Mr. Sitaram Kunte (BMC), your game plan is exposed. You can’t Rob Peter to Pay Paul………

SOUL – SAVE OUR LAND, is fighting tooth and nails, to save our Church Land and one hundred  and fifty plus years old Parochial House from unjust Land Acquisition by BMC for road widening.  It has been proved time and again and again to BMC that the present Road Line (RL) is not acceptable to us. yet BMC is silent and trying to deviate from the issue. BMC does not have answers to our queries, We perceive. They have been caught in the bind.. with every response to our queries, BMC gets entangled into its own web.

Here is another example of BMC’s effort to deviate from the issue.

SOUL will not rest till our queries are satisfactorily replied, the current RL redrawn and ratified;  and will not allow single inch of our Church Land; come what may.

BMC has come to our door step with Road Widening. It was prevented from digging the road within disputed area, for concreting. It is likely, BMC may  attempts to do so once again. We are prepared to stand up and stop them once again.

Your Support is highly appreciated.



To,                                                                                                                              29th, November, 2013

Mr. Dixit,

Chief Engineer, (Roads & Traffic)

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)

Engineering Hub Building, Dr. E. Moses Road,

Worli, Mumbai – 400018

Respected Sir,

Sub:  Illogical/Deliberate swing in the ROAD LINE (RL), towards St. Anthony’s Church Trust & School property, on Madh – Marve Road.

Ref:  Letter ref. DyChE/4037/Traffic Dated 8th, October, 2013

We are herewith referring to Reference letter received by us on 19th, of October, 2013. It is needless to say that you or rather your Executive Engineer, Signatory to the reference letter has made a feeble effort to bypass the main issue, which has been mentioned in our letter, copy of which was marked to Municipal Commissioner. Reference letter makes a mention of this letter at No. 1.

Para 1:  Mentions about alleged C. R. No 753 dt. 27th, September, 1971, under which 27.45 Mts. Wide road was sanctioned. Mr. Dixit, without prejudice to the right to Dispute the CR, and/or without prejudice to the right to challenging the width of this road alleged to have been proposed in 1971. What is most hardening to note and also raise dispute about, is the illogical Swing in the Road Line towards Church/School Property.

Para 2: In this Para you state that, “Demarcation was given to the Ward Staff/ DyChE(Roads) WS, by this office”. This clearly indicates that you are the authority responsible to Swing the Road Line, Towards Church/School Property, Illogically and with purely Ulterior Motives and this despite the fact that the opposite side of the road had less structures and/or in several places no structures at all compared to the direct targeting of the Church and School Boundary Wall and the Church Parochial House which was very much in existence then. In this context you were expected to answer the queries raised in the letter dated 27.8.2013. Extracts from the letter is produced herewith for your reference, understanding and action.

  • Road line (RL), on the entire stretch, from S. V. Road to Marve Creek, is shown at equal distance from the center of existing road. And on ground, the Road has been widened accordingly.
  • Outer line on the Road Map, whatever they are indicative of, on both the sides, is clearly visible.
  • Stretch from Rathodi to St. Anthony’s Church, Malwani; as seen in the Road Map, is in straight line, without any deviation.

On the stretch, between Eastern wall of St. Anthony’s Church Compound and Western wall of St. Anthony’s School Compound; following inconsistency has been observed.

v  Swing in the Road Line (RL), towards, Church Property, by moving center of existing road, about Eight feet away, within Church Compound, from the edge of the existing road; ballooning the proposed Road Line, into Church & School Property.

Outer line in the Road Map, which has been consistent all over, is missing on the opposite side, in the road map, on the stretch, between Eastern wall of Church Compound and Western wall of School Compound, which creates an ambiguity about the intention of road planning authority.

v  Though the road from Rathodi to St. Anthony’s Church, has been shown in the road map, in straight line; the ground reality is, road has been deviated in couple of places.

Mr. Dixit, clarification is sought on abovementioned points, which have been ignored and does not find any place in the Executive engineers letter.

Instead of delving on the points which have been raised about Illogical Swing in the Road Line towards Church/School Property; you have tried to deviate from the subject, just like the illogical deviation to the Road Line towards Church/School.

You are therefore once again called upon to:

  • Rectify the deliberate malicious and vexatious error committed by BMC, to conceal mischief played by some corrupt Engineers, in approving Building plans, without considering Set back area for road widening.
  • Swing back and Redraw, the Proposed Road line (RL), to its logically Just level, at equidistance from Centre of existing road. (BMC cannot penalize Church & School authorities for its own mistakes).
  • After the Road Line is swung back and redrawn, put it up to appropriate authority for RATIFYING IT; so that it becomes PERMANENTLY SECURED from future harassment to the Church & School.
  • Do not enforce the execution of proposed road line as the same has not been done, following due procedure.




A7, Rodrigues Compound,

Malwani Village, Marve Rd.

Malad (W), Mumbai – 400095

Cell: 9870719628

E Mail:

Copy to:         Shri Sitaram Kunte, Commissioner; MCGM.





Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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