Good sense prevailed and Police Opened the Closed Road; allowed Devotees to use it, before the Satyagraha could begin.


Mount Mary Satayagraha Photo 140913Mount Mary Satyagraha Photo 2 140913

When  Devotees gathered at the site of the Satyagraha March, we pleasantly noticed  that the police had already  allowed access to use the traditional road to Mount Mary Church which was otherwise shut till this morning for which we had organised today’s  Satyagraha March.

Devotees began the prayerful march to the  Mount Mary Church, prayers were offered and than we moved down back to the entrance of the Traditional Road.

This was people’s power in action that resulted in the change of heart of  the police and the authorities  to listen to the just demands of the devotees.

Shri Nicholas Almeida, the former Municipal Corporator and Trustee, Watchdog Foundation  warned the Police authorities not to test the patience of the community.  What is due to us must be given to the community without harrassing them.

Shri Anil Joseph, Chairman of the Perry Road Residents’ Association said he was ready to go to Jail for the sake of Mother Mary. Why he stated that this traditional road should be closed.

Adv. Godfrey Pimenta of Watchdog Foundation felt that this  government was not paying attention to the concerns of the Christian community and this would reflect in the way the community would vote at the forthcoming elections of 2014.

Dolphy D’souza, Spokesperson of Save Our Land [ SOUL] Committee expressed that the Christians were always considered as soft targets.  The community is always at the receiving end of attention and their just demands are always ignored.  Will the authorities dare  behave in the same manner towards the other communities and the conduct of their festivals, he stated.

All the Devotees in one voice stated : We do not want a repeat of such blockade for the next Mount Mary Festival

Among the other community leaders were : Adv. Shane Cardoz from CROSS, Shri Alphi Dsouza from Mobai Gaothan Panchayat and several others.

All the Satyagrahis were only asking the question : Why???? WHY???? this access was blocked in the first place.

We thank the Vice – Chairperson, Smt. Janet Dsouza of the Maharashtra Minorities Commission for taking this issue with Shri Sadanand Date, I.P.S, Jt Commissioner of Police, Law and Order who willingly gave instructions to the concerned Police Officials to allow access to this traditional road. We thank  Shri Sadanad Date, Jt. Commissioner for his just action.

We  thank Smt. Thanksy Thekkekara, I.A.S. , Addl. Chief Secretary, Minorities Development Dept of the Maharashtra Government for  taking this issue with the Chief Minister’s Office, Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra, Municipal Commissioner, Police Authorities and intervening for allowing  access to this road for the Devotees.

We would  like to also  thank the Police Authorities specifically,  the Addl. Commissioner, West Zone, Shri Vishwas Nangre- Patil, DCP Shri Chhering Dorje, Sr. Inspector of Police, Bandra, Shri Abhay Shastry and the entire police team for making the excellent security arrangements for the safety of the Devotees. Thank you all and God bless you.

This Satyagraha March was supported by  the following organisations: Watchdog Foundation, Wake up Bandra, CROSS, Mobia Gaothan Panchayat,  Perry Rd Resident’s Association, Members of  the Bombay Catholic Sabha, Save Our Land [SOUL], several  other organisations and  devotees.

warm regards,

Dolphy Elma D’souza                                                                                 


Immd. Past President- The Bombay Catholic Sabha

 Cell: 9820226227 :




  1. dmelloalex said,

    September 15, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Thanking the police is our culture. It shows our upbringing within the community and the people who answered the call for the dharna represent the community. Question is whether they are worthy of our praise or not is altogether a different matter which we are not worried of. The police dept saved their face by opening the barricades just in time. As the renowned poet Khalil Gibran said “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”


  2. September 17, 2013 at 5:28 pm

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