Outgoing secretary lashes out at “crows and vipers”

Have the Skeletons from the Closet of Vatican begun to tumble? Are actions by Pope Francis, beginning to Bear Fruit? – GREG


Bertone defiant on his record as Vatican Secretary of State.

The Italian prelate who was Pope Benedict’s righthand man in the Vatican during his scandal-dogged papacy has defended his much-criticised record, insisting he “gave everything” to the job despite the activities of “vipers” in the Roman curia.

Speaking a day after Pope Francis named a Vatican diplomat as his new secretary of state, Tarcisio Bertone appeared defiant as he was asked about his time in office.

“I see the record of the past seven years as positive. Of course, there were a lot of problems, especially in the last two years,” he said, according to the Ansa news agency, hitting out at “a combination of crows and vipers”.

“But this should not cloud what I consider to be a positive record,” he added. The Italian word corvo (crow) is used pejoratively to describe informants or people who leak secrets.

The final years of Benedict’s papacy were overshadowed by scandal, most prominently the so-called “Vatileaks” affair that depicted the Vatican’s swollen bureaucracy as a hotbed of conspiracy and cronyism.

Bertone, who was appointed by Benedict in 2006 to occupy a role often described as the Vatican’s prime minister, was blamed for much of the papacy’s disfunction and poor decision-making. The German pontiff came under pressure from some senior clerics to fire Bertone, but refused.

“I always gave everything but certainly I had my shortcomings,” said Bertone, 78, on Sunday. “But this does not mean that I did not try to serve the church.”

Source: The Guardian

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  1. September 5, 2013 at 4:29 am

    This Bertone fellow “prince of the church” is going on as if he was some paragon of virtue; as the sort of “prime” minister in the Vatican, he surely could have done something to stem the rot that had engulfed the whole Church; but then it would mean that he would also, himself have to adopt some austerity measures; which he DID NOT DO. My personal face reading of the man from the photo is that he comes across as one with a massive ego; the smirk on the lips shows an extremely cruel person.
    This face reading ability I have is a gift from MY GOD; and I have very rarely been wrong. I have used this gift very judiciously, only for the good of anyone who has asked my advice and have never misused it; this is one of the rarest of rare occasions on which I have made my face reading public; only good has come from the times I have advised those who have sought my advice; as a great responsibility comes from God when HE gives a unique gift to a human being. So MY JESUS, if I have erred/sinned by mentioning this, I beg your forgiveness !!!!


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