Curia has started feeling the Pinch of Reforms by Pope Francis..,,

This was expected, ever since Pope Francis embarked upon system cleansing reforms – GREG

Cardinal speaks of resentful mutterings in the Curia

Not all cardinals like the pope’s reforms, he says.

Vatican City: 

Pope Francis is seeking to build a “new way of being church” for Roman Catholics in a similar way to how St. Francis of Assisi reported being told by God to repair the church during the 13th century, a cardinal who is one of the pontiff’s closest advisers said.

“There is a new concept of church here” in how the pope is governing the Vatican, said Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodr�guez Maradiaga, speaking April 8 in St. Petersburg, Fla. “There is a new way of thinking, including the way of governing in the church, here.”

However, Rodr�guez said, while Francis is popular among people around the world, he is facing opposition in the Roman Curia.

“We have to be prepared, since this beautiful but strange popularity is beginning to strengthen adherences, but equally to awaken deaf opposition not only in the old Curia, but in some who are sorry to lose privileges in treatment and in comforts,” Rodr�guez said.

“Expressions like ‘What can it be that this little Argentine pretends?’, or the expression of a well-known cardinal who let slip the phrase, ‘We made a mistake,’ can be heard,” Rodr�guez said, making an apparent reference to a cardinal who regrets the selection of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as pope.

Source: National Catholic Reporter


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  1. April 25, 2014 at 10:55 am

    These old fogeys who have wallowed in the lap of luxury for so many years are certainly not going to fall in line without a fight.
    I wonder if anyone has any statistics to show how many secular/diocesan clergy have been elevated to bishop or cardinal, as against religious clergy who take the vow of poverty ?????
    COME ON HOLY SPIRIT instill some sense of shame in to these old vultures
    LET US PRAY !!!!!


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