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Orson Noronah is one of the disillusioned Indians like so many others like you and us. Unlike us,  he is known for his outspokenness, whenever he feels that something is going haywire. He is the Parishioner of OUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION CHURCH, KANDIVALI; regular follower of SILENT VOICE and active member of SOUL – SAVE OUR LAND Committee.




We need to get some perspective on the food situation here. Blaming the BJP or the Congress is rather a simplistic explanation as BOTH are complicit being two sides of the same coin. Fact is after one of the General Elections when we faced a hung parliament, the BJP had even offered to rescue the Congress with an offer of a “National Government” just like they have in Israel! Mention was made at the time that even our economic and foreign policies are ALIKE to which the Congress has yet to give a rejoinder!

History has shown us that whenever these two gorillas have taken India for a royal ride – a third front – be it Janta Party or Janta Dal has emerged from the grass roots of concerned citizens. This time perhaps a new formation will do a hat trick leaving no room for manipulators.

 Ours is an agrarian society – for the past so many millenia despite the bogey of the “New Economy” of flashy cars, cable TV and malls. We WRONGLY believe the PM is the most powerful man in Government – but let me put these thoughts across – an army marches on its belly and so does the entire populace. The Brits came to India PRIMARILY for Indian cotton. Gold and power followed much later. Point is he who controls the farmer controls ALL.

  That man is the Agriculture minister- moreover if that man is chronically corrupt you are bound to have these gruelling times. Are we to believe that vagaries of the rains NEVER occured or that crops never failed for all these years? Why then do the price of onions and other essentials touch the sky when the incumbent has been at the helm as the State CM or as central minister for agriculture? Being in a position of power, he is also buttressed by STRONG anti-hoarding laws. When  numerous TV channels have done STINGS exposing hoardings, why has not even ONE hoarder been taken to task?

   On the issue of Goa – do you know you can’t ask for pork or beef openly in the BJP ruled state populated by MLA’s who are Christian mostly. What are these folk doing in a “non-secular” party – what drove them there after so many Congress years? Why did the Congress not create the infrastucture for jobs that are eco-friendly- like computer software, textiles-  if heavy industries are not possible? Why has the Church done nothing to improve education out there – these questions are being swept under the carpet. Why is there such a HUGE amount of dropouts in a Tourism friendly state knowing English (Ditto in the North-East)- where locals are outnumbered by a factor of THREE? Why do the boys end up as waiters – are there any answers?

  Despite collecting photographic evidence have they punished a SINGLE ****** for rioting outside Police HQ – burning police vehicles and killing cops last year – instead they transferred the Commissioner of Police despite instructing him to be a mute spectator. Police is headed by the same RR Patil who made insensitive comments post-bomb blasts of 26/11.

The Congress and its branch NCP have had a SECRET anti-Christian and overtly pro-Muslim agenda ( all along masquerading as a SECULAR party)!

Therefore, The Congress has lost the moral authority to expect our support which it took for granted. The BJP has been overtly pro-Hindu from day one and it is best to stay away from them – they promise nothing and deliver nothing to us so why deliver votes to them? That said, BOTH are ROGUES and two sides of the same anti-Christian coin.

 I want to ask Alex – are the baniya shopkeepers and traders only BJP sponsors? IS not BIG baniya  Mukesh Ambani a backbone of the Congress. Today sadly the nation be damned – the elected representatives follow the “Party High Command” not the law of the land, not ethics. Which is why the Courts have to step in to ensure rule of law – despite your elected representative SWEARING in at his induction to do so and DELIBERATELY failing. One more quickie – do you even realize the HUMONGOUS amounts swindled in the countless scams. Those monies belong to the people of India NOT Swiss banks of rogues masquerading as netas and babas. Are you trying to suggest that these scams too, were thanks to the BJP that has hardly seen a decade in the Treasury benches at the centre? If so, then we have a SHADOW government of the saffron colour? Leave these things – why is that even to apprehend a brigand like Verappan it took more than three decades for a Congress soaked in power since independence.

  All this talk of chhadiwala baniyas and topiwalla netas is EYEWASH designed to keep the masses SUBDUED. In the 70s even for a few annas price rise, people especially housewives took to streets amid clanging or bartans (utensils). Today the government  – both the centre and the state has defanged these fiesty womenfolk by turning them into SOAP opera addicts. Very simply put they have ensured by their DUMB policies that INSIPID serials with adultery as their core, get endless extensions. That CEREBRAL serials including serious quiz based (not KBC) and MORAL one like Aasman se aage, Bible ki Kahaniyan etc get aborted prematurely.

  You as the electorate do not hold the VARIANTS and DEGENERATES  accountable for their GROSS acts of commission and omission.  Rather than punish them at the hustings, you put them on a pedestal as if you have no other saviour, you RE-ELECT the same scum.

  You cry out against corruption, yet you feed this very same monster via cash deals, paying for your flat in BLACK or donations for your kids schools sans receipt.

 This is NOT a problem created by the POLITY alone – it is a SYSTEMIC and ENDEMIC deeply-rooted issue requiring collective will.

 Why do you vote for or not protest against appointments like the Maharashtra Home Minister, whose insensitive comments post-bomb blasts raised a few hackles but he got reappointed to the very post despite proving to be INEFFECTIVE in his domain. If your security guard is bad, you trash him. An elected representative is your SERVANT not the master. Why the double standards?

 Even as a populace we do not think in terms of a nation. We are still saffron, green and other colours – but not INDIAN – even among Christians we are Goans, Mangalorean, East Indian and what not. We are even North Indian and South Indian as if two nations co-exists on this vast land. The British started divide and rule – we are slavishly continuing and wallowing in their muck.

 We have ZERO national interest, our map is a one that is a FALSIFIED representation of the ground position, we control just a third of J&K with China and Pakistan occupying the remainder 2/3rd since independence. Search for the REAL INDIA………

 We simply buy the fairy tales of the Govt. The submarine is drowned just one day before Independence day right inside the safety of our dock yet we don’t question the motive by thinking outside the box. We downed two costly recon aircraft of Pakistan Armed Forces a few years back. Could it be retribution? Even before looking at all angles or even prior to investigation, we are told by the Defense Minister sitting in New Delhi, it is an “accident”. Ditto for Mantralaya; fire destroying land record specifically triggered by the unnerved land-lobby after laser survey of land-records is announced. Before the firemen even reach there, CM announced a “short-circuit”. We trust lying officials more than investigative journalists and concerned citizens.

  Our MP’s and MLA’s use anti-national British laws to augment huge tracts of fertile lands to vested interests including Infosys & Reliance. They deprive the farming Indian of his land by revoking the Fundamental Right to Land immediately after Independence creating the NAXAL problem in 33% of India, where even the Army fears to tread. This is why older people say “India was better under the British”

There is need for introspection. My suggestion – vote NOT for a party but for the most capable and HONEST candidate using your conscience as a guide to get some semblance of a democracy back to India.

God Bless,


English: Mukesh Ambani during World Economic F...

English: Mukesh Ambani during World Economic Forum 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: Sonia Gandhi, Indian politician, president of the Indian National Congress and the widow of former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. Français : Sonia Gandhi, une femme politique indienne, présidente du parti du congrès indien, et veuve de Rajiv Gandhi, ancien premier ministre de l’Inde. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: Manmohan Singh, current prime minister of India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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