Is this Mission Sunday in real sense at St. Joseph’s Church; Mira Road???????






St. Joseph Church, Mira Road


Today the Catholic Church celebrates Mission Sunday and so does the church in Mira Road. The homily was based on this Call To Mission, given to all Christians and Catholics by virtue of being baptized and of their baptismal right.




Mission is loving service which God sends us to do in the world. It entails Evangelism which is to ‘proclaim’ by dialogue which involves listening and doing. The message of   Proclamation (Good News) is ‘Salvation’ which we as Christians long that our friends will receive. What is desired is ‘transformation’ which is what we do, both when WE ourselves turn to Christ and when we TURN OTHERS to Christ.




With this fundamental truth what can we say of the Mission in Mira Road. Can we celebrate Mission Sunday and if we do what do we have to show that we are proud of our identity and our call.




In my own experience and through the experience of others at present, the church in Mira Road is but a fading reflection of what Christ wants. The Carmelites have corrupted themselves by aligning just as the Israelites did in their quest for survival against the warnings of the prophets. What were kingdoms earlier like Assyria, Egypt etc, now it is the political class by way of money for votes. We witnessed it last year. The prophets reminded the kings and the priests that they should be ruled and guided by the Word of God but it was otherwise. The kings and the priests were swayed by the power of these foreign rulers and so they constructed monuments displaying their false gods and worshiped them. Have we not erected a foreign god which has come up and still stands as a testimony to all that is unholy? Look at the extension of Anubhav, so brightly painted ready to roll and rake in the moolah. But beneath the structure is a story that should shame every parishioner of Mira Road. This is the present Tower of Babel.




A few meters from this tower stands the altar from where we are admonished and told to pursue holiness and righteousness. Hypocrites!


Every brick and steel reeks of unaccountability in the Carmelite community. Now it may have been regularized, so what? Should it have begun in the first place? The legality is fine but what about the morality? A paper showing all is well with the structure is not enough to hide the fact that is was built through a person who does household jobs. The structure is dangerous for this very fact, and yet it stands notwithstanding the hazard and risk that it poses to those who will occupy and those who move around it. Innocent lives are at stake and yet when confronted the parish priest displays papers which have been procured by compromising, threat and begging. Is this Mission? Is this what we celebrate?


Mission involves ‘proclamation’ and yet when it was attempted, the parish priest thwarted this service by saying to me, “Are you trying to make people experts of scriptures”




Many individuals are wounded and they have a heart-breaking story to tell. At the heart of every activity is just one purpose: Make money. Unaccounted and by unfair means! The reason is ‘infrastructure’. The finance committee PPC member says,  we have lots of expenses and this requirement is for another 5 years and then we will be able to take care………..” What about souls?


Animators are being used as ‘recovery agents’- ‘better give the money, or else…….’




Many individuals are helpless and they don’t know what to do. They argue and leave with a bitter taste and some leave or stop coming to the church. Spiritual extortion! Crucify me if I am wrong! I myself am beginning to wonder what next as Catholic?


Sacraments draw us to church. Life begins with sacrament and ends also with sacrament with other sacraments along the Christian journey of life. Here at every stage where sacrament is to be received the exercise to extortion and blackmail begins. How many of our brothers and sisters have had bad experience through the priests of our parish? I don’t know what makes you suffer silently. Responding is part of your mission. Standing up to injustice is part of this Call. Taking up just cause is your responsibility towards yourself and others. Some have in them to take on and have done so but these priests’ are not moved and shamelessly wait for the next innocent victim. 




Is not our silence contributing and encouraging this unholy agenda? Let’s not wait for God to correct this situation. Jesus has already shown the way. The life of the prophets shows us what should be our response. It is not going to be easy. We cannot do it alone. We have to come together and do something. This is our responsibility, each and everyone. Let other’s not respond; for some will always be like ‘chamchas’ who will and don’t want to correct the wrong nor side with the right. Let them rest in peace. But what about you? Is your heart not being moved to be Jesus? If it is, you are not alone. Come join us and we can transform our parish first. I promise you, it will a spiritual ‘anubhav’ the original and not pseudo.


In Christ


robert dsouza




Give these false priests’ the boot


In the name of God let us stop this loot.


Reports and programs do not


Make the parish vibrant


Before more parishioners suffer


Let us remove this tyrant.


Brothers, silent why you keep


When corruption is so deep


Sisters, what keeps you quiet?


Rise up it is your right.


Wolves in sheep’s clothing


For them God means nothing


My message; please get it


Their eyes are on your pockets.


God has already given His nod


Together let us stop this fraud.


We were once beautiful parish


Do something before we all perish. Amen.


Churchgate Station to Mira Road Station 03-04-2007

Churchgate Station to Mira Road Station 03-04-2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







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