Catholic group demands excommunication of priests

The group has already received support from several diocesan and religious priests as well as sisters.


A group of Catholics has demanded excommunication of priests under Karnataka Catholic Priests’ Association and their supporters, who have been creating problems in the Bangalore Archdiocese raising the bogey of Kannada language in liturgy.

The protesters held the demonstration in front of the Archbishop’s House April 12 and later submitted a memorandum to the Archbishop Bernard Moras seeking excommunication of the priests involved in ”un-Christian activities.”

The gathering assembled under the banner of the Federation of Karnataka Catholics and Christians Associations (FKCCA) lead by its President T J Abraham, a social activist.

Federation of Konkani Catholic Associations (FKCA) Chairperson Aida D’Cunha, former FKCA Chairman Charles Gomes and other key leaders met the archbishop and presented their memorandum listing 15-points as the grounds for seeking excommunication of the priests.

The FKCCA, which has also forwarded a similar memorandum to the President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), the highest decision-making body of all Bishops in India, at its office in New Delhi, said all the priests involved in anti-Catholic and un-Christian conduct and behavior must be Excommunicated from the Catholic Church, under the provisions of the Canon Law forthwith, as they are guilty of willfully violating and deliberately flouting their solemn religious vows of obedience and loyalty to the Ecclesial superiors.

In addition, some the priests are guilty of violating the sixth and ninth commandments and are accused of killing or bearing false witness, which are consequently sufficient grounds for their automatic excommunication,” the memorandum said.

Abraham said the FKCCA has already received support from several diocesan and religious priests as well as sisters.

”However, we have asked all the religious priests and sisters not to openly come out in support at this stage. They can join us later as and when the situation demands. This is our first step. We have mobilized a gathering of 300 persons now. It will be followed up with a gathering of 3,000 and then 30,000 and finally 3,00,000 from all over Karnataka,” he said pointing out that the momentum is building up as majority of the Catholics and Christians feel ”enough is enough and that it is necessary to stand up and fight.”

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  1. dmelloalex said,

    April 14, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    What are those un-Christian activities? can somebody throw some light on the issues involved or is it like Goa christian politicians who are supporters of BJP objecting to the priests’ support to secular parties and talking about the fascism spreading all over the country? Many are unhappy because they do not have a Bishop from the local community, Bishop Bernard Moraes is a Mangalorean and also raised a voice against Yeddi’s misrule and attacks on Christians by Bajrang Dal goons, a section of the Sangh parivar want to teach him a lesson by creating disturbances within the community. Can we have more info please.


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