AMC H West Ward apologises to the Christian Community: Community Demands withdrawal of the Notices:

Dear Friends,
Solidarity is the key to fight for our rights. Thank you for your participation in hundreds. More should join in and rally in the future. Numbers make all the difference. We are not soft targets anymore.

Urgent Press Statement:

1.     Hundreds of protesters land up at H West Ward office demanding withdrawal of the notices pasted on the Holy Crosses.

2.     Asst. Municipal Commissioner, Shri Prashant Sapkale, Ward Officer apologies for hurt  sentiments  for the pasting of the notices on the Holy Crosses. He says he will convey the feelings of the gathering to the Higher Authorities to withdraw these notices.

On October 18th at 10.30 a.m, hundreds of protested landed up at the H West Ward office demanding for a meeting with the Ward Officer. Word was sent that the Ward Officer would like to meet a delegation of 10 representatives which was refused by the public gathered.

They demanded that the Asst. Municipal Commissioner must address the entire  gathering answer their concerns . The Ward Officer came down and spoke to the gathering and there was an interactive discussion on why these notices were uncalled for.

First  by a notice of even date published by the Municipal Commissioner, MCGM in the daily newspaper Mid-Day dated 28th December 2012, we had duly furnished the information in the prescribed format for the Religious Structures on public properties. As such the impugned notice dated 14th October 2013 pasted/affixed by MCGM on the  various Holy Crosses situated within the municipal  limits of H West Ward and more particularly stated at Sr. Nos.313 to 322 of the List of Religious Structures, once again calling upon the owners/caretakers of the said Holy Crosses to submit documentary evidence in respect of the each of the Holy Crosses on 18th October 2013  at 11.00 am before Asst Municipal Commissioner for the personal hearing is uncalled for.

It is pertinent to observe the non application of the concerned H West ward officials that some of these crosses which were established prior to the birth of MCGM have also  been pasted with the said notices.

There are atleast 3 crosses on Carter Road, Bandra west which were built in the years 1824, 1825 and 1896 which have already been notified in the Gazette as Grade A Heritage. A prime example was a Holy Cross built in 1824 which is exactly next to the Office of the Addl. Commissioner of Police, West Zone. The callousness of the authorities is that all these crosses have also been pasted with the notices.

People expressed to the ward officer  that why notices  for hearing now in 2013 when all was settled in 2012 was  unwarranted n motivated and instigated  by politicians to scare the Christian community before the elections and then move in to resolve these issues and be the saviours of the community.

We also pointed out that in2011 after the meeting with the Chief Minister and the Minoritiy Affairs Minister and the Municipal Commissioner the matter of the Bandra crosses was settled.

The exercise of the legality of the various religious structures in H West Ward was done by the previous Ward officer, AMC Shri Sunil Damne along with the concerned officials on April 04, 2012 and the report to that effect that all the cross were categorized as legal was submitted to the Committee for Regularising of the Religious Structures . The said report has also taken into consideration the remarks by the Police and the Traffic Police also. Then what  prompted the present new AMC to paste the notice is a question we ask??????.

Secondly there were petitioners to the issue of crosses which the BMC all along knew than why the notices were not given to the petitioners but  pasted  on the Holy Crosses?. Was this meant to provoke the Christian community unnecessarily or some Politicians to step in and proclaim themselves as saviours of the community.

Now the same crosses have been pasted with the hearing notices.

Please also see enclosed detailed memorandum along with the High Court and Supreme Court judgements which are self explanatory.

In conclusion the AMC once again apologized to the gathering if their sentiments were hurt . He would also convey the demands of the gathering to the Higher Authorities that we did not want a hearing and that these notices should be recalled.

Finally the gathering prayed for the Asst .Municipal Commissioner and the H West  BMC staff and offered him a bouquet of flowers.

Several organisations and citizen activists participated in this dharna.

Warm regards,
Godfrey Pimenta /Nicholas Almeida            Dolphy D’souza                                    Anil Joseph
Trustees Watchdog Foundation                   Spokesperson- Save our Land [SOUL]          Chairperson- Perry Rd Residents Association
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