Fr. Richard Crasto          :           To be Director, Diocesan Estate Office and Director, Roman Catholic Cathedral  Trust While continuing as Parish Priest, Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Goregaon (W).

Fr. Seraj Y. Pinto            :           To continue as Parish Priest, St. Anthony Church, Vakola(and not as previously announced)

Fr. Elias D’souza              :           To be Director, Our Lady’s Home, Dadar (E) ( and not as previously announced)

Fr. Joseph Gonsalves    :           To be resident staff member, St. Pius X College, Goregaon

Fr. Godwin Fernandes  :           To be Archdiocesan Vocation Promoter and Treasurer of St. Pius College with residence at St. Pius College, Goregaon.

Fr. Raphael Mordom     :           To be Assistant Director, Our Lady’s Home, Dadar (E)

Fr. George Fernandes    :           To be Assistant, Holy Cross Church, Kurla

Fr. Maria Gabriel             :           To be Assistant, St. Jude Church, Jeri Meri

Fr. Ignatius Manaji        :           To be Assistant, St. Francis Xavier Church, Vile Parle.

Fr. Stephen Maria           :           To be Assistant, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Orlem.

Fr. Henry Sequeira         :           To be Assistant, Infant Jesus Church, Jogeshwari (E).

Fr. Sean Sequeira            :           To be Assistant, St. John the Baptist Church, Thane.

Fr. Wilfred J. vaz            :           To be Assistant, St Lawrence Church, Wagle Estate.

Fr. Francis Xavier           :           To be Assistant, St. Anthony Church, Malwani.

Fr. Anto Denish                :           (Newly Ordained) to be Assistant, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, Borivli (W).

Fr. Glasten Gonsalves   :           (Newly Ordained) To be Assistant, Our Lady of Health Church, Versova.

Fr. Hendrick Itur            :           (newly Ordained) to be Assistant, St. Thomas Church, Goregaon (E)


The above Appointments take effect from June 1, 2014.

(To be continued)


April 22,  2014                                   Sd/- Oswald Cardinal Gracias

THE EXAMINER                                       Archbishop of Bombay


1 Comment

  1. Isaac Gomes said,

    April 29, 2014 at 1:19 am

    Congratulations to all the new incumbents and all the best wishes for a successful partnership with the Laity of Mumbai as true CO-PARTNERS!

    In this context, special prayers and good wishes for Fr. Richard Crasto – To be Director, Diocesan Estate Office and Director, Roman Catholic Cathedral Trust and his team of Trustees.

    All the appointments are to be seen in the light of an article dated 13 March 2013 in Mumbai Laity captioned “CHURCH PROPERTY – ITS TRUE STATUS AND PRE-REQUISITES REGARDING CRITICAL MANAGEMENT” by: Justice Michael F. Saldanha, Judge, High Court of Bombay and High Court of Karnataka (Retd.).

    The article is a masterpiece especially some anecdotes from his experience as Judge for many years, on the audacity of the clergy, misuse of their money power to win court cases and handling of church properties like sole proprietorship resulting in absolute breach of trust.

    After reading the article, I sent an e-mail to our Archbishop Thomas D’Douza and to several Laity Leaders as follows:

    In the present scenario of the Indian Church led by the CBCI, the article is very apt.

    But instead of waiting to take the cue from the CBCI, the Archbishop of Calcutta should take the lead keeping with the saying “What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow.”

    My comments on the article is also given below.

    Isaac Gomes says:

    April 28, 2014 at 6:59 am

    Well said SIR. To quote William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice: “A Daniel has come to judgement”!

    Given below is the crystal-clear judgement of the Kerala High Court (referred by you). “Church and its properties would not vest in the Pope or the archbishop and the maxim “Roma locuta est, causa finite est” (Rome has spoken, case is closed) no longer survives,” It’s simply a straight-driven six hit out of the stadium!

    Kerala HC backs laity’s right over church property
    TNN Oct 11, 2012, 04.50AM IST

    KOCHI: The Kerala high court on Wednesday ruled that parishioners have rights over church property. Justice K Vinod Chandran gave the ruling while hearing a case over property rights between parishioners and church authorities of ‘Mukkad Thirukudumba’ Church, Sakthikulangara, Kollam.

    Parishioners, independently or together as a committee of administrators, are competent to represent the parish and claim rights over the property of the church, the HC ruled. As per Canon Law, church property is vested in the hands of the bishop or the vicar and clearly mandates a consent from either the bishop or the vicar for initiating a litigation.

    The court held in its judgment that the competence of the plaintiffs (parishioners) cannot be doubted even going by the Canon Law; less so by the law applicable to this land.

    Church and its properties would not vest in the Pope or the archbishop and the maxim “Roma locuta est, causa finite est” (Rome has spoken, case is closed) no longer survives, the court observed in the judgment. The court observed further: “Canon Law, as it exists now, realises the fences erected by civil law and cautiously veers away from any transgression thereof.”

    The court also pointed out that Canon Law was discussed only to answer the right of the parishioners and it shouldn’t be understood that Canon Law would override the civil law of the land. Canon Law can have theological or ecclesiastical implication to the parties, but such personal law cannot have any legal impact, the judge quoted from a full bench decision of the high court that was later upheld by the Supreme Court.

    Isaac Gomes

    Let the lay leaders who are on various Laity Committees of Calcutta Archdiocese wake up and act instead of looking the other way. Let them address the real laity issues.

    “When I address letters on issues of importance to any of the Church dignitaries from the Parish level to the National level, they are consigned to the waste paper basket – they are not replied to nor is any cognizance taken of them. The reason for this is obviously because the whole of the Clergy consider the Church to be their personal fiefdom, they are accountable to nobody and the Church provides for all their needs and comforts for life.” (excerpts from Justice Saldanha’s article).

    With due respect to our Archbishop, he also falls in this group. He has not responded to any of the e-mails sent to him regarding:

    With due respect to our Archbishop, he also falls in this group. He has not responded to any of the e-mails sent to him regarding:

    (1)The attack by goons hired by Fr K.K. Sebastian and his henchmen (according to him “Church Sympathizers”)

    (2) Petition dated 28 July 2012 (attached) from 240 parishioners for REMOVAL of Fr K.K. Sebastian for hiring goons to assault and issue life threats to CAB Auxilium Parish members and for other acts against parishioners like demand for 1% of income towards family contribution without giving any justification & parish budget

    (3)The illegal disaffiliation of Catholic Association of Bengal (CAB) Auxilium Church Unit by CAB Central President Alexander Anthony at the instance of Fr K.K. Sebastian based on his totally false and malicious allegations vide letter dated 12.11.2012

    (4) The Archbishop is the Ex-Officio Chairman of CAB. This is not an ornamental position.
    – He has all copies of correspondence
    – CAB is a Laity Organisation registered as a Society under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act. It does not come under any Parish Priest or Bishop who are just Spiritual Advisers / Motivators
    – This is the status in all other states Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Meghalaya, etc. The Archbishop is aware of this having been present at All India Catholic Union Conference at Seva Kendra Kolkata.
    – Fr K.K. Sebastian flagrantly tried to violate this legal standing by making use of CAB Central President

    – No wonder at the meeting at Provincial’s House on 3rd July 2012 (in the presence of the erstwhile CAB President Eugene Gonsalves and Fr Siby of Don Bosco Park Circus) it was said that because controversy precedes and follows him wherever he goes and because was politicising the church and using goons to threaten parishioners, he was not worth to wear the Cassock. Neither the Salesian Provincial nor Fr K.K. Sebastian deny the charge. They just kept their heads down!

    (5) Beating of Herman Vaz inside the Church compound by Lawrence Das and Sisir Bor in the presence of Fr K.K. Sebastian and other priests (Can he deny the email sent to him?)

    (6) The Archbishop thinks time is a great healer and in this belief he sweeps all matters of grave concern under the carpet, keeping himself busy with felicitation and inaugural programmes.

    (7) With athletic alacrity he called an all-Bengal strike for alleged attack and vandalism on Christ Church School Dum Dum but neither he nor the Salesian Provincial visited Auxilium Parish or do anything to diffuse the hair-raising tension. On the contrary, they gave a carte blanche to Fr K.K. Sebastian to do the riot act / run amok! Whose money was Fr K.K. squandering away? Certainly not his ancestral money but the Auxilium Parishioners’!

    Wake up Laity, wake up and throw these ROGUE PRIESTS into the Ganges!

    Isaac Gomes


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