be either a parish priest or an assistant parish priest to any parish hereafter. I am open for scrutiny by the Archbishop of Bombay and with obedience accept whatever he tells me to do.

I firmy believe the purpose of Journalism and Media is to uphold TRUTH. After verifying with the concerned authority what you have published about me in Silent voice, if it is true then I believe what you have published about me is insufficient, because I feel that I should be worse than what you wrote about me.


If what you have published about me is not true then what is the response of Silent Voice?


Thank you. May you be blessed abundantly in all your good efforts.


Yours in the Divine Word,



Fr. Baptist Pais, SVD




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