More arrests expected in seminary murder case

Police last Friday arrested a Carmelite priest, a Bangalore archdiocesan priest and layperson linking them to the murder of Father K. J Thomas.


File photo of Fr. K.J. Thomas (Photo courtesy: facebook)


A senior police official investigating the murder of a seminary rector says there will be more arrests in the case in addition to last week’s arrests of two priests and a layperson.

Police last Friday arrested a Carmelite priest, a Bangalore archdiocesan priest and layperson linking them to the murder of Father K. J Thomas, whose body was found just outside his bedroom in St. Peter’s seminary on April 1 morning last year.

“There will be more arrests. We are continuing the investigation,” the officer told

Police sources said they have not filed charges on the arrested–Father Elias Daniel OCD, parish priest Father William Patrick of from Kengeri, and layperson Peter. The charge sheet will be filed only after more arrests are made and evidences are established, the officer said.

A team of investigators continues to work to establish findings linking the murder to the arrested people and their accomplices. Investigators believe more people are directly and indirectly involved “in the conspiracy, planning and execution of the crime. ”

The victim was a morally upright and austere priest and investigation need to establish beyond doubt the reasons for fatally attacking him.

The officer said since it is “very sensitive case” they are careful not to offend the sensibilities of the people by making statements and rash actions. “There will be more arrests. I can’t give more details now.”

The police are working hard to make foolproof case. “We want a case that will stand the prosecution and court of law.”

Meanwhile, some members of the Karnataka Kannada Priests’ Association has alleged that police conducted the inquiry with little knowledge of how church institutions function, making the investigation questionable.

They accused police of arresting the two priests based on circumstantial evidence and loose statements, reported the Times of India.

However police maintain that the information they passed on the press was only partial and they have more evidences to link the arrested to the crime.

Source: UCANews



  1. April 2, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    Wondering WHERE is the money of the parishioners of St.Joseph’s church going ?

    To fund some anti-social activities , or to cover-up some murder or other crimes …..paying blackmailers ……. so many possibilities……the question is WHY do they NEED to be corrupt ?


  2. April 4, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    Is the ” Carmel Seva Sangam Trust ” mentioned below -also connected with the OCD ?

    Source of Foreign Funding Must Be Probed

    Abraham claimed that ”it is in public knowledge that the Carmel Seva Sangam Trust, which is run by the President of the Catholic Karnataka Kannada Priests Association (Balaga) Fr A Thomas, receives funds from foreign agencies such as FODERVEREIN BEDEN and ANNAPURNA FOUNDATION, Germany.”

    ”What is interesting is that this funding agency is, according to sources, a recipient of funds from amongst others, Billy Graham Evangelist Association, P O Box.1270, Charlote, 28201, 1270 USA (having an Indian Bank Account No.911010024922852 in Axis Bank, Sahakaranagar Branch) and LIVING WORD FELLOWSHIP. 512, Beach Pond Road, Voluntown, CT 06381, Box, 36, USA, who directly takes care of AGAPE Ministries India (having an Indian Bank Account No.15334 in Canara Bank, D’costa Square, Branch) and also PARTNER IN ASIAN MISSION, Box 531011, Birmingham, AL-35253, USA financing AGAPE Bible Fellowship(having an Indian Bank Account No 21638 in Canara Bank, D’costa Square, Branch),” he said.

    The most shocking/coincidental aspect, according to Abrahm, is that the purpose of all these funding agencies in sending money was ”Maintenance of Priests/other religious functionaries.”

    ”Crores and crores of rupees are flowing for the maintenance of Priests. Which Priests?,” he asked and wondered if the priests were indeed ”The Priests of the Catholic Karnataka Kannada Priests Association (Balaga)?”

    He demanded that all these things also require a thorough investigation by our investigation agencies for the public to know the truth, and alleged that the ”money received by the Carmel Seva Sangam Trust, which is run by Fr A Thomas, from a foreign agency called FODERVEREIN BEDEN, and ANNAPURNA FOUNDATION, Germany is meant for the purpose of “Education/Schools for the mentally challenged.”

    ”The usage of the foreign funds for any purpose other than what it was got/sent would amount to a violation under 3.6.1 of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010(FCRA 2010) earlier Act of 1976 (FCRA 1976). We have already complained to the concerned authorities in this regard for a thorough investigation and necessary legal action,” he claimed.


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