In the News for wrong Reasons: Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (E)

It is a well known fact that Parish authorities use divide and Rule Policy to keep parishioners busy fighting among themselves. PPC  Meetings are sometimes stormy on some issue or the other. Office bearers of PPC are always on the side of Parish authorities, in case some other members question or points out to the irregularities Committed by Parish Authorities or Parish Priest. These members then go into the bad books of parish Priests. Parish Priests do not like their decisions to be questioned by anyone. This has happened in case of St. Joseph Church, Miraroad, and Our Lady of Good Counsel, Sion. These matters have been brought to the notice of our readers earlier.


This post is related to Sacred Heart Church, Andheri (E). Matter has been referred to H. E. Cardinal Oswald Gracias. However, there is no response from his office yet. attached letter shall explain the matter in detail.






Constuted UnderPara 29 of Christifideles Laici

(Post Synodal ApostolicExhortation ofH. H.Late Pope John Paul II)

A/7, Rodrigues Compound, Malwani Village, Malad(W), Mumbai,400095. Contact no. 98707 19628.

E Mail:

(Archdiocese of Bombay)


7th, May, 2014;



Most Rev. Cardinal Oswald Gracias,


Archdiocese of Bombay;


Your Eminence,


Hope this letter finds you in pink of health and we pray to our LORD JESUS CHRIST that he bestows upon you his choicest blessing to carry out his mission which has been assigned to you by HOLY FATHER Pope Francis.


This is our first letter since your appointment by Pope Francis on GROUP OF EIGHT TO ADVISE ON CURIA REFORMS. Unfortunately it is, as usual, about some undue happing at one of the parish within Archdiocese of Bombay. This time it is at SACRED HEART CHURCH, ANDHERI (E).


Attached please find some E mails between Parish Authorities and a couple of Parishioners, which shall give you an idea as to how the parish is being run. Before we proceed, we wish to state that this problem could have been resolved by the parish Priest by offering a GOOD LISTENING EAR to the aggrieved Parishioners. Instead, he chose to aggravate it further, by getting other parishioners involved.




One Mr. Michael Rodriguez, VP – PPC has been sending E Mails, SMS’s and making phone Calls to a Parishioner, Mr. Baptist Fernando who is also a PPC member and an active animator of a SCC  zone, to attend an emergency meeting.


Reason to call for this EMERGENCY Meeting?????


Another animator from the group has given a letter to Parish Priest, Fr. Baptist Pais against Mr. Baptist Fernando, who has forwarded the same to Mr. Michael Rodrigues, VP – PPP, We suppose for some kind of action. Was it right on the part of Parish Priest to make an issue out of this? Is it right on the Part of Mr. Michael Rodrigues, VP – PPC, to call for Emergency PPC meeting to discuss this issue? Wouldn’t it be appropriate to handover the copy of the letter along with agenda to Mr. Baptist Fernando, to understand the letter/Issue and prepare his defense, if necessary?


Appropriately, Mr. Baptist Fernando decline to take a call to attend this illegitimate meeting. Another reason for Mr. Fernando’s refusal to attend the meeting is, similar meeting was called by VP – PPC earlier and during the meeting he was humiliated by all and sundry, giving him no opportunity to explain his views. Is this how PPC meetings are conducted?


As per our understanding of PPC and its full form is PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL; which means it is meant to assist the Clergy in Pastoral matters of the Parish. Does above matter falls into Pastoral Category? You take a call on this your Eminence.


Letters against Ms. Anita D’sa:


A Couple of youth from the community handed over similar letters to the Parish Priest, against Ms. Anita D’sa, who has been involved in various Church activities for over 25 years. These letters are used to malign her reputation and she is still fighting to get her name cleared. On 30th, of November, 2013; a meeting between a group of Parishioners and the clergy team was called, which was chaired by Ms. Anella Quadros, PPC Secretary…


Minutes of this meeting are not yet handed over to the participants. The Participants, including Ms. Anita D’sa, are insisting on the minutes as, according to them, would help bring out the truth.


All said and done your eminence, is this way to run a Parish? Anyone could write a letter against some parishioners and the entire PPC gets busy with finding the so called truth… Don’t the PPC members have something better to do? Don’t you think that Fr Baptist Pais, Parish Priest; could have just cosigned the letters to dustbin or called both the parties and settled the matter, amicably, once and for all?


Besides, It is hard to believe that youth would dare to write against any parishioner. It is needless to say that some persons having vested interest have used the youth, to shoot from their shoulder… Now that the matter has reached to the extent of no return, the culprit needs to be exposed.


Your Eminence, apart from these two, Baptist Fernando and Anita D’sa; we have in our possession a list of parishioners who are being marginalized by Parish authorities or so to say by some members of PPC. These Parishioners have been active in the Parish for around three decades each. Now all of a sudden they are being eased out unceremoniously.


One of them is Conrad D’sa who has been conducting a choir for around several years and which was declared as the best Choir in the Archdiocese of Bombay. Apart from conducting Choir, he was involved in many activities and one among them is putting up quotes on the display board facing the road.  He was asked to discontinue doing the same and the charge was handed over to someone else. Of course, it is the Parish Priest’s prerogative to decide on who should or should not do certain jobs in the Church, which we do not deny. However, being the Shepherd of the flock, what could have been a better way than politely conveying the same to him, orally? But he chose to do so through E Mail, which we find amusing.


While talking about E Mails, we have in our possession a folder, full of E mails, between Parishioners and Church authorities including Parish Priest Fr, Baptist Pais, which would make an interesting reading and give an insight into how a Shepherd who is supposed to care for his flock in unbiased manner, behaves.


Your Eminence, We do not blame the Parish Priest alone for this state of affairs because he seems to have been influenced by some office bearers of PPC, who certainly must have vested interests. However, the Parish Priest is solely responsible for this state of affairs.


The Parishioners, the marginalized ones need to be heard. Their efforts to dialog with Parish authority has fallen on deaf ears.


We therefore, call upon you to give an audience to these parishioners, being marginalized by Parish authorities and offer them a GOOD LISTENING EAR and understand their woes. We reiterate that these parishioners have been active in the parish for a very long time and now they are being treated as trouble makers. Certainly there is something wrong.


It has reliably been learnt that the Parish Priest Fr. Baptist Pais is due for transfer. It is therefore, imperative that the matter is taken up on priority and resolved before his departure.


Your Eminence, we do hope that you will understand the seriousness of the issue and act accordingly at the earliest.


Yours always in OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST;












Michael Rodrigues <> | Add to Address book |This is spam


To:          PPC 4 Baptist Fernando <>               

Subject:               Our tele-conversation of 26th March    

Date:     Wed, 26 Mar 2014 14:22:15 IST

Cc:          “” <>, PPC 34 Rayna D’Souza <>, SH CCO-Sandra Cranston <>, PPC 27 Flavy D’Souza <>, PPC 27 Flavy D’Souza <>, PPC 10 Lavina Vas <>, “Fr. Baptist Pais” <>, “SH-Fr. Evan” <>, “SH – FR. John S” <>, “Fr.Innocent” <>


Dear Mr. Baptist Fernando,


Greetings to you.


This is in reference to our telephonic conversation sometime back.


I intimated to you, the request from the Executive Committee to come for a meeting organised between you and your Community Animators.

Your reply is that you are willing to attend this meeting provided you are given a letter written by your animators. According to you, this letter should be given one/two days in advance to you so that you come prepared for the meeting.



By this email, I am herewith conveying your response to the Executive Committee Members. Shall revert to you once we discuss the same.



Have a nice day!



Michael Rodrigues





RaynaDsouza<>       | Add to Address book |This is spam


To:          Michael Rodrigues <>, PPC 4 Baptist Fernando <>              

Subject:               RE: Our tele-conversation of 26th March             

Date:     Wed, 26 Mar 2014 17:17:17 IST

Cc:          “” <>, SH CCO-Sandra Cranston <>, PPC 27 Flavy D’Souza <>, PPC 27 Flavy D’Souza <>, PPC 10 Lavina Vas <>, Fr Baptist Pais<>, “SH-Fr. Evan” <>, “SH – FR. John S” <>, Fr.Innocent<>

Dear Michael,


I don’t see the need for a written letter from the animators of the community, as this meeting is being called by the Executive committee. If the matter was vice-versa would Mr Baptist give a letter to the animators requesting them for a meeting with the Executive Committee.


The Committee who have called the meeting sends the letter, irrespective of who attends the meeting.


Thanks & Regards






Michael Rodrigues <> | Add to Address book |This is spam


To:          PPC 4 Baptist Fernando <>               

Subject:               Meeting with Animators of Community no. 4   

Date:     Fri, 28 Mar 2014 10:15:22 IST

Cc:          “Fr. Baptist Pais” <>, “” <>, PPC 34 Rayna D’Souza <>, PPC 27 Flavy D’Souza <>, PPC 27 Flavy D’Souza <>, SH CCO-Sandra Cranston <>, PPC 10 Lavina Vas <>, “Fr.Innocent” <>, “SH – FR. John S” <>, “SH-Fr. Evan” <>


Dear Mr. Baptist Fernando,


Good morning.


This is in reference to our previous conversations on the subject topic.


The Executive Committee of Sacred Heart Parish has arranged a meeting of the the Animators of Community no. 4 and your kindself. The meeting shall be held on Sunday the 30th of March at 11 am in the mini-hall. You are requested to attend the same.

A copy of the agenda has been attached herewith.


Have a nice day!




Michael Rodrigues








To:          <>        

Subject:               Your Tele-conv-on 27-03-2014  

Date:     Thu, 27 Mar 2014 15:40:28 IST

Cc:                   <>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>

Bcc:        <>,<>,<>,<>

Greetings to you in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Dear Mr. Michael Rodriques,


As per your Telephonic conversation from your mobile no. 9820530374 which I received on 27/03/2014 time 12:52pm in my mobile no. 9769573020.

As per your intimation/ opinion of the Executive Committee, no Agenda of the meeting & Letter copy will be provided to me in advance. And you have insisted that YOU HAVE TO ATTEND THIS MEETING as a PPC member.


I am unable to attend the same due to not providing me

1) AGENDA of the meeting,


And also you mentioned that If you fail to attend this meeting, necessary action will be taken against you. I request to the Executive committee to bring this issue in the coming PPC for the discussion which is scheduled on 03/04/2014.




Thanks & GOD bless you





PPC- Community No.4








Parishioner since 1985 till date (29 years)

No Church –    Fr.  Frederick Sopena  (In Charge) celebrated mass in a house at Achanak Colony

Conflicts regarding the land/survey between BMC/AISS/Builder/MrsGonsalves and Parishioners, Fr. Sylvester Rego (Parish Priest)

2000 appointed PPC  –  Fr. Walter Mendonca (Parish Priest)

Re elected PPC

2013  Appointed PPC for the third time  – Fr. Baptist Pais (Parish Priest)

Contact: Cell: 9769573020: E mail:




Parishioner since 1986 till date

Member of the Youth Association in the Parish for 6 years

Appointed PPC Member  term of 3 years

Youth Animator till 2012 until abruptly disbanded by Parish Priest/Fr. Evan/John Signaria

Appointed PPC member further term of 3 years


JAYESH GEORGE                                                                                      —- Parishioner – from 1986 till date                                                                      – Part of the English Choir – from 1997 till datePart of the Youth as an Animator   – YASH – 2000 till 2004 and from 2010 till 2012until abruptly disbanded by Parish Priest/Fr. Evan/John Signaria                                                                                                                                                                    -WYSH – 2004 till 2012until abruptly disbanded by Parish Priest/Fr. Evan/John Signaria

– Part of the Pre Baptismal Catechists from 2004 onward                                                                                                             – Part of the Heart to Heart Bulletin from 2005 till September 2013

– Part of the Parish website from 2005 till October 2013



Parishioner since 2001 till date

Youth Animator from 2010 to 2012 until abruptly disbanded by Parish Priest/Fr. Evan/John Signaria



Parishionerfor 10 years

Joined the PYAT in  2012 and selected as a Secretary

Church Silver Jubillee committee in 2012

SCC Animator from 2011 till date



Parishioner since 1981 till date

Singing in the choir from  1982 under various choir masters  currently singing with Conrad  D’Satill date



Parishioner since 2002 till date

Joined the Bombay Catholic Sabha 2010 till date

Appointed Secretary in 2010 till 2013

Carried out several activities  in 2010 to 2012 moral/civic/political




Parishioner since 1981 till date

Singing in the choir from  1982 till date




Member of the Youth Association in the Parish

Youth Animator from 2012 to 2012  until abruptly disbanded by Parish Priest/Fr. Evan/John Signaria



Parishioner since 1988

Sang in the choir under B. Euclidus SDBSinging  in the choir under Conrad D’Sa  (my husband) till date

Assisted my husband in the Youth Ministry and in everything he did in church

SCC Animator from inception till date

Co ordinator of the Senior Citizen Cell since 2013

Contact: Cell: 9833671080 E Mail:




–          Parishioner since 1988 Fr. Lopes (Parish Priest) Was appointed to collect Church Support

–          Sang in the Choir under Br. Euclidus SDB  –   Fr. Furtado Parish Priest

–          Conducted the Choir –  Fr. Walter Mendonca (Parish Priest) till date

–          In the Choir – First individual to celebrate St. Cecilia’s Feast and annually took the members for a Picnic

–          Catechist -Taught Sunday School

–          Did the backdrops for the big feast masses held on the Parish grounds/decorated the altar/First individual To enact the last supper/Christmas

–          Appointed Youth Animator along with Fr. John Mascrenhas and Fr. Christopher  Canossian Priest from Rome,

Organisedall the Inter Parish/Zonal tournaments/Summer Jamboree for the kids during the holidays which arebeing carried out till date with no new ideas. Until the appointment of Fr. Baptist Pais, and quietly stepped down

–          Compered most of the functions in the Parish with all the activities –  Fr. Cyprian Lewis Parish Priest

–           Part of a team  & collated a Parish Hymnal for the Andheri (E) Deanery – only to be discarded by Fr. Baptist Pais

–          SCC Animator from inception till date

–          First individual to prepare the parishioners during the 40 days of lent by decorating the church with sack cloth with appropriate pictures and wordings.

–          First individual to do a Power Point Presentation Stations of the Cross and  for all big feast masses – saving the environment instead of printing leaflets

–          First Individual to organize Community day with a meal also taking the entire community for a day picnic with all the games and fun to go with

–          First Individual to publish a Community Directory which helped the community to get connected.. This idea was appreciated by Fr. Cyprian Lewis and was introduced at the Parish level where all the Parishioners had a copy of the ParishDirectory.

–          Being an Interior Designer  – Fr. Cyprian Lewis on many occasions took my advice and I designed the Chapel and the Cemetery and also a few icons in the Church when it was being built.

–          The Quotation Board – donated by me and the thought for the week was put up by mefor 10 years – ABRUPTLY STOPPED with an e-mail from Fr. Baptist

–          Represented the choir ministry at PPC. Appointed PPC member of Community 2012 till date

–          Joined the Senior Citizen Cell and revived it having an activity for the young at heart every month be it a movie, housie, games or line dancing at the Parish level



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