Are we the Church or Parliament House ?

 Inspired by SILENT VOICE, one of the followers, Augustine Fernandes, has expressed his opinions and Views on current situation prevailing within Church. You too can form your opinion and mail it to SILENT VOICE for publishing.



Are we the Church or Parliament House ?

We attend  mass. Some of us,every day, some on Wednesdays and many on Sundays (Daily obligation) one thing that keeps happening at every mass is that we pray for the Pope, Bishops and Priests that the Lord may grant them the grace not to get entangled in ritualism and legalities (bureaucracies) in discharging their pastoral duties. The laws they formulate should be in harmony with God’s laws and respect the dignity and sanctity of the human person. Keeping this in mind, I am compelled to think about Newton’s law which states that “Every action has got equal and opposite reaction” You may wonder how this will apply to the church and the parishioners. The many articles written in ‘SILENT VOICE’ and the happenings in Rome, one will be convinced that our prayers are not merely prayers but a source of correspondence to all these activities happening in the church and the parishioners against each other. We are going through a confused phase as to who is the church, what are the parishioners and what is the role of the Holy Order. Is it diplomacy is the call , Power & recognition is the thirst with money as the root cause. Our religion means love and love is God cause God is love. How many of us stand with this truth or have we still not understood the last words “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” .  Is it the ego or the super ego?  Or Are we Christians moving towards destruction so that others can take advantage of our critical situation. Are we waiting for these issues to grow in magnitude, as big as a mountain and then pray for penance and repentance? Which way are we heading? Silent voice is going on voicing but nothing really is happening. All falling on the deaf ears! Can we truly call ourselves Christians, I doubt or is it just fighting for Mr Right (clergy or Parishioners). In the bargain, when the matter becomes very big, we all will be proved wrong.  Thereafter, we will contemplate forgiveness and resorting to prayers ie; God. We understand that money matters.  Gone are the days of exchange in kind which no more exists. We all are living in a civilized society and not savage-hearted that we will crucify the person causing this punishable act irrespective as a clergy or a parishioner. Money has been floundered but that’s not the end. Someone has to surrender so that we can arrive at a solution. We have to move on cause as Christians, our goal is love and not money. We all are humans hopefully or are we feeding our own egos which is moving in their own direction where sky is the limit or perhaps not or may be beyond. Where is the end? Nobody knows. Death is reality are we alive ? The only man today who is moving around considering himself as zero and has become a hero in everybody’s eyes is Pope Francis. How effectively he has brought out , to quote Pope Francis “There are three groups of people who call themselves Catholic, but are not really, the pope said. Apologizing for making up words, he labeled the three groups: “uniformists,” “alternativists” and “businessists” How true this stands today as we see in the many articles in SILENT VOICE’ and other media. We have rigid attitude (“own doctrine of uniformity.”) , we have our own alternative teachings and doctrines (Nominal Christians) and we use church for our own personal profit (Church as a rental place). None the less, we are all born and blessed with gifts and talents but are we using them for a good cause or are we wasting time busy pointing eachother’s fault. Are we all perfect or attempting to make each others perfect or are we all humans or pretending to be humans. Just imagine the many spirits filled with all this malaicious thoughts and its outcome. Sounds alarming and dangereous and close to the word devil. I am sure we don’t belong to that category and will want to stop all this at the earliest as an amicable settlement. If we continue to pursue on these matters than we are like those pharasies going for mass every Sunday which is celebrated by the Pharisee on the pulpit. Why are we playing games with each other and wasting our precious time where one is a nominal Christian and the other saying do as I say and not do as I do. Life is short so use that little time to spread love and unity and not unity in diversity. Once again God is love and love is God’s plan Amen.




  1. June 23, 2014 at 7:12 am

    I assume Augustine is referring to us ” ROMAN ” Catholics.
    Jesus taught us above all to be honest, and love all his creations.
    This has so nicely been corrupted and mutilated by the old fogey “PRINCES” of the Church.
    1) be honest to yourself and your own personal needs– therefore live a lavish lifestyle and fill your own coffers for that rainy day
    2) LOVE — therefore have all the fun and games BUT DO NOT GET CAUGHT !!!
    3) An extension of item 2 love all GOD’S creations which includes money, sex, property and all the people around you are meant to keep you happy despite your celibacy vows !!!
    Jesus wore, what looked like an upturned sack — no fancy ermine trimmed grand robes– certainly NO BIG FAT RING that is stuck in your face for you to reverently BOW and kiss.
    When Jesus finally comes again I sincerely hope he comes with a strong WHIP and thrashes all these phony “SHEPHERDS”


  2. June 23, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    I can understand your anguish as to what is going on in our church. I have also reflected on this….From our 10 commandments, Jesus gave us a new commandment. He kept the first one: Love God with all your heart, all your mind and with all your strength. The new commandment is : Love one another as I have loved you. We, Catholics, or for that matter all Christians follow the first commandment diligently. This is reflected in our actions – going to Church on Sunday, partaking in the Holy Eucharist, going for Novenas, and various retreats, etc. I and my God. We have a good relationship. However, what tangible action do we do to reflect the second commandment: Love one another as I have loved you. How many of us take part in community services? How do we make a difference in someone else’s life? And this doesn’t mean family. We all take care of our families. Even animals do that.How many of us give our time and energy for the welfare of others? In other words what voluntary services are we rendering. This can be as simple as being part of our building’s committee. Or we can be part of our community outreach program – SVP, Legion of Mary, etc and reaching out to the marginalized even in our own community. Sometimes, it is just a listening ear and sometimes it is just a shoulder to cry on. Don’t look at what others are doing. Don’t get disillusioned by what the priests are doing, what the parish councillors are doing or for that matter what anyone else is doing. They are answerable to God. What will we tell God? That everyone was doing this and so I did the same. We have to be right with God. Follow the path of righteousness. We need to internalize God’s word. We need to read the Bible and follow it up in practical life. Then and only then will our lives be transformed. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in us and we will work wonders! God Bless!


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