Bishops hope new government will uphold secularism


The verdict is finally out. Narendra Modi has been elected as next Prime Minister of India; whether someone likes it or not but one has to accept this fact.

Looking at overall results, it is certain that the citizens of this great country have applied their mind and made a right choice. This Country was in need of strong leadership at helm who would take reigns of its affairs in his own hands and not dance to the tune of some high command operating as remote control. That was our perception all through the tenure of the previous regime; It is up to the readers to have perception of their own.

The results have shown that people from all walks of life have reposed their faith in Mr. Narendra Modi as a Leader, to rule this country as Prime Minister of India, irrespective of his past. Citizens of this country, fed up with scams, Scandals, Corruption and non governance, were looking for a change for better, which they felt, Mr. Narendra Modi could bring in.

As regards to his so called communal image, even the minorities have reposed their faith in him. Two hundred and Eighty plus of his Party members who have been elected with large margins as MPs, owe their victory to Mr. Narendra Modi. Minority votes have played a major role in their victory. To prove our point, here are couple of examples from nearer home, i. e. Mumbai.

Mumbai North Constituency: this constituency has a large chunk of Christian votes, on whose strength, the Previous MP was elected with a slender margin. During this Election, he lost with a big margin, obviously because the Christian Community decided to vote for a change, en masse to strengthen Mr. Narendra Modi’s hand.

Mumbai North Central Constituency: This is the constituency, where Christians and Muslim voters are in large numbers and on their strength, the previous MP who was popular among both the communities, lost with huge margin. Obviously, because both these communities decided to strengthen Mr. Narendra Modi  by getting his MP elected.

Let us now hope that there will be a see change in the fortune of India.

Let us also hope Mr. Narendra Modi will successfully reign in the fringe elements who are likely to take advantage of he being the PM and to harass minority communities.



The Catholic body advised Congress party to learn from experience.


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Thiruvananthapuram:  The top body of Catholic bishops in India has congratulated National Democratic Alliance, led by BJP, on its thumping win in the general elections, hoping that the new government will uphold eternal values and secularism in making India a great nation.

“Let the new government led by BJP enable the India of Mahatma Gandhi stand tall among the world nations ensuring protection, security, welfare and sustained development of the people of all sections,” Cardinal Baselios Cleemis, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), said in a statement.

He hoped that the new government will continue to uphold the eternal values, secularism and principles of democracy to lead the nation on the path of development.

Reaffirming the Catholic Church’s support to the government’s activities in the process of nation building, he said that the new Government has the responsibility to ensure the security of the minorities and to show special consideration towards the weaker sections of the country.

The Catholic body advised Congress party to learn from experience and perform as a creative force in the opposition knowing the pulse of the public.

Source: press statement


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