Pope’s Audience: Through Baptism, we become ‘missionary disciples’

Pope Francis seems to be echoing the Views of Late Pope Blessed John Paul II, from his Synodal ApostolicExhortation, UnderPara 29 of Christifideles Laici Which considers every Baptised Catholic a Missionery working in the interest of Church.

Following is Para 29 from this Exhortation, in brief.

“Because of the one dignity flowing from Baptism, each member of the lay faithful, together with ordained ministers and men and women religious, shares a responsibility for the Church’s mission.”

 Pope Benedict xvi Pope John Paul ll

We now question the Hierarchy of Bombay Archdiocese:

Is He/She not a Catholic, Who questions about Clergy’s, Particularly the Parish Priest’s unethical behavior, Contrary to teaching of the Christ’s Gospel?

Why then Such Parishioners are Marginalised and their Names and Reputation is maligned?

This has been happening, practically in Every Parish, in the Archdiocese.



During his weekly catechesis, Pope Francis talked about the importance of Baptism. He described it as a special Sacrament that welcomes Christians into their journey of faith.

With thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square, he explained that whoever receives the Sacrament is called to be a disciple and missionary.

He also described the Sacrament as a chain that connects generation to generation, adding that Christianity is born and lived out in the Church.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today we continue our catechesis on the sacrament of baptism by reflecting on how, through baptism, we become members of Christ’s mystical body, the Church.

In every generation, through baptism, we are reborn to the new life of grace and called to be witnesses of the Gospel before the world.  Baptism makes us “missionary disciples” within the communion of the Church.  There is a close bond, then, between our rebirth in water and the Holy Spirit, our responsibility to live this new life within the Church, in our families and our parishes, and our mission to bring the Gospel to others as channels of God’s grace.

We can look to the remarkable history of the Church in Japan, where small communities of the faithful survived clandestinely for over two centuries thanks to the grace of baptism.  May this example help us to appreciate more fully the profound mystical, communitarian and missionary dimensions of our baptism.


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  1. January 18, 2014 at 8:10 am

    I wish, hope and pray that at the time of his ordination every priest is implanted with a memory chip in his brain which compels and directs him to behave like a true shepherd and not become a wolf who preys on his flock


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