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Many in our community have never done anything terribly wrong, but they never accomplish anything significant. And it is said, “That’s the way many in our community live their lives.”  We lack this fundamental knowledge of living and keeping up with democratic competition, and have become victims of stress and strain, gossip and jealously. Thus our community goes through a mechanical way of living merely following a routine of our predecessors and as a result, is not present in the political discourse of mainstream parties and hence we have not been included in the mainstream political discourse despite substantial contribution to society and the country with the finest schools, colleges and hospitals. Our efforts towards nation building have been overlooked. The elections are still a few months away. The communalists are, thus far, only campaigning. Yes, it’s looking bad, but they are not in power. Not yet. And what are we doing?

Can we, the Christian community of Mumbai just sit back and allow people of other faith persuasions to do injustice to our community? After they being educated in our schools / collages / institutions run by us as well as make use of our numerous facilities? Does the privilege of participating in civic & political activities belong to the people of other faiths? The answer is a big NO. Any civic & political activity or any other activity that brings peace, happiness, up liftmen and advantage to our community belongs to all of us individually and collectively.

Therefore all of us, who believe in Christ, are duty bound to lend a helping hand towards changing, building and improving our community’s condition rather than mearly uttering and singing “We are the body of Christ” or “We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord” If we, as a community fail in doing this just duty, how we can call ourselves as one community and followers of Christ? Your home and community should be the center not the boundary of your affection

In this respect it may be argued that the Church does not guide us or tells us to eat or what to eat or tell us when/where/how to sleep…. Etc so then why do we need to wait for the Church to guide you or tell you who to vote for?. You vote as per your conscience for those who understand our needs and indeed the needs and anxieties of the people in general rather than their own selfish wants. It is in this context that we need to understand the CBCI;s assertion, viz. “At the outset the Catholic Church wish to make it clear to all, that the Catholic Church does not identify herself with any political party. But the Catholic Church has a responsibility as bishops to urge every eligible citizen to exercise his/her right and duty to vote and do so prudently, carefully and judiciously. We must be convinced that every vote does count. We owe it to ourselves, our children and our country not to let go of this opportunity to get involved in bettering the history, culture and destiny of our nation.”

Very frankly the Church in India and certainly the Archdiocese of Bombay have all the resources anybody could possibly need to consolidate and guide her community. If our Church / the Archdiocese of Bombay stands her ground, our Archdiocese would have the weight of our enlightened community opinion behind her, and the support of most—if not all—of her community.

Although our community does have the Bombay Catholic Sabha that is an NGO as well as the Church in the City Civic & Political Cell of the Archdiocese of Bombay but both have covered little ground from where they have started. Nor are they able to take under their fold the local parish groups operating under different names but having the same civic and political agenda and are very active and visible. 

Frankly none of us believe that this has happened and is still happening in spite of the tremendous talent our community has and our contribution to the nation. Isn’t it’ time we consolidate ourselves into a value vote bank and determine how do we go about doing what we so rightly should, with the politicians and political parties of every hue masquerading out there in the open with their own selfish, self-centered and self oriented agenda.!



  1. July 10, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Dear Readers,
    Drawing your Christian attention to the modus operando of the leaders in the community will be shocking indeed for follower’s of Christ.
    Our voices could only be heard if those in authority permit their conscientious to guide their actions.
    We are a Roman Catholic family of N 24 PGS in West Bengal.
    As a minority Christian woman I’ve faced deprivation and discrimination in the highest possible manner. Harassed, physically assaulted, mentally
    living under fear and dread with anticipation of breach of peace at any given time .Do we have solidarity among the community? NO, in no way.
    Reorganize the bond of selfless commitment first in the Church then in those chosen to lead.
    A trespasser having strong links with ruling party is forcibly occupying a front portion of our legally owned property. When faced with a violent mob attack being the only Christian family. We rushed to our parish at Don Bosco’s in KALYANI .Now three years over our Parish priest put away our urgent appeal for unity in our times of trial.
    Listen Christians Rev Father Pchar told us we did not fall under his parish jurisdiction and we could approach Rev Father Anthony Roderick of Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Barasat. I make it known
    we have been parishioner’s for the past fifteen years . A house divided among Itself can never hope to stand.Party politics are far from the Church as a building not from the persons closely monitoring the community. Father Pichar told us he had no idea
    who Eugene Gonsalves is and in what way was he able to help us.
    Are there any links between leaders and laity? Hopelessly seeking justice with out support we then approached the Christian Minority Commission Vice Chair person. Politically chosen by the party is politically bound Christians hold on to straws for support.
    Every detail of our case was forwarded in the year 2012. A police report
    was dispatched to us as a matter of least concern after a year and a quarter. To be precise on the 10th January 2014.
    Here I would like to mention a C N I member is the only Christian community member who visited us and organized prayer meeting with his family swearing faithful solidarity.. Till date from Vice Chair person to Arch Bishop Thomas to Catholic Union President no one has even bothered to visit us let alone upholding the flock. When Doctor John received my distress call I immediately got a response with positive
    move of a wake up call to the community leadership. MR Gonsalves wrote a one liner to me .Get in touch with Maria Fernandes.
    Another one liner came from the Commission
    Come and meet me at my office.
    The next day anticipating a long awaited move for justice fate deemed
    it the other way round. A questionnaire was well prepared for me.Why did you write to Doctor John? Do you think he can do anything for you?
    Do you think I bother about his being shocked? Are you aware that his opinion matters very little to me. Pray if this is the link shared with those in authority and respect for each other is there any hope for community communication?
    Not to be easily deterred from continuing my fight for justice I told her
    I had sought the help of Arch Bishop Thomas too. This was what Miss Fernandes said I assure you no help will ever come from the Arch Bishop whatsoever. I guarantee you on this matter. Am I to take it
    they share a common bond towards the community of unconcern
    or do they mean to keep the community on the side lines as linemen?
    To make this a very simple eye opener the Commission
    the Church leaders the Anglo Indian MLA all vividly washing their hands off so as Christians whether you want to believe it. or not the most dirty kind of politics are being played by our representatives Please spare God’s people of shame in front of non believer’s. I was made a liar by Miss Fernandes in a one liner to the Catholic President who in turn praised Miss Fernandes for prompt redress. Is this communal friendship or community comradeship?
    Both sent out calls to cover ground and have kept silent on the matter .Miss Fernandes told me she considered the Chairman MR Intaj Ali Shah her half brother I sincerely wish to remind our leaders in appeasing the larger minority community don’t climb up on our backs.
    No doubt our Anglo Indian reps have left us sheep vulnerable to the devouring wolves of political support. The devoted in faith and righteousness To our Lord and Master our Good Shepherd will not surrender to political power and as the war clubs of the Lord we shall continue to press on for justice.
    As instructed by Miss Fernandes not to send her gospel teaching as she has no time to read same. Let me iterate no one can run away from the gospel truth. While you feel committed to our half brother’s don’t forget
    your brethren in the blood of Christ.
    Yours, in Christian fellowship
    MRS Beverly Grosser,

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