Is this Mission Sunday in real sense at St. Joseph’s Church; Mira Road???????/ Readers Comments

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    Purpose of SILENT VOICE is to encourage the Laity to participate in the CHURCH IN REAL SENSE. ” Church is what we are and not where we go”; is what we often hear from the Sacred pulpit. It means, Church is both, Clergy and Laity Combined. Sadly, Clergy, of course some of them, literally see that Laity does not have any role in decision making. Laity is supposed to , PRAY, PAY, AND OBEY. Laity is not permitted to come anywhere near the Properties and Finance related issues of the Parish. Authority of SOLE TRUSTEE, is being misused to keep out the questioning parishioners. Abolition  of SOLE TRUSTEE norm and bringing in Transparency with greater participation of knowledgeable Lay parishioners, in Property and Financial Matters is need of the Hour.

    Clergy must be true to their VOCATION by concentrating on their Pastoral duties; and not become PROFESSIONALS as PROPERTY DEALERS AND FINANCIERS. This precisely a reason for Laity’s resentment against Clergy.

    A few parishioner who are handpicked to nod their heads to everything that the Parish Priest say, do not make the entire Laity.




    God’s Beloved (@nameeta2010) said,

    October 20, 2013 at 8:43 pm · Edit

    St.Joseph’s ,Mira Rd. is perhaps the biggest parish in Asia.The situation is deteriorating day after day.

    When questioned about their corrupt practices the Carmelite managers quote their saints : ” Let nothing disturb you …….All things are passing…..!” to shut your mouth.

    Another one is ,” Do Nothing , Let God do !” [ when faced with injustice or where Jesus would expect every Christian to speak out for another human being or fellow catholic who is suffering]. The average lay catholic who is called to live in the world , a beginner in the prayer life and called to active involvement in social , political , civic issues —is taught to lead a life of passivity in contemplative prayer ….something meant for rare Mystics far advanced in their journey towards deeper union with God.

    Most of the OCD priests were caught in the net in their teenage , with no work or life-experience. Their motivations for joining religious life and priesthood are doubtful.

    Being such a big parish , naturally the Church is full during Mass and other prayer services .This has inflated the ego of these priests. But considering the number of parishioners , the proportion of practicing catholics is equal to or even less than other parishes in the Archdiocese of Bombay.

    The spiritual life and Christian witness of parishioners is going down-hill. Some serious action needs to be taken. When the Carmelites started the parish they struggled in the salt-land in a praise-worthy manner. But now it is so bad , they are not competent anymore to handle the issues in the big parish.

    It is not the charism of Monastic OCD clergy to handle all this ….especially finances . I suggest they should hand over the parish to the Pastoral care of the Archdiocese and focus on their own spiritual lives as monastics.

    • October 23, 2013 at 11:22 am · Edit

      it is so very true . I hope and pray that the Archdiocese of Bombay take notice of it . I am one of the members of the community and pained to see the day to day affairs of our Church and also for all the wrong reasons the people today are leaving the Church and joining other prayer groups, and also the attitude of our clergy towards them .


  2. dmelloalex said,

    October 21, 2013 at 1:25 pm · Edit

    According to me this article doesn’t give the clarity as to what is exactly happening other than the misappropriation of funds. Request Mr Robert to give a simplified version of happenings

    • October 21, 2013 at 11:22 pm · Edit

      Dear Alex,
      Thanks and appreciate time taken for the reply.

      The issues are many and from different parishioners. These issues have been presented to the Dean Fr. Anselm Gonsalves of Our Lady of Nazareth, Bhayandar, Episcopal Vicar Rev Fr Barthol Machado and also to the Cardinal. We have sent in a request for an appointment with him on 25th July which is yet to materialize highlighting our grievances.
      So far meetings have been held more than once with the Dean and the Episcopal Vicar.
      A meeting was held a fortnight ago with the Parish Priest Fr Dominic Vas, Fr Micheal Shenoy, Anthony Fernandes, Finance Committee and Fr. Anselm Gonsalves and Fr Barthol Machado at Gorai.

      Some of the issues are mentioned below:
      1. Illegal and Unauthorized construction of extension (G+3) of Anubhav Inter-Religious Spirituality Center, The extension is for the purpose of the school which has already started in the Retreat House. Notice was served by MBMC for demolition but construction has been regularized….

      2. Unlicensed contractor used for construction of the extension. The contractor is our parishioner who does interior home jobs. THIS IS DANGEROUS even though structural audit is procured it seems.

      3. Using parishioner especially PPC office bearers and Heads of Cells/Associations to sign a letter against us who raised issues for circulation in the parish. Some of the signatories did not even read the letter but have signed using their pastoral designations. Also conducting signature campaign with this same aim. Their allegations proved wrong with the MBMC serving notice for demolition. The Provincial Fr Archibald Gonslaves even exhorted those present at the meeting to oppose the municipal authorities if they came for demolition……at first citing that everything is legal.

      4. I had to force myself to pay money ( Rs 6375/- for 3 sessions plus 500/- deposit) to conduct Bible Study classes at Infant Jesus Hall for my Word Ministry Commissioning requirement, since place was not being made available citing money required to give it for commercial activities for improving infrastructure. Took money back later since place was made available at Ankur Children Home run by the Sisters of St Anne free of cost……

      5. Conducting meetings with SCC, PPC, Heads of Cells/Associations and some parishioners to discuss about individuals who wrote letter to the Dean to influence thought to project us as trouble-makers. Members were given the impression that we are not interested to resolve matters even though 3 out of 6 of us were told at the last minute about the meeting which was known to others much earlier……

      6. Involving in politics and subtly promoting a parishioner who stood up for MBMC Elections. I had warned the PP not to get involved in politics about two years earlier………..

      7. Using threat/intimidation to a PPC member who raised the viability and justification for using excess steel for construction of weather-shed in the terrace of the church.

      8. 4 rooms constructed on the terrrace of the church which are illegal and unauthorized..

      9. Status of two structures – 1) Infant Jesus Hall and 2) Vailankani Shrine and Chapel are questionable.

      10. Refusing Baptism in an emergency medical situation by Fr Ivan D’Souza Assistant PP.

      As mentioned there are other heart-wrenching stories from parishioners who have expressed verbally. It is not surprising that many want to remain silent for fear of being targetted. As and when testimonies of their atrocities are made available, we will post them.
      Behind each and every issue mentioned above there is lot of information that goes along with it which cannot be produced for limitation of space.
      robert dsouza

  3. October 21, 2013 at 6:09 pm · Edit

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    • October 25, 2013 at 8:20 pm · Edit

      if this message goes around we will have many more people coming to us about their personnel expereinces in our parish

    • Daniel Quindi said,

      October 26, 2013 at 1:21 am · Edit

      Hi, Robert.
      What can we do to improve the situation. It is sad and miserable to see such a situation. But what can the authorities do? We all know that now there is again THE FAMOUS MIRA FET, money making machine. Why can’t this pp keep quiet and learn to respect the opinion of people? What is the socalled superior MICHAEL DONG? He is good at pointing fingers at others, but as a person INCAPABLE OF ANYTHING GOOD. HE IS JUSTA DUMMY SUPERIOR, GOOD FOR SHOUTING FROM THE PULPIT… LOT OF NOISE BUT GOOD FOR NOTHING…

      Thanks for your commments

      • October 26, 2013 at 7:34 pm · Edit

        Hi Daniel,
        I can identify with your pain and frustration of being in such a situation and feeling helpless. You are among the many many parishioners. I hope and pray they too use this medium to express their views.
        All the priests beginning with the Provincial Fr Archibald Gonsalves have let us down; not only Fr Michael.
        Three years back my fears of political interference and engineering division were conveyed to Bishop Bosco through Bishop Percy. Bishop Bosco did not respond……..not once but twice.
        My fears came true….
        The saddest part is that they have managed to rope in some people from the Parish Council who are supposed to care for our pastoral needs, instead have betrayed our trust. The Vice President and the SCC Coordinator are the stooges of the Priests along with some others who are heading the Cells and Associations. I belong to the Family Cell but my own Fam Cell Head has signed a letter against me and others at the behest of the VP and PP. He has signed it without reading it…so you can imagine the maturity of these so called ‘prominent parishioners’ as they have labelled themselves. This letter was circulated in some parts of the parish with a signature campaign against us which fizzled out.
        Even we can’t approach the Peace and Justice Cell for the Head of the Cell too has signed the letter on the information provided to him by the Parish Priest. What justice can you expect? He is a IMFE graduate! He should re-do his formation.
        You are absolutely right on THE FAMOUS MIRA FEST which is nothing but a money making machine. St Joseph Church should conduct courses on Event Management and The Fine Art of Converting Retreat House to School without permissions…….and Construction of Unauthorized and Illegal Structures. Forget Evangelization and Mission.
        Fr Dominic does not know what is ‘respect’ otherwise we would not have reached this situation.
        By posting your comments you have already done your bit to improve the situation. Much needs to be done. Contact me for further action on your part.
        Thanks for posting your comments
        robert dsouza


Tulip Agatha Jacqueline D’souza as a person involved in several associations of St.Joseph Church,Mira rd- I wud like 2 say no 1 extorts money frm the parishioneers – n many r helped financially via the Community Welfare fund—- n i am sure many know how many parishes in mumbai r financially helped by r parishioneers when they come
2 us 4 help funding their bldg projects.I have read the article in this blog n it clearly reads like a case of sour grapes n vested interest of political party.We parishioneers r well aware of how the money is spent that we contribute – beyond that we who work for the church associations do it to ‘serve’ as Christ came to serve not to politicise our faith —–having been closely associated with Holy Family Church n Parish, myself -I am sorry to say blogging about this issue n sharing on another church site is in bad taste–


  1. orsonmike said,

    November 21, 2013 at 7:49 pm

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